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Thursday, July 31, 2014

"CHLOE" a cutie mix


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You know you have been waiting for a spunky girl like me to come into your life! I may be small, and I may act a little scared when you first meet me, but my former home said that I have been that way my whole young life. They also told the shelter some of my dirty laundry. Ok, I love to chew on stuff, all kinds of stuff! I can't help it that the ottoman in the living room was so satisfying to chew on! I am best suited for a home with kids over the age of 8 years. I have LOTS of energy and love zoom around the yard just for the joy of it. I love to play with other dogs and I especially love to settle at the end of the day next to a warm lap.


The shelter will require that we take classes together as part of my adoption. I am just over a year and half of age and I weigh 14lbs. Ask about me today!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

"HECTOR" longterm MCAS Kitty adopted this week!

Aug 1, 2014 - Good things can come to those who wait!
Hector, a longterm, very loving and social, handsome white kitty was adopted yesterday!!!

It was a momentous day because Hector went home to Hawthorne Garden Senior Living Community.
 Hector was howling with delight! ;)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

"PRESTON" smart, cute, playful Doxie mix


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Hello, my name is Preston! I am a cute, playful, affectionate and ready for a new family! I have to say that I arrived at the shelter quite overwhelmed by the environment but with some patience I realized that these people are my friends! My new adopter should be active and tolerant of dogs who like to give kisses and sit in your lap! Sounds great, right?


Please come down and meet me. I am around 2 years old and weigh 12 pounds

Friday, July 25, 2014

"OPAL" endearing ( very senior) Pom mix


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Hello there young 'uns! I am Miss Opal and I am an older lady looking for a new place to call home. I am looking for a new home with no whipper snappers under 10. I am a delicate miss with some special needs.

I was found with lots of skin issues and infections and I will likely require lifelong care and bathing to keep these problems in check and to keep me neat and clean and comfortable. The counselors can give you more information about the care I will require. My new family will receive a two week supply of medications and shampoo to get us off on the right foot and my adoption includes a free initial exam at a vet so we can get started on a treatment plan. I am a nice little lady in her golden years looking for a new home. Please consider me today!

"HOWIE" big happy puppy - Dogo Argentino (Boxer/Dane?) mix


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Are you looking for a large dog that will hog the bed and doesn't require leaning over to pet? I am an affectionate and super smart young man looking for the right home. My adoption will require reward based classes to make sure I grow up into a fine adult dog. 



 Please research my breed before deciding that I am the right match for you. I am about 7 months of age and I weigh a growing 55lbs.

oh... WHO is that HANDSOME GUY?

It's ABE who is now
Abe and I had a nice visit today :) We both have a good feeling that his fabulous home is getting ready to meet him soon! ....Sept 6 (and looks like we were right :)  Good luck in your new home buddy! I know that sometimes things don't work out in new homes, and we don't want to jinx it!  but hey, it's time for you for something better!

Aug 29 Abe is now a FOSTER HOME. YAY!!!



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"MILLI" snuggly Pitbull mix (likes cats)

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I am a bouncy, playful, and affectionate girl. Aren't I cute? The shelter is really impressed with my super friendly and outgoing nature.  I had issues with the other dog in my last home and we got into some pretty bad scraps, however I still played well with others at the park and on camping trips.
But for now, a home as the only dog is best. I do LOVE cats and I love to snuggle. I am a little over 3 years of age and I weigh 58lbs. Ask about me today!


"FLIT" moves quickly! chi mix


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My name is Flit, because I flit around a lot. I'm about years old and am a petite 6 pounds. I really want to be friends with someone but I'm pretty scared of the world so I'll need an understanding owner. If you crouch down and pat your leg I'll probably jump right in your lap. And once I trust you, you'll be mine and vice versa. A quiet adult only home will be the ticket for Flit. Come meet me!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

"JADE" cuddly type chi mix


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Hello, my name is Jade! I am a cute and cuddly little lady who is searching for a new family! I enjoy going for walks, like to play fetch, and playing with other dogs.




 My adopter should be active, and ready to give lots of attention! Please come and meet me. I am around 2 years old and weigh 5.8 pounds

Friday, July 18, 2014

"JAMY" lovable Golden Retriever mix

TRANSFERRED to Pixie Project

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Hello, my name is Jamy! Are you looking for a super dooper great dog? I have been calm, social with strangers and even know a few tricks! I am hoping you find me charming and interested enough to find out more about me! Please come down and meet me. I am around 1-1/2 years old and weigh 40 pounds


Thursday, July 17, 2014

"DAISY" sweetie young Lab mix

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Hi there, those silly people named me Daisy as in upsy daisy. I think we can all agree I am pretty gosh darn cute with my one ear up and one down. I'm a young lab mix girl about 1 year old and I weigh 52 pounds. I'm very nice, but the shelter says that my new owners need to take a private lesson or two with a reward based trainer because sometimes I am unsure about new people or things. The trainer can help us learn how to work through it together.

I know how to sit when asked, but that's about it. There should be no cats in my new home and kids in the household should be at least 8 years or older.

"KODAK" picture perfect Pom


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Are you looking for a picture perfect guy to add to your life? Consider having a Kodak Moment! Good thing my name is Kodak! I am a middle aged guy, about 5 years old, who is currently in the process if finding a new home to develop a new relationship. Get it? Develop? Hahaha!

 I am the perfect size at just under 13 lbs and my shelter friends are recommending no kids under 10 in my new home. The folks who found me held on to me for about a week and said that I was house trained, though you will need to have patience with me while I learn the ropes in your home! Come take a look at me today!

"SAMMY" smart, attentive American Shelter Dog mix


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Hello! My name is Sammy! I am a little shy and might take a little while to warm up. I am 2 years old and in good health. The shelter has been a bit overwhelming for me and I hope to have some patience in my new home and let me warm up to things slowly.

My new friends say that it would be a good idea to get me some education and are recommending I go to reward based classes to get me started off on the right paw!

"VINCENT" sweet young Terrier mix

Here's Vincent's weblink  (7/30 Vincent has a possible adopter, check website)

Vincent, or Vinnie, is a sweet young dog looking for a special home dedicated to helping him build confidence and social skills out in the real world. He is smart and motivated, but sometimes his fear kicks in and he has a hard time adjusting to new situation, sounds, and activity. He is best suited for a home with children over the age of 10. He is currently in foster care, to schedule a meeting please contact the foster coordinator Donna at 503-545-3021 or 

Here are some Mcas Volunteer pics from a field trip with Vincent!
Vincent felt secure in a place where he didn't need to worry about anything, and had a fabulous time playing, esp with his stuffed squeaky toys!


"POI" a special sweetie Border Collie mix!

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I am a young dog looking for a special person to help me out. Do you love herding breed type dogs? Do you have the time and compassion to help me out? I will require some private training to address some fear issues, crate training, and staying calm around other dogs. I am an athletic boy and love to play with my toys! 


 I am a cuddler in the home with my people, but need to be the only pet and a home with a single person, couple, or family with kids over the age of 16 years. I am just about 2 years of age and I weigh 48lbs. I need FOSTER or a dedicated person to take an interest in me! Please talk with your adoption counselor about my needs and adoption requirements.