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Monday, April 30, 2012

"MIKA" magic beauty


With a larger-than-life personality and athletic ability to match, Mika loves to have the spotlight on her! She is about 47 pounds, 2 years old and a beautiful blue and white colored girl. She's simply stunning. 

She bonds quickly and deeply with the people in her life. She is crate trained, house trained, rides perfectly in the car and she loves her walks--walking her really is a dream, no pulling at all. She would be great in a household with older children, 8 and above, and without cats.  Check out her music video below! 

Run to meet Mika today!!!   View Mika's online profile here:

Friday, April 27, 2012

"PORTER" ice cream sandwich


Yep, Porter is as snuggly as he looks!  This love bug is 13 weeks old of fluffy snuggle who loves to romp and play and then get comfy in YOUR lap, neck, or under the covers for a snooze.

Porter has a great start on learning about the world, and he's looking for a home that will continue with his enrichment and positive training.

Porter is available for adoption through Born Again Pit Bull Rescue.

View his online profile here:

"ARMANI" fashion forward


Movie star looks and Einstein mindgrapes doesn't keep Armani from being a down-to-earth kind of gal. She loves to play play play and she always welcomes a good snuggle!

She was voted 'most popular' by her kennel class and volunteers love to watch her get her yaya's out in the shelter park.

Armani is an enthusiastic learner and she would love to continue with her training!  This 3 year old has lots to offer any loving, forever home.

View her online profile here:

"PARKER" hot dog sandwich


This stunning fella is "Parker," an outgoing 13 week old pit bull type dog who loves people, kids, dogs and life as he knows it!  Parker has had a great start learning about the world with many many positive experiences and he is looking for a home that will continue with his enrichment.

Have you noticed his baby blue eyes?  They are stunning!  This boy will melt your heart.  He is available through Born Again Pit Bull Rescue.

 View his online profile here:

"GRACIE" lovely gal


This wonderful lady is "Gracie," a shepherd/lab X with lots of git-up-and-go for her 8 years.  She is incredibly food motivated, yet she also enjoys keeping up on her workouts.

If you are looking for an active companion and can provide Gracie with a loving home without children under 8, look no further.  Gracie would love to be you indoor canine companion for life!

 View Gracie's online profile here:

"RUPERT" little gem


Rupert is a tender hearted little guy, a bit timid with new things, but a true sweetie!  Little Rupert came into the shelter a mess of matted hair, and he feels so much better now that MCAS has groomed him.
Like all dogs, Rupert deserves a great home where is routinely groomed, loved and well cared for.

Come visit this little cutie!  Here is his MCAS shelter profile:

"BUZZY" all about fun


Buzzy has been transferred to Oregon Humane Society, and you can now visit this cool little guy there:

Looking for a dogged good time?  Then look no further than Buzzy!  This fella is as sweet as he is entertaining. 

Buzzy doesn't take too long to warm up to new people, but he prefers to take things at his own pace. He's a vocal fella, and would love to let you know all about anyone coming to ring your doorbell, or anything worth paying attention to.

Buzzy is pretty hilarious.  See him in action at Multnomah County Animal Shelter today!

"DIVA" all class


"Diva" is a stunning, 3 year old female pit-bull with gorgeous markings.  Diva is still getting to know the world, and would love to discover new situations with positive reinforcement from you!

Diva is a compact 50lbs and a little low to the ground - so cute!  She has lived with other dogs and is looking for a loving, calm forever home as an only pet or with calm canine friends.

View Diva's online profile here:

"BOBBY" lil' man, big heart


"Bobby" has been transferred to Oregon Humane Society. You can visit him there:

is an active and intelligent Australian Cattle Dog mix, who is a busy little bee and a social butterfly!  Bobby is looking for a loving forever home without children under 10, where he can show off his skills.  Bobby is an ideal candidate for any canine sport!

"VICTOR" fantastico!


Meet "Victor," a fabulous Cairn Terrier mix with loads of personality!  He is a peppy lil guy, with lots'o  gusto!  

Today he made me laugh: I walked by his kennel with a large dog, and he LEAPT into the air (so that he was at the same level as the big dog), and let out a "woof" that seemed to say 'look here fella, I'm as big as you!'

Victor is looking for an active and loving forever home without cats.  Meet Victor today at Multnomah County Animal Shelter!

View his online profile here:

"JOSIAH" our sweet flower child


This wonderful pup "Josiah" is as sweet, and demure as a lady can be.  She is a mature gal, well beyond puppy mayhem.  She is calm, and quiet, yet still has enough energy for an active forever home.

Josiah enjoys outdoor adventures like running, hiking, chillin in the sun, and any kind of training classes with her person.  

Please visit Josiah at MCAS, she is an absolutely deserving dog.  Don't pass her by!

View Josiah's online profile here:

"MOLLY" a true grace kelly

Molly is absolutely fantastic.  She has polite house manners, is sweet and gentle, loves other calm dogs, walks politely on the leash, is house-broken and crate trained.

Whoever meets this girl and doesn't fall in love must have their head checked.  

Molly is looking for a calm, forever home who will continue to introduce her to the world with positive reinforcement and rewards.  She enjoys calm children, meeting new dogs on the street, fetching a tennis ball and taking walks.

Sweet Molly has been at the shelter for over 60 days, and she's a spectacular dog.  Which ever lucky person adopts this dog will have a loyal and loving companion for life.


Check out her music video below!

View her online profile here:

Contact Lisa Wyatt 503-816-1800

"CHARLIE" play by play


This stunning creature is Charlie, a sweetheart of a guy with plenty of energy and entertainment for all.  Charlie knows some tricks and would love to continue to learn with positive reinforcement!

Charlie's ideal forever home would be an active one without children under eight.  A home that could provide plenty of exercise and an indoor bed to sleep on at night.

View Charlie's online profile here:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"BUTTER" a good fella


Butter is a sweet 8 year old dog rescued from certain death on the streets. Upon intake, sweet Butter was severely thin, and his back right leg was mangled, with an open wound to the bone. Now, his leg has healed, his weight is where it needs to be, and Butter is ready for his forever home.

Butter is not an overly active dog, but he is young at heart. He loves his walks, and he loves his chewies. Butter is crate trained, house-broken, up to date on all his shots, and his bloodwork came back perfect.

Watch his music video below!

Butter likes friendly, large female dogs, and he is selective about which boy dogs will be his homies. After a slow introduction, Butter will be any calm canines friend for life. Butter has attended training classes and he would love to continue as he enjoys the company of other obedient dogs, and he loves to learn! 

Even though Butter is mature, he still has the gusto to chase small animals. He is looking for a loving home without cats or small dogs, and with children over 12. Butter is a chill dog, and will make an amazing family companion. He loves to sleep and often sleeps with the tip of his tongue out of his mouth. 

View Butter's online profile here:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"TYLER" puppy love


 Tyler is a boy dog who thinks all the world is a wonderful and exciting place, there isn't a dog more enthusiastic about living!  

Tyler is still a young age, and needs a little guidance on how to politely be of this exciting world!  And he can do it!  What a quick learner!


Tyler is 8 months old and still growing.  He is looking for a loving forever family home that will keep him as an indoor companion, with plenty of outdoor exercises!

 View his online profile here:

"JACKSON" pup dumpling


One ear up, one ear down, that's how "Jackson" rolls.  This sweet fella is a compact 35 lbs, and at 1 year old, he will stay about the same size.  He's a quick mover, and a quick learner.  He would love to learn a Really Reliable Recall with his new owner, and loves showing off!

Meet this delicious dumpling at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  He's just waiting to show you his winning personality!

 View Jackson's online profile here: