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Saturday, August 31, 2013

"KEVIN" Pomeranian Lap Dog


I’m a very sweet boy that is most comfortable when I’m on your lap or carried in your arms. I know, it’s kinda silly behavior for a grown boy and even though I’m an adult I’m learning about all kinds of new things in my foster home. Seems I’d never walked on hard wood floors or heck, even gotten out for a walk. I am getting braver by the day as I learn about the big world. I’m currently living with a cat and can say I wouldn't mind sharing my home with the feline sort. I’ve enjoyed meeting a couple of nice dogs so they too may be a fit. I’m looking for a home that will continue my lap dog ways but also help me gain some confidence in the world beyond my bubble. I’m house trained, crate trained and said to be a little love bug. I am around 8 years old and weigh 7.4 lbs. Kevin is seeking a quiet adult home. To learn more about me please call 503-988-7387 ex 25242 and a staff member will get back to you to arrange a meeting!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"PRINCE" Royalty plus! Longhaired Chihuahua


Pleased to meet you ! I have Wonderful house manners and am a well behaved middle aged little dog that the shelter has listed as a longhair Chihuahua mix but a poll of others from teh groomer to foster Mom think I have Pomeranian in me more strongly. Bottom line is I don't know who my mother or father were. But I am a terrific friend and swell companion. I like car rides , and walks ( I walk at a nice sedate pace and don not require big blocks to satisfy my desire for outdoor time)So low maintenance in the exercise areas, and I need to be coaxed out in the rain ( yuck don't like to be wet or cold)I am already neutered , about 8 years old and weigh nearly 10 pounds.I was resigned, and passive about bath and blow dryer experience happy when it was all over.I need to be protected against flea's as I have a severe skin sensitivity when bitten but regular flea meds each month will take care of that. I am easy . Easy to walk , easy to feed, easy to be with. I have a nice mix of independence and close up cuddle buddy. I prefer to be in the same room as you to keep you in sight. I lost my other people and I don't want anyone else to slip away and leave me behind.I have been out and about with my foster family meeting new people and lots of dogs and some cats. I easy take along. I seem to like all the dogs I meet even if they don't think much of me , it does not hurt my feelings and I can give them space. Same with cats . If they don't like me I won't take it personally and I will respect their wishes for space. Best to walk me in a hardness I cough if you pull on a collar to strongly. I am Calm and I have to say I like that in a person also .They call me Prince at the shelter but the name means nothing to me I don't seem to recognize it so You will have to find my "real" name.I am healthy, have been vet checked through and through and with luck , LOVE and good diet will look to have another whole half a lifetime with you my new forever home. Please call my foster mom to talk about me at 503-262-7101


Where Are They Now? "FELICITY"

You all may remember "FELICITY" back in 2012, a hard luck gal who found herself at Multnomah County Animal Shelter, where she sat and waited and waited for her forever home.  She required a certain specific home, where she would have healthy outlets for her exuberant energy.  She found her forever home with mom Nancy, plus canine and feline brothers and sisters...and a couple chickens too!  Now FELICITY is a flyball rockstar super athlete with Stumptown Racers!

When Felicity isn't out winning tournaments, she's hangin' with her crew, swimming, cuddling, frolicking and playing in nature!

Check out her original post here!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

"TRUDY" lovable and cute


Are you looking for a sweet, sensitive girl? My name is Trudy and I'm in search of that perfect family with no children under 8 to help me blossom into the big girl I want to become.. I am a very sweet girl that has expectantly ended up here at the shelter in search of a new loving home.  

My new adopter should be prepared to take classes with me to help us get started on the right paw. I am friendly with people but think cats are too much fun to chase. I need a home who will supervise me in the yard.

I am reported to be crate trained and house trained if kept on a schedule. I am looking for a home with NO CATS. If you would like to meet me, come on down to the shelter today.

I am 3 years old female American Shelter Dog that weighs about 53 pounds  Here's my MCAS weblink

"CARSON" Old Lab we can touch love


Carson is a wonderful older black Lab looking for someone to share his golden years. He was rescued on Hamilton Mountain in the Gorge severally underweight. He is quickly regaining his health through good nutrition and TLC.


 Carson settled easily into his foster home, and shows a sweet,
gentle disposition and nice manners. While his eyesight isn't what it used to be, he gets around the house and yard with no problem, enjoys lounging, daily walks and hanging with his foster family including canine siblings.
Carson will even do a little dance when the leash comes out! He  is housebroken and knows basic commands, and is eager to please, especially when rewarded with treats! Carson weighs a underweight 65lbs, and is estimated to be 10+ years old.
Here is Carson's MCAS weblink

Thursday, August 22, 2013

"OATMEAL" makes the day nicer!

TRANSFERRED to Family Dogs New Life!

How about Lab, Golden Retriever, Pitbull, Spaniel...? whatever Oatmeal's mix os, he is a darling affectionate, easy going young dog. Just like breakfast "Oatmeal," this young eared cutie is sure to bring a homey touch to anyone's morning!!!

I am an active young dog looking for good times and some guidance! I used to live with my brother and my mom dog and we all got along ok.
I have never lived with kids but enjoyed hanging out with the neighborhood kids and meeting all kinds of new people. I have a good start on basic training, but the shelter will require that we take classes as part of my adoption. I am about 1 year of age and I weigh a growing 46lbs. Ask about ME today!  I am wonderful!! Here's my MCAS weblink

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"CHARLES" tall, cheerful, cute Pomeranian


Looking for a little cheerful dog to add to your life? Then look no further. I am an outstanding little gentleman needing a restful home and quiet companionship.


I may be in my sunset years, but I still enjoy gentle daily walks and kind hands. I will need regular grooming to stay looking and feeling my best. I am good natured fellow but best suited for a home without young kids.

I am about 9 years of age and I weigh 12 lbs. Ask about me today
Here's my MCAS weblink

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

" JARED" lively young Lab


Hey there everybody!!! Know of any good places to hike or swim? How about a ball? Got a ball? Hey, over here! No, over there! I just cannot contain myself!


 Part of my excitement is just my age and energy level! Some of my excitement is actually discomfort cause my skin is itchy. But the shelter is fixing me up and with a good diet and regular flea control, I should quickly become a handsome boy.
 Reward based training classes are required with my adoption and I will need a high energy home who can keep up with me! I am about 1 year of age and I weigh a lean 58lbs. Ask about me today!
Here's my MCAS weblink

Saturday, August 17, 2013

"RUSTY " (aka Colin) lovable young Pitmix

Hi my shelter name is Rusty , very nice to meet you. I am an enthusiastic young man looking for enthusiastic family to grow up together. As you may have noticed I have an interesting front paw. Let me tell you it does not slow me down one bit! 

I am ready and eager to begin my new life with you. We can start our adventure with classes, what fun we will have together! 

 I am a tan brindle with white male American Pitbull mix, around 1 year old and weigh about 45 lbs   Come visit, I'm adorable!

"BANDI" playful tri-colored Staffy Bull Terrier mix


Looking for a little dynamite dog to add to your family? Then look at ME!! I am a bundle of fun, activity, and good ol' sweetness and charm.

I like to play and I like to stay moving. I will need reward based training to learn how to hold still for some things and to polish up my manners.

The shelter will require training as part of my adoption. I am about 1years of age and I weigh 48 lbs. Here's my MCAS weblink

"SAMMI - I'm a whole new dog!


I went outside for new photos today, and I had sooooo much fun!!
I guess I just needed some time to adjust to the shelter environment..... Like you see here, At heart, I am a  lively fun guy!

Hello my name is Sammie, so nice to meet you. I am a victim of the market down turn. My family lost its home and they could not keep me. I am pretty shook up by this since they had me since I was a puppy but they told me to think positively and look to the future so here I am looking for a forever home.

I lived with children, cats & caged birds. I have a good history with other dogs although a slow introduction is always a good idea. My favorite toys are the squeaky kind and I have been described as a lap dog.
What do you think? Do I fit your bill? Please ask about me today. My description: I am a white, black and tan male Chihuahua and Terrier mix, around 5 1/2 years old and weigh about 9.8 lbs. Here's my MCAS weblink

Friday, August 16, 2013

"MASON" big softie


 I am built strong and tough but I can be a big softie. I am a past the puppy stage and nearly the perfect age of around 3 years.


My best match for a home would be as the only pet or with a same sized or larger adult female dog. I am not a good match for smaller animals or cats.

I have some good basic manners but reward based training is a great way to bond and learn new things. Classes will be required as part of my adoption. I weigh a healthy 71lbs.   
Ask about me today!  Here's my MCAS weblink