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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"MILO" a deeper shade of soul

This sweet, older gentleman is one of my favorite types of mutts: chowXshepherd.  i love chow mixed with anything.  Anyone else with me?  Well Milo is one of those very special dogs that doesn't ask for much, but give back eternal love and loyalty in return.

Milo is looking to spend the rest of his life with a loving forever home, that is calm and balance.  Perhaps without kids over 10, and daily walks for fresh air.

This is one special fella.  Meet him today at Multnomah County Animal Shelter. 

View his online profile here:

"TIVA" always by your side



"Tiva" is sweet, demure and pretty close-to-perfect, 2 year old pitbull mix.  She has had some training, sit, stay, off, come naturally to her.  She walks right at your heel on leash, and always checks in, looking at you for encouragement and praise.

Tiva is also crate trained and housebroken.  She loves children, and would do great in a home with older kids.  She may even like to live with a well-matched male dog, as she prefers boys.  No cats please.  

View Tiva's music video here:

View Tiva's online profile here:

"HENRY" don't be alarmed


Henry grew up believing his mother, that his "different" teeth give him character.  Indeed they do.  Although Henry's most notable physical feature are his two underbite cuspids, he is most definitely a sweet soul.  

Henry is house-broken, does just fine with other dogs, but he mostly prefers cats.  His bestest friends in his 10 year old life were cats.

Henry is available for autographs and photos at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  View his online profile here:

"JANE" irresistible!


Jane is the sweetest bulldog X you will ever meet, she's jolly, yet demure.  She loves all people and wants to meet you today!

Jane is looking for a loving forever home where she can be a single pet and continue with her training.  At just 47 pounds and two years old, she has many years of love to give!

Meet Jane today at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  View her online profile here:

"BOOMER" a spectacular lab!


Wow.  That's all we can say!  Boomer is a fantastic 2 year old lab boy that is active and likes to keep fit by, jogging, hiking, swimming, surfing, skiing, water get the idea.  If you are an active person who wants to have your dog by your side, Boomer's your boy!

View Boomer's online profile here:

"BELL" shoulda been spelled "Bellisima!"


Bell has rapidly become trainer Cindy's favorite dog.  Indeed, she does well with other dogs, seems to do fine with our awesome rabbit in the hallway, and just loves people.  She is calm, eager to learn, and would make a great first pitbull for any loving family dedicated to this breed.  

She will get snatched up fast!  RUN to Multnomah County Animal Shelter to meet this fantastic dog!

View Bell's online profile here:

"SAM" voted best attitude


Sam is absolutely super!  He is calm, quiet, and would do great in a home without small kids or small animals.  

He's a mature 6 year old, way past all the puppy nonsense.  The sad thing is, he's had a tough time recently...he lived with the same family his whole life and now he is at the shelter.  

Humans abandoned him, but he hasn't given up on us!

Give this sweet fella a chance.  Meet him today at Multnomah County Shelter.

View his online profile here:

"ROY" a stunner!


Roy is an absolutely stunning, 8 year old, Siberian Husky pup that has had some training and is willing to do tricks for treats!  

He's past the puppy stage but still likes to stay active, so exercises for his mind, body, and soul is what he's looking for.  

Meet Roy today at Multnomah County Animal Shelter!  View his online profile here:  

"CLOVER" sweet sugarpie pumpkin


This three month old pupsicle is "Clover," a sweetheart that loves to play with other dogs!  This baby girl is looking for an active forever home who will continue with Clover's training and keep her happy with regular exercise.

Clover will make an amazing canine companion for any loving, active family without cats.  Meet her today at Multnomah County Animal Shelter!

View Clover's online profile here:

"CHLOE" magical lab X

Chloe is an absolutely stunning 2 year old, lab mix with a knack for learning, and a love for all things!  This girl does great with other dogs, the more dogs she meets the more she loves to meet them!  She loves to play fetch, and she learns at an incredibly rapid pace.  Before too long she will be doing the kids' math homework and balancing the checkbook!

Chloe is quickly becoming a volunteer favorite!  Her ideal home is an active and loving family, with kids over 12 (you see, she's still a young pup, rather large - 65lbs- and quite exuberant).  

Consider Chloe as your next adoption.  She will return the love ten-fold!

View her music video here:

View her online profile here:

"RENE" okie dokie artichokie!

When Rene first arrived at the shelter, she did not know what to do.  Very scared, she slowly but surely came out of her igloo, out into her kennel, to see what was up.  

She's doing much better now, but would love and appreciate a quiet home....without all the noise!  This wonderful 7lb, 5 year old loves to hang on laps, and snuggle.  Rene's ideal forever home will be a quiet one, with lots of love, and patience.  She's a little chocolate bon bon!

View her online profile here:

"DUTCH" a goofy butterball


This sweet boy is "Dutch," a purebred Lab Retriever with a heart of pure gold.  

Dutch is an adolescent goofy guy who has a love for life.  He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but his big heart makes up for his clumsiness.  Dutch is in foster care recovering from a minor eye surgery.  

View his online profile here:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

"KAHLUA" with a side of sweet

This angel face belongs to "Kahlua," a very sweet female pitbull who is looking for her forever home. She has been in foster care for the few weeks that she's been in the MCAS shelter system.  The world is a big place and she is learning how to be in it.  Kahlua has mastered house-training, and is even living with children.

You may be able to see from her pictures that she is short and stalky, so for all you staffy lovers out there, Kahlua is a pup not to be missed!

She's a beauty!  View her video below:

View her online profile here:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"ZELMA" a sweetie low rider


This gorgeous baby mama is 6 year old Zelma, mama to Dottie and she is looking for a second chance at life as a family dog.  Zelma is great with other dogs, and is more of a couch potato than an outdoor athlete.

Body like a basset, smoosh face like a pitbull, and sweet and loving through and through, Zelma will make an amazing indoor companion to any loving and dedicated forever home.  She is a shelter favorite and staff are using her for dog/dog evaluations!

Watch her music video here:

She's just the perfect size, please consider this wonderful dog as your next canine companion and find out what a loyal and loving girl Zelma can be.   

View her online profile here:

"JOEY" he's a guy you can count on


This goofball would love to spend the day with you doin bro things (or chick things), what every you want baby.  He is here to please and entertain.

This boy would like to continue his training with a positive reinforcement trainer that can be found on the APDT website here.  Just one visit down to Multnomah County Animal Center to meet Joey, and i'm pretty sure he will exceed your expectations!

Click here to view his online profile here:


Every scruff-a-muffin that arrives at the shelter, severely neglected and painfully matted, will most likely find themselves in the healing hands of volunteer extraordinaire Bonnie, who just can't say no to a dog needing relief from a life of discomfort and filth.

Just take Fraggyl, above, for example.  In just one afternoon, his extreme make-over brought him from sad, to fabulous!  Can you believe this is the same dog?



Stay tuned for more of Bonnie's Miracle Make-overs, as well as adoption information for Sir Fraggyl!

"BRADY" bunches of love


This dumpling is "Brady," a 6 month old American Shelter Dog that is only slightly behind the grade when it comes to training.  He is learning at a rapid pace at the shelter with Open Paw training, and he is looking for a loving home that will continue with positive reinforcement training classes!

Brady would flourish in a forever, loving home with structure, guidance and consistency.  Smaller children may be a little too chaotic for him, a family that is committed to give this fella a second chance is really what he needs.

View Brady's online profile here: