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Friday, August 31, 2012

"ETHEL" what's not to love!


Ethel, the cutest  little dog on the floor! What's not to love? 
 Shaggy hair, overshot lower jaw, bowlegged and all! She's so cute, she can shine with the best of them.

Come visit, you'll love her!

"TINKERBELLE" a fairy tale friend


I  love people! I'm quite mellow usually and very cute in a "bulldoggie way"... like smooshie, short and chubby
I like to play with other dogs too!  but I need a home without any small animals.

Maybe this  cute Tinkerbelle is the sweetie you've been looking for?
Here is my MCAS shelter link:

Thursday, August 30, 2012



This little guy has lots of spirit, and a sense of fun!

He'll act like a puppy and jump all over you when he's excited, but he's smart and has a great Sit!

Here's Grisham's MCAS web link!

"BUDDY" everyone needs one!


Buddy is the best blend of Lab/Pitbull.  He is a pretty easy going guy, who loves people!

"OLLIE" funny, lively and cute


I'm a silly and happy guy!

Here's my MCAS adoption link.  Come see me, I'm a very fun guy!

"BRUNO" little Doxie mix


Don't I have a pretty smile?

 Here's my "please come see me" look!

You can read more about me on my MCAS adoption link:

"MERLIN" a magical boy!


Merlin is a very fun dog! His favorite thing is to get out and take in all the fresh smells. He'll love walks in the fields and woods!

Merlin is a nice Small/Medium size at 19 lbs. Merlin has many Terrier  smart, eager to please, is occasionally fiesty, and always interesting! He is looking for a good adult home with no Cats.


"ANNABELLE" delicate Chi blossom


 A tiny Chihuahua..... definitely not one for long walks, ball games
or spending time with roudy children.

This sweetie with an adorable turned up nose, more compatible for the Couch potatoe perhaps?


"CHRISTOPHER" a happy little boy


Christopher might look serious at times...

but spend a few minutes with him and you'll see the funny, happy and active guy that he really is!
Christopher is a cute and lively little guy!  Here's his shelter link:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"CINDY LOU" greatest Lap Dog!


A very incredible dog. Cindy Lou is lively, outgoing and also a loving lap dog, with a gentle spirit and soft beautiful hair.
Cindy has warm amber eyes, BIG expressive ears, a long body and is a nice small/medium size of 21 lbs!

She's adorable and a charmer too!
 Here's Cindy Lou's MCAS link:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"MAGGIE" how cute is this pup?

Yup, Maggie is pretty cute! She's a bit of a Diva too :)

Puppies are awesome, but take lots of patience, time and training from you....and then they still need your love and care for possibly another 15 years!

Maggie is currently staying in a foster home.  Here's her MCAS shelter link:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

"TESSA" a wonderful Cocker Spaniet

ADOPTED!!! good luck Tess, you are the best!

Tessa, like so many of the MCAS dogs, has thrived in a Foster Home, and is an Ambassador for the Foster Dog program! She came into the shelter grossly matted, and overweight.

Here she is today, 10 pounds lighter! She's ready to go to a great new home!

 I visited the food carts today with my foster mom. What fun!

Yum, that sure looks good!

I'm good natured dog and I love to meet new people on my daily walks.  I'm kind to other dogs too!

Check out my foster home video:

I'm looking forward to meeting you! Here's my MCAS contact info

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012



I think that I'm a pretty level headed guy.....

....which means I need a good home that loves me, and will  exercise me and spend quality time with me daily.

I'm a nice medium size, and have a sweet smile, and I like to have visitors.  I'm hoping that you'll come see me soon!

Here's my MCAS shelter link:

"CALHOUN" Calculatedly cute :)


Calhoun is simply adorable! His ears are trying to decide what to do, and they sometimes go upright and sometimes flop over
Calhous is a young pup, a little Brindle boy, currently in a foster home, and now available for adoption!

Calhoun likes big dogs (Yea!)  BUT he's a bit young and naive, so any dogs you introduce him to,  need to be especially good around little  guys... like his foster buddies are!
Here's Calvin's contact info:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"NESTER" a tall drink of water


This gorgeous fella is "Nester," a mellow and fun loving dog that loves other dogs and loves people.  He loves his exercise but doesn't need to run a marathon everyday, (although he would make a great jogging partner!)

Nester is not doing well in the shelter environment and needs a guardian angel to help him on to his second chance.  To foster Nester please click here, or call Lisa 503-816-1800.

Nester is currently at Multnomah County Animal Services, please visit him today!

View his online profile here

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"CASSIDY" lovely Lab

A Favorite mature Lab. This girl is a charmer! Cassidy used to be an inside dog, then moved outside when the family got too busy. She's lived with little kids, other dogs and she loves people.

A true love!

Here's Cassidy's MCAS web link:

"XENA" Happy little Brindle mix


Xena is a very happy, long legged little dog! She is fun and silly, but tries so hard to sit and "behave."


"REUGER" short, stout, FABULOUS


Reuger is a Love!  Rueger is short and stout, and very handsome
with a big Squishy face!


"Pitties in Pink" Multnomah Village Parade

Great showing today at the cute little Multnomah Village in SWPortland. The MCAS Shelter Pitbulls flashed their Pink fluff at the parade.  Special thanks to all the Volunteers that made this Parade presentation happen!

LADY BIRD  -  led the team, and she loved her Belly Rubs at halftime!  (This sweetie, Vol Fav has been transferred to West Columbia Gorge Humane Society....please inquire about LB there!!

ALICE  ( ADOPTED! ) had a blast and received lots of Parade applause!

SCOOBY ( ADOPTED!)  gorgeous in pink!

JERSEY ( still available!) wowed everyone with his charm!

"JESSIE" a favorite MCAS Alumni made a Special GUEST APPEARANCE today with her new family. Looking Good Jessie!

Another happy Parade showing for the MCAS Pitties in Pink!