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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"POPTART" pretty Kitty!


Poptart is an awesome kitty, very distinctive black, orange and white markings with stunning hazel eyes. This pretty girl is very affectionate once she feels comfortable in a new place!

Here is Poptart's MCAS weblink:

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"TIMBER" loving Australian Shepherd


My name sounds so "Manly"....fact is, I'm kind of a big baby, and not too brave at all!



I walk great on a leash...but you might trip over me because I walk soooo close to you!   Basically, I'm a big sweetheart guy who needs a gentle touch and a loving home.

Here's my MCAS weblink to learn more:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"LITTLE BEAN" happy hyper little guy!


I'm an adorable little Doxie mix and friendly with lots of fun energy  I love people and will probably like to cuddle at the end of the day (after play time, walks, fun training stuff)


I am BURSTING with excitement here, but I'm containing myself (somehow)!! 


In case you thought I calmly sat all the time?  I do this ALOT!  Dance for attention and treats!

If you love vocal, funny, active, cute little dogs, and can provide me with a good forever home to meet my needs, come visit, I really am darling!

I'm at MCAS today, and I want my next home to keep me forever!

Friday, January 25, 2013

"LOUIE" lovable Australian Shepherd


Louie is lovely!  He has nice house manners, is 9 years young, and a youngster at heart. When you meet Louie, you'll find that  it's impossible NOT to fall in love with him!

Here's is Louie's MCAS weblink to learn more:

"ROSCOE" long legged Runner's type guy!


Hard to say what breed mix Roscoe is (hence the "American Shelter Dog!") but Roscoe has lots of qualities of a Lab/German Shepherd type mix?....Roscoe is happy, but nervous... obediant, but needs more in his life than being told what to do!!  He needs lots of "with me" time, lots of exercise and he'll love to go places with you!



 Roscoe is about 3 years old. He already knows Sit and Down, but know he needs You to show him some stability in his life!
Here's Roscoe's MCAS weblink to learn more:

"BENNY" pretty red head boy!


I'm sweet and sensitive and really enjoy getting out for walks and play.  I'm just a younster at 2 years old, and hope to have a long and wonderful life with you!




I hope you'll come visit me soon! Here's my MCAS weblink:


Thursday, January 24, 2013

"CALLOWAY" cute teenager!


Calloway was a bit restless for his photos today, but he hopes you'll come see him in person soon! 
Here's his MCAS weblink:


" ROSIE" soft hearted Persian mix


another sweetie from the feline world -  the dogs were tired of the camera today, and it was nice and warm in the cattery!
So here's another fabulous easy going MCAS kitty for adoption, and Rosie likes dogs (but slow introductions are always very important for longterm success)

Here's Rosie's MCAS weblink for more info:

"DINO" fluffy little poodle


I'm a sweet and happy little guy!   



I'll need routine grooming as my hair will matt if not brushed or trimmed on a regular basis.
Here's my MCAS weblink to learn more!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"RAOUL" a Spaniel type?


Raoul's breed mix isn't known but he looks alot like a spaniel. He is affectionate and relaxed towards people.

Raoul is only about 1 yr old so he has lots of time to spend with you, learning, experiencing new things and having fun!  Here is his MCAS weblink:

" CUDA " gorgeous big Tan/brown/white boy!


Cuda is a gorgeous big tall Mystery  mix, very smart and active boy. Cuda wants a good home where he can continue to receive reward based training,  positive socializing and lots of fun exercise too!


Here is Cuda's MCAS weblink to learn more about him:

"HEIDI" a red head senior Doxie!


A gentle, friendly, lovable chubby redhead Doxie with wonderful soft floppy ears!

Heidi is hoping to meet you soon. She is a sweetie!

Her best buddy Ingrid is in the shelter also, and if you are looking to adopt 2 mature Doxies, maybe adopt Heidi and Ingrid together!

"CYRUS " a mature sweetie!


Don't I remind you of the famous "Talking Dog" in that YoutubeVideo? Well, I'm just as cool as he is! I'm a well mannered mature loving sweetheart! I grew up around Kids and Cats (but new introductions with dogs/cats should be made slowly)....I've been bounced around a bunch and am SOOO ready to settle down for a wonderful life with You!


You can read more about me here, and I hope you'll come visit me at the MCAS shelter soon!

"ROSIE" Lovely gal

I'm a  wonderful and easygoing and happy dog. I look like I might be a German Shepherd/Husky/Lab mix :)  Like so many dogs, I didn't do well when put into a shelter kennel....I barked alot and didn't look friendly when people walked by me... HUH? I am the BEST, easy going dog and I like other dogs, and LOVE people. 
I'm now in a MCAS Foster home and can relax again!

Today, I joined the other Foster Dogs at an MCAS Adoption Outreach at Sellwood Dog Supply today! My friend bought me this very cool new squeaker toy, and I love it!

 Here is my MCAS shelter web link:
Please contact Angela the MCAS Volunteer Foster Coordinator if you'd like to learn more about me!