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Thursday, February 21, 2013

"MORT" fun Boxer boy!


Looking for a Boxer friend?  Come meet Mort!  He's young, fun, and energetic. Mort was bit afraid at first in the shelter, but now that he familiar with the people and the routine, he's opened up, and loves to be with people.

I make funny faces too!


Come meet this sweetie at the MCAS shelter today!
Here's Mort's MCAS weblink:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"GUNNER" lovable brindle mix


I'm a super nice, loveable, cuddly and adorable young guy!  Never underestimate the love of a good hearted mutt!



Come meet me, I'm quite the young catch!

"CASH" a pretty boy!


Getting a dog is  a LONGTERM commitment, and it can take days/weeks for a dog to feel comfortable in a new place (but many will settle sooner)
Cash is nice looking!  He's also a sweet  and sensitive dog.
(It's mind boggling how many nice pitbulls there are in shelters.)


Come visit Cash and all the other really nice pitbulls on adoption!
Here is his MCAS weblink:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"FUZZY" easygoing Lhasa boy

I'm a super friendly, tolerant and lovable Lhasa boy!!! I have long flowing hair, and I'll be quite "showy" if I'm brushed daily......and if not, you'll need to groom me every 6 weeks or so, so I look and feel my best!




 I hope I get a GREAT home!!!  Here's my MCAS weblink:

Sunday, February 17, 2013



I have good house manners, am housetrained, and prefer a quieter side of life.  I'm a sweetie, but I need some confidence building, and I may need to take some time before giving my heart away.



I'm a pretty tan girl with big upright ears and a silly curly tail, and a nice 16 pounds.  I hope you'll come visit me soon!  Here is my MCAS weblink:

"PILLSBURY" a big softie


I am a big softie, like a "Pillsbury dough" Doggie.... I just want to be close to you, well cared for and well loved!!  I'm a classic
Pitbull ambassador, and I hope someday to show you this!


Come see me!  Here is my MCAS weblink:

"MAURICE" cute shaggy guy!


I'm a happy little guy! I need a good indoor home, daily walks  and lots of love.

Here's my MCAS weblink, I hope I get a great home!


It was a fun visit, but the chickens and turkeys that MCAS posted recently on their website have gone home to their owner! 

Here's some pics - just wish there was a sound track of the turkeys!




"JOHN JACOB" adorable terrier mix puppy

IT'S so nice to be a cute young puppy!  People love us and want to bring us home with them.   I just wish that my good shelter buddies - who aren't as young or as cute or as small....also find good homes soon! They are even more special.


Puppies! We come with adorable cuteness to help you forget about all the not so good things we bring as well. My adopters will need to be prepared for potty accidents, chewing on inappropriate things, early morning wake up calls and committing the time/resources to classes (a requirement of my adoption) as well as lots of socializing field trips. The good news is I’ve gotten a good head start on these things in my foster home. I go potty each time I’m taken outside, sleep quietly in my crate/den and just love meeting new people once they've said hello. I’m learning lots from my canine foster siblings and the cats are trying to teach me they’re not fluffy toys. I’m learning but boy when they run it’s hard not to take that as in invite for chase. Sometimes new things scare me so it’s really important that my new family gets me out and about for lots of positive experiences in my young age. Puppies are a big commitment and not everyone has the time they take. The shelter has lots of lovely adults for those seeking a more turnkey dog. If you feel you’re ready to take on a puppy and would like to learn more about JJ contact Angela, the foster coordinator @ 503-807-9134


Saturday, February 16, 2013

"KIRBY" from neglect to a loving home!

Kirby came into the MCAS shelter on December 8, 2012. She was malnourished and suffering from an extreme skin condition, ear infections and ocular discharge. Shelter staff quickly found a placement for Kirby with one of MCAS's very dedicated foster moms, Mary Pat. With a quality diet, flea control, weekly medicated baths and frequent checkups with the MCAS medical staff, Kirby slowly started feeling better. Her skin began to clear up and she started to grow a little "peach fuzz" on her bald areas


Here's me when I first arrived at my Foster Home!


Now, after a few months with Mary Pat, Kirby's coat has become thick and luxurious. Her skin has healed, her eyes are clear, and her ears are healthy. Most importantly, she is an exuberant and happy dog! Mary Pat reports that Kirby is the best dog she's ever had (but don't tell her other dogs)......and she really does love the other dogs just as much!

Here's me and my proud MCAS Foster Mom!

We're happy to report that soon after being made available for adoption, Kirby was adopted by a loving new home. Congratulations to Kirby's new family and thank you to Mary Pat, the MCAS animal care team and all of the volunteers and foster families who help our community's homeless pets everyday. The happy endings are what we all work for.

"TRENT" Australian Shepherd mix


I am young, and beautiful, with a soft wavy shiny coat. I'm smart, ready to learn just about anything you ask me to do!

I'm looking for an active dog lover to spend lots of time with me and exercise me daily. I'm a smart guy and am looking forward to taking obedience classes with you!



I'm not afraid to speak my mind and my bark can be loud, but with structure and training, this will get better. I'm a great dog, with tons of potential!

Hope to see you soon!

Friday, February 15, 2013

"MADDIE" I'm a mature sweetie


Maddie is gentle and easy going, but still has a lively side!  Maddie was briefly adopted to a good home, but as it sometimes happens....
she had too much interest in the cats. 


Great dog! Come see  Maddie at the MCAS shelter!

"BETSY" the flop earred Bunny!


I'm Betsy, a cute little black, grey and white lop- eared girl. I'm healthy and friendly and will be spayed and microchipped with my adoption! which is only $30! I like my toys and use my litterbox pretty darn well. I'm a sweetie!

I hope you'll come visit me!  Here is my MCAS weblink:

"AMALIE" adorable Pitmix puppy!


Before you’re completely smitten with my adorable freckle face please make sure you read up on what it takes to raise a breed ambassador. Puppies are a ton of work and require and owner with the time and commitment to sign up for classes (required as part of my adoption), take lots of field trips and of course spend lots of time exercising and cuddling! The good news is I’ve gotten a fantastic start in my foster home. I love other dogs, going for walks, going to work with my foster mom and showing off my exceptional smarts. I already know my crate training, nearly have house training down and I know sit, touch and come. Yep, I’ll be the class star! To learn more about this cutie contact Angela, the foster coordinator @ 503-807-9134 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"SIMON" happy chihuahua mix PUP!


My name should be "Sunny".  I've always got a big smile on my face!

I'll need lots of time, and attention; afterall, I'm only 6 months old! Here's my MCAS weblink: