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Monday, October 17, 2022

"SMOKE" impressive muscular Brindle Pitbull

  Update 10/19/22 Transferred - thank you!

 "SMOKE"" is Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!
MCAS hours/ Location

Animal ID: 273489  2 yrs 50lbs

note - really "Holds it" a long time in the shelter 

At this time, community members aren't able to visit the shelter to browse adoption kennels, and adoptions are limited to the virtual process. My name is Smoke, I am about two years old and have a fun loving personality. My finders say I was good with their kids, though not much is know about how I get along with other furry family members. To an exuberant dog like me everything is a game, sometimes I just get so excited I will jump up and grab the first thing that looks like a toy. I am up for anything and ready to amaze my new family with my skills. I am looking for a family who does not take life too seriously that will be patient, positive and lift me to my potential of being a perfect pup! Apply to adopt me today!

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