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Friday, September 30, 2011

"TIKI" cute as a button


Tiki may be low to the ground but that doesn't mean she can't keep up!  This lil lady has just the right amount of energy and mellow that makes for a perfect companion in any loving home with children 10 years or older.  Tiki wears a black tie outfit and while her manners are impeccable....she could use a brush-up.  Shelter will require classes, but this gal learns quick and is eager to please!

Watch her music video here:

Tiki is at Multnomah County Shelter.  View her online profile here:

"GAIA" a wonderful Shepherd!


"I've come to realize that I am drawn to crazy looking mixed breed dogs, and if you came to my home that's what you'd usually find.  However, if I were to choose a favorite purebred dog it would be the German Shepherd Dog such as Gaia, today's shelter pet poster dog.  She has a lot working against her, big, black, shaggy, fat, and about nine years old.  But she has things working for her as well - the history and dignity of her breed, the staff and volunteers at the shelter, and YOU - the folks that help to connect the homeless pets and the wonderful people in our community that will take older dogs into their homes and hearts."  - Rosemary, MCAS volunteer/networker

Well, yes, okay, so Gaia is watching 'The Biggest Loser" every week for inspiration, and getting lots of encouragement from shelter volunteers, as she needs to lose quite a few pounds.  At 9 years old and 107lbs, this girl is hoping for a single dog home, that will be patient with her progress and take her for slow strolls and feed her healthy food.

In return, she will provid you with warm feet while watching tv, and unconditional love and loyalty.  Who could ask for anything more?  This is one of the nicest German Shepherds we've met.

Please help this girl find her way to her forever cozy home!

Gaia is at Multnomah County Shelter.  View her online profile here:

"LIZZY" a fabulous lady


This is shelter favorite "Lizzy,"  she's endured a lot of shelter stress for about 3 months now and it's time for her to find her home!  This girl deserves only the best!

Lizzy is looking for a loving, calm household where she will be fed healthy complete food for dogs to gain her weight back, and be one of the family as an indoor companion.  She is a gorgeous chow X with beautiful eyes, and a great age of 7!  Calm, friendly, and will be an easy fit in just about any household!

This girl has won our hearts and we know you will be too!  Please meet Lizzy today!

See her online profile here:

Watch her music video here:


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"IRIS" a flowerchild


This glorious specimen is "Iris," a very sweet, yet energetic girl, who doesn't understand why she's been left at the shelter.  Iris knows basic commands and will even roll over!  

She sits quietly and patiently in her kennel, hoping that special someone will pick her...but somehow she gets passed by.  

A sweet, friendly, outgoing girl, she likes to exercise and loves doing mental exercises with reward based training.  

This amazing girl is only 3 years old, and 53 lbs of pure joy!  And just look at those gorgeous eyes!

To watch her music video click below:


See her online profile here:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

UPDATE: "Soda Pop" making an impression

Great news from Linda McCoy and her crew at Risbey's Refugees:  Soda Pop is fitting in nicely, finding a new BFF in "Lucky!"   MCAS volunteers are so grateful for Risbey's Refugees' dedication to shelter pitties: giving Miss Soda Pop the second chance she deserves!  Please check out their website to see all the amazing work they do!


We are so pleased to announce that our gracious friends at Family Dogs New Life shelter have taken Jordan under their wings!  

FDNL prides themselves on giving dogs a second chance at life, regardless of their age, history, or breed.  MCAS volunteers and staff are so grateful for their hard work and dedication.

Check out Family Dogs New Life shelter website to see their selection of amazing dogs, great photographs, and one of a kind "Piteo's!"

This big fella is "Jordon," an active and loveable 4 year old with brains! Jordon loves mental challenges, like how to lick peanut butter out of a Kong, or perfecting his sit/stay.  He is a big boy that is eager to continue his training in a loving forever home as an indoor companion.  A perfect match for an active, dog-savvy family, Jordon will make an excellent running, hiking or snuggling companion.


"JUNEAU" sweet and sensitive


Juneau is a very sweet and mellow girl. Easy as pie.

This lovely lady is more mature, and therefore does not require a lot of activity. Potty walks and a warm bed in a quiet, calm and loving household is just about all she needs.

She is a little sensitive, and therefore likes to meet new people nice and easy.

Please give this loyal girl a chance!

Click on the following link to learn more about Juneau:

"DOODLEBUG" aka doodlus bugeratus


Anyone looking for a sweet, quiet, and playful soul?  Meet 'Doodlebug,' an absolute angel who loves other dogs and is learning to find trust in people.  Doodlebug's finders kept him in their house with their other dogs and he did fantastic.  3 year old Doodle is looking for a loving family who will keep him as an indoor companion and treat him as one of the family.  

A fantastic addition as a second dog, don't miss Doodlebug at Multnomah County Animal Shelter!  See his online profile here:

"BOISE" easy peasy puddin pie


Ah!  Ain't life grand!  

"Boise" is a happy-go-lucky, easy-going girl, who's looking for life in the slow lane....but maybe not tooooo slow, as she could shed some pounds...slowly.  

Boise, a beagle X, is a glorious 15 years old and 49lbs, and is ready for some TLC in the form of very mild exercise, healthy low calorie food, and gentle belly rubs.   

Consider opening your heart, just enough to let these 45lbs of sweetness in, and you're home will be enriched with fortified gratefulness, loyalty, and love!  

"SAMMIE" the sweetheart


Look into her eyes!  That's right, they're gorgeous.  So are her markings.  In fact, even her personality will melt your heart!  This sweet and gentle girl looks best in pink and loves to cuddle.  She will make an excellent family companion in any loving forever home without small animals.  Cruise over to MCAS to meet "Sammie" and I'm sure you will be just as smitten as we all are!

Sammie is at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.
Click here to view her online profile:

"DWAYNE" perfection in black


Yes, that's right!  Dwayne is a gem!  To quote our MCAS's amazing trainer Cindy:  "Shelter pick of the day....GREAT with dogs, GREAT with people!"

At just 2 years old and a cuddly 64lbs, Dwayne is hands down a remarkable and loving fella.  He will make an excellent indoor companion in any loving, forever home! 

Watch his music video here:

Because of silly superstitions, and Hollywood depictions of bad guys wearing black, black dogs in shelters are often overlooked, and are generally the last to be adopted.  This is known as "Black Dog Bias," you can read more here.  So why not make a statement and adopt sweet Dwayne, or another black dog from the shelter!  Anyone who adopts a black dog or cat from a shelter is OK in our book!

Dwayne is at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  See his online profile here:

"RALLY" Good Looks and Brains!


This handsome fella is "Rally," a three year old tall drink of water with exceptional manners and a playful personality.  Rally does well with other dogs, loves car rides, and will make an amazing companion for any active and loving family!  A gem of a him today before he gets snapped up!  

See his online profile here:

Click below to watch Rally's music video!

"JOSIE" happy happy joy joy


10/19 A big thank you to New Life Family Dogs Shelter for taking sweet Josie under their wing.  We are so grateful!

Meet our beautiful "Josie," she's an energetic gal who loves to stay active, play, get belly rubs, snuggle and be the ultimate loyal companion.  She's got gorgeous eyes, and a real sweet personality to match.  

Josie loves exercising and would be a great match for any active and loving family, who is willing to take the time to keep Josie mentally and physically stimulated.

Check out her online profile here:

"KEVIN" a slice of heaven

FDNL has stoked us again.  They've taken a love-a-bull pitbull who was deteriorating in the shelter environment and given him a second chance at life!  Really, MCAS volunteers cannot express enough how grateful we are to this amazing 501c3.  Support FDNL and you will be supporting a truly compassionate non-profit!

If you wanna learn how to be an amazing and responsible dog owner, Kevin will train you!  

Kevin is a sweet and smart fella looking to keep up with his training and socialization.  He's just 9 months old and would be perfect for anyone eager to practice reward based puppy training!

Kevin is easy to teach however he loves to blow off  steam through exercise and mental activities!  

Just look at his nose!  It's a Rorschach test!

Sweet Kevin is at Multnomah County Animal Shelter

 waiting for you!  Check out his online profile here:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aphrodite • Looking for her Forever-Home


Aphrodite is currently in foster care and looking for her forever-home. She is a bit overweight now, but is still a lovely middle-aged pit bull-type dog. She is happy at home, but would be even happier to get out for walks more. She has been fostered by the finder for at least 3 months. She is very social when meeting new people coming into her home.

Aphrodite  currently shares her foster home with 2 mellow male pit bull dogs. She also lives with a handsome, big easy-going Orange male Tabby, but the foster mom is very savvy about letting Aphrodite know that the cat is not to be touched. She could possibly live with a cat, but only for smart managers. Call the animal shelter to schedule an appointment to meet this sweet lady. Click on the shelter profile link for more information (photos: Laura Hinrichs)