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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"SPIKE" a good companion

For all you Spike fans! Here's a note from his new home

Dear Multnomah County Staff,

We thank you for the love and good care you provided our newest family member, Ike ( formerly Spike).
We brought Ike home on Tuesday May 6th. Ike met his new sister Gisela, got many hugs and love, and at bedtime, he promptly fell asleep in the middle of our bed next to Gisela!
On Wednesday, Ike and Gisela bot...
h got baths and big chew bones afterwards. They played in the backyard enjoying the sunshine- they took some long naps this afternoon!
Just as we knew when we first brought Gisela home, we cannot imagine our lives without Ike. From the moment we saw Ike we knew he was coming home.
To Shelly, our Adoption Counselor, and to each and everyone of you, thank you for Ike and the tremendous care you provide and the exceptional work you do.
Are you looking for a sturdy companion? Someone to greet you at the end of the day and listen to your secrets? I could be that guy! I have lived a bit of a rough life and I am ready for the comforts of a pampered pet. (I know I look  "serious", but I'm a mushy type guy!)



I am looking for a home with adult humans only and no small animals or cats. I may be well suited for a home with an adult female canine but a meet and greet at the shelter will be required. I am a pretty mellow fellow and I am hoping you ask about me today! I am about 6 years of age and I weigh a healthy 83lbs. Ask about me today!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"HARLEY" tiny guy


Here's Harley's MCAS weblink    

Harley is a handsome and outgoing little guy, however he took a few days to settle into the routine here in the shelter. Now he is ready for his new home!



 Please ask to meet him today, he is about 2 years old and he weights 4lbs.

MCAS Cats for adoption!






All the Multnomah County Animal Shelter Cats and Dogs on "Adoption" are spay/neutered, microchipped, licensed, and vaccinated, and more before they go to their new homes.
PLEASE  spay/neuter and license/microchip your pets, so that more of the lovely cats and dogs that come into open-intake shelters like MCAS (or any shelter) as "Lost/Found animals" can find their way back  to their homes again.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

"MISS PIGGY" pretty Tricolored Pittie

Hello, my name is Miss Piggy! I arrived at the shelter in some much needed TLC. My friends have started the process of care and we are hoping that you find me just as charming as they do and continue on the process in a new forever home.


Naturally, I am very food motivated, have some obedience skills, and have been super social with people. Please come down and meet me! I am around 5 years old and weigh a skinny 48 pounds.

Friday, April 18, 2014

"Ray" & "Jewels" UPDATE - ADOPTED from FDNLS!!!

TRANSFERRED to Family Dogs New Life Shelter! in March
YAY!!! adopted together May 3rd -
Thank you Family Dogs New Life Shelter!!!!!

Hi there folks my name is Jewels (in red) and I am a nice mature lady looking for a place to crash. I still have a bit of goofy lab in me, but mostly I just want a bit of exercise and a lot of attention from my family with no children under 6. I want nothing more than to provide you with the comfort you deserve, a tail wag at the end of a long day, and a cuddle buddy in the evening.
I arrived at the shelter with my male companion Ray and we are asking to go to a new home together.



If you could use some bright brown eyes in your life, please ask tmeet us today! I am around 10 years old and weigh 61 lbs.

"ROXY" good natured little Cocker Spaniel


Here's Roxy's MCAS weblink

Hi there!!! Are you looking for cheerful canine companion? Then look no further! I have lived in a home with kids and other dogs and did well with everyone. I have never lived with cats so my behavior towards them is unknown. I am housetrained and I like going for car rides. 

 My favorite toys are stuffed animals and I like granny smith apples as a treat! I don't like baths and will hide if I hear the water running but will accept my washup with good grace. I love to sit at my person's feet and will be a loving companion for just about any home. I am just over 5 years of age and I weigh a healthy 26 lbs.

"EVA and CHAKITA" bonded Chi pair :)

ADOPTED together!!!

Chakita and Eva are a bonded pair of chihuahuas that ended up in the shelter after their owner passed away.
I'm Chakita, and I'm a darling 14 years old!

I'm Eva , just a young pup at only 7 years old ;)

We love each other and we are a sweet little pair of Chi- s!


They were very scared and took a long time to warm up to a few people. They will need a quiet, adult only home that will allow them to settle in and take things easy. They both required a lot of dental work, and have only a few teeth left between them! The shelter would like to see them stay together, so they are a 2 for 1 adoption fee! Chakita is 14 yrs old and Eva is 7 yrs old. They both weight around 7lbs. Here's the MCAS weblink!

"ANDY" cute little shihtzu


Here's Andy's MCAS weblink

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!! I am a wiggly young dude looking for a fun loving home. I am only about 1 year of age and will need all  the training and exercise all young dogs require I also need regular trips to the groomer to keep me looking and feeling my best. 

 With good quality food and monthly flea treatment, such as Advantage or Frontline, the hair on my rump will start to grow back. I am cheerful and outgoing and ready to take on the world! The shelter will require that we take reward based training classes together as part of my adoption. Ask about ME today!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

"PARKER" delightful good hearted little Chi mix


Parker is a active and energetic young man looking for a new home. He came into the shelter with Posie, who we suspect is his mother, however he may do well being adopted alone.


He was very shy at first and it took him awhile to trust us here at the shelter. But now he will jump all over you and loves to give kisses! If you are looking for a dog to entertain you, well Parker is your guy! Please ask to meet him today, he is about 1 year old and weights 7lbs. Here's his MCAS weblink!

"HESTER" (Harley's mom?)


Here's Hester's MCAS weblink

Hester is a sweet and shy little lady looking for a home with children over the age of 12. She has been very reserved here in the shelter, but we feel like she will warm up well in a quiet home.



Please ask to meet her today, she is about 4 years old and weighs 8lbs.

"SULLY" easy going sweetheart Pitbull

Hi there folks, my name is Sully. I am a stoic and mature gentleman looking for a loving and quiet home. I am not the most outgoing guy, but once I feel comfortable I am happy to be around people.




I am looking for a home as the only pet.  Here at the shelter they let me hang out near workers desks, and I mostly sleep. I like the down time for sure. If you are looking for an excellent companion, then come on down and meet me!
Here's my MCAS weblink