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Friday, September 10, 2021

"KELSO" Happy Adoption Update Sept 2021



"We adopted Kelso in January, 2018, and because of an autoimmune condition he has we were warned that he may not live long, but I already knew he was the dog for us. Well, he has been a part of our family for over 3 1/2 years now, having just turned 12 years old, and he has enjoyed robust health, happily fetching his ball, going on walks, and being very serious about providing security services when we're out camping. Sadly, we recently learned that Kelso has a cancerous mass that has metastasized to his lungs. For now, he's still his same self, enjoying life, and we will continue to enjoy it with him until he is ready to cross the rainbow bridge. There are still lots of steaks, walks, ice cream, steaks, belly rubs, cuddles, and did we mention steaks (his favorite!), in his future. When I get the MCAS newsletter, I sometimes go out to the website to see who is out there for adoption (because having had this much fun and love with one dog, we've thought of getting it doubled with two!). Recently I went onto the page and there is Kelso's photo next to a public service announcement about leashing dogs. It gave me such a lift to see him there. Thank you, MCAS, for bringing us so much joy by helping us find Kelso!!"  Dina
Happy Adoption: Kelso
"The first time I saw Kelso's video, I knew I was his human! He is a very easygoing fellow who immediately made himself at home. I'm not sure how he came to be separated from his previous people, because he is so loving and well-trained; I'm just grateful that MCAS helped us find each other! I was a bit concerned about Kelso's health, as his masticatory myositis has made him unable to open his mouth very far, but it turns out he is thriving and is just like any other dog--he loves to play, eat, cuddle, nap, and give sloppy kisses. He makes friends wherever he goes--my clients love him, and just today someone next to us at a stoplight rolled down their window to talk to him! My partner wasn't sure about having a larger dog, but Kelso won him over immediately, and now neither one of us can imagine life without our wonderful friend. Thank you, MCAS!"
-Dina Y.
Jan 2018
Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

photo credit Motoya Nakamura
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I am the dog who is always prepared for a marathon - as long as it is a movie marathon. There is nothing I love more than a cozy, warm bed and some good company. I have an autoimmune system disease called masticatory myositis, an inflammatory disease that affects the muscles of mastication (chewing). I will always need to eat canned food and not get overheated in the summer. Our Canine Care Specialist can go over this in more detail if you are interested in me. I am currently in a foster home while I wait for my forever home. My foster mom says that I am an absolute gem! I am house trained, love sleeping in my crate...even with the door open...and am generally just the sweetest, happiest and most lovable guy. If you are interested in meeting with Kelso, please email the foster coordinator at or call at 503-988-6670 to set up a time!
9 yrs 57 lbs

photo credit - Kelso's Mcas foster home