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Thursday, March 29, 2012

They're here!

YES!  The Shelter Dogs of Portland bumper sticker is here, and it's beautiful!

It inspired me to drive my car through a car wash, and slap one on the back window!

Spread the word about our community's homeless dogs and help increase adoptions for those animals most in need!

Buy one here today!  

Facts about fostering

We've all heard it before: fostering saves lives.  

It's so easy to look away, let those words go in one ear and out the other, or to have a knee jerk comeback, "I could never foster, I become too attached."

Indeed, to open your home to a strange dog, there are many unknowns.  One thing you can be assured of, is the dog you are helping WILL find it's forever home, and you WILL have helped save it's life.

Here is a great website on how to become a mastered foster caretaker.

Here are some local options for helping a dog in need:

MULTNOMAH COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER  MCAS offers guidance when the foster caregiver picks up the foster animal, and a coordinator will continue to guide the foster caregiver through the process and will provide educational resources for foster caregivers to use in caring for the foster animal.  With a veterinarian on staff and certified vet technicians, MCAS provides health exams, vaccinations, flea treatment, spay/neuter surgery and diagnostic services for animals in foster care. Medications prescribed by Animal Health will be provided at no cost.  Food, water, shelter, milk replacer, exercise, socialization, training, and any medications not dispensed by the shelter are the financial responsibility of the foster caregiver, as MCAS does not have the funding to provide these supplies outside the shelter.  MORE INFO HERE

FAMILY DOGS NEW LIFE SHELTER  All pre-arranged veterinary costs are paid by FDNLS. They can also provide food, crates, training tools, etc.  if needed…. But of course, any financial donations that the foster home can make towards fostering are greatly appreciated (and tax deductable!)

BAPBR  BAPBR is exclusively a foster-based rescue of many different breeds of dogs.  All food, crates, toys, training tools, pre-approved vet expenses, vaccinations, flea meds and other medications, will be provided by BAPBR.  BAPBR's dog trainer will help with any behavior issues.  We provide maximum guidance and all pre-approved supplies.  BAPBR does not have a shelter or boarding facility, so every dog they take in is placed in a foster home, making foster families crucial to the BAPBR mission.  MORE INFO HERE  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"HOPE" a little love


This sweetheart of a puppy girl is "Hope," she's 45 lbs of pure joy!  At just 8 months old, this sweet girl is enduring a painful skin condition with a glorious attitude.  Her skin is being treated, and she should be as good as new very soon.

View Hope's online profile here:

"REBECCA" absolutely fabulous


Who doesn't find this face irresistible?  I challenge you to go meet "Rebecca" in person and tell me she is not an absolutely fabulous dog!  She is looking for a loving, forever home that will introduce her to the world and show her it can be a beautiful place.  A little positive reinforcement, enrichment, and new positive experiences is what this wonderful girl needs.  

View her online profile here:

"ELOISE" swiffer muppet


This sweet young thing is "Eloise," she's still quite young and has some weight to gain, but she is waiting for you!  Eloise is a real cuddlebug, and she's looking forward to continuing her training.  

View her online profile here:

"PEACHES" why the long face?


Welp, Peaches is super bummed at being in the shelter, not to mention, she had her spay surgery the day before this photo was taken.  Help this lovely gal turn her frown upside down:  she's yet another amazing, gorgeous dog who needs a home. 

Peaches enjoys human visits during her stay at MCAS.  Meet her in person today, and see for yourself what a lovely gal she is!

View her online profile here:

"DOLCE" sweetness Inc.


This lovely face belongs to "Dolce," (means sweet), a darling boy who's sweet-natured and loves all people. He has lived with a female dog and even 2 cats!

Dolce is currently located at Willamette Humane Society near Salem where he is declining rapidly in the kennel environment.  He prefers to be a house dog!

Dolce is looking for a loving, forever home with a dog savvy family who can help him adjust from the many life changes he has gone through.  Dolce enjoys regular exercise, training classes and mental exercises (kongs, puzzle toys, etc.) to keep him busy.  Who couldn't say no to that face?

View Dolce's online profile here:

Call Angela @ 503-888-4583 for more information or to arrange a meet and greet.

"BAXTER" a pointdexter


Meet "Baxter," an extremely smart and charming 1 year old Pug/Dachshund mix.  He loves to stay active and at just 21 pounds this pup can take on plenty of exercise!

Baxter loves to get to know new people nice and slow, so perhaps children over 6 please.  All this fella needs is a forever, loving home to show him the world is a wonderful place!  Meet Baxter at Multnomah County Animal Shelter today!

View Baxter's online profile here:

"DOUG" a tall drink of water


Put your hands together for "Doug" a fun, energetic and exsquisitely gorgeous 75 pounds of good dog.  Doug is a happy go lucky fella and is looking for the same in a forever home.

Doug would love to brush up on his manners, so the required training classes with him should be a rewarding endeavor.  Run, don't walk, to meet Doug today at Multnomah County Animal Shelter!

View his online profile here:

"OTIS" life is good!


Our sweet "Otis" boy coined the term 'save the drama fer ya mama.'  Otis likes to take it easy, and despite his imposing size, he's a laid back, super friendly 70 pounds of loyal love!

Otis would make a great addition to any loving, forever family who will keep him as an indoor companion, and treat him as one of the family.  

Check out Otis's online profile here:

"HERMAN" chocolate lab lovers alert! A COOKIE!


Herman is an adorable chocolate lab about 2 years old, and at that age where he just wants to have fun.  This boy is a pleasure to be around, and that's a good thing because he loves plenty of exercise, and positive training and enrichment.  Herman is wonderful on the leash, and he runs like an elk ~ boing boing bouncy~!

A true lab lover will love this dog!  Meet Herman (not related to Pee Wee) at Multnomah County Shelter today!

View his online profile here:

"COBY" bend it like Beckham


This 7 pound bundle of athletic prowress is "Coby," a sweet adult pup who's young at heart.  Coby loves all dogs and is already house-broken.  He loves laying on your lap or tackling extra-large tennis balls!!!?!!!

Check it out!

"FRANKIE" Rat pack #1


Spring is here and along with that comes....puppies filling up the shelters.  This is Frankie, a six month old pit bull puppy who came in with his brother Sammie.

This fella has what it takes to grow up to be an amazing companion, he just needs a stable, and structured forever home.  Meet Frankie today at Multnomah County Animal Shelter!

View Frankie's online profile here:

"SAMMIE" rat pack #2


This is Sammie, a confident and charming 6 month old lil fella that has found his way into the shelter, and is searching for his forever, and loving home.  Sammie loves snuggles, training exercises, and plenty of play!

View this cute dumpling's online profile here:

"PATSY" baby doll


This lil sweetheart is Patsy, a four year old, purebred Beagle with a personality as big as her heart!  A snuggle bug who likes to follow her nose, she is looking for a home who will cater to her Beagle needs: plenty of leashed exercise and lots of love!

View Patsy's online profile here:

"FIEVEL" Xoloitzcuintle?!!??


Fievel is a Xoloitzcuintle, also known as a "Mexican Hairless" dog.  This little fella is just 4 years old and loves to be loved.  Special consideration for his skin will need to be more here

Fievel's ideal forever home will provide regular physical and mental exercise, as well as plenty of lap time!  He will make an excellent indoor companion for any loving family.

View his online profile here:

"MILO" puppy dog eyes


Okay all you Foxhound fans!  This fella is pretty special!  His name is "Milo," and he's true to his foxhound origins!  He loves to stay active, but will need to start slow to loose just a wee bit of extra poundage.

But he looks pretty close to perfect, no?  If you need some inspiration to get outdoors and enjoy it, Milo will make a great companion!

Milo is looking for a forever, loving home, without young children, that will make sure he keeps the weight off, and keep him active.

View Milo's online profile here:

"KATE" scrum-diddly-umptious


This little gal is very easy-going and sociable--she greets everyone she sees with a very polite "sit" and loves the attention that follows. Get the classic Whole Body Wiggle upon her release cue!  

Kate seems to be particularly fond of younger children and men. Kate does fine with other dogs, in fact, she's living with 5 dogs and 2 cats and her dog trainer during her pit stop!

View sweet Kate's online profile here:

"JORDON" not so tall, but big love


This is Jordon, and despite his tiny size in this big world, he is ready to take anything on!  He loves extreme mountain sports, like hiking up mt. hood or bungee jumping.  But what Jordon really wants is a loving forever home to call his own.

Jordon hides his big heart under his macho persona, but really he's a softie.  He would prefer to live with a family with older kids and adults only.  No cats please.

View Jordon's online profile here:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

"NORMAN" i love ya norm


This sweet and gentle soul is "Norman," a mature mister man that loves to stay active and snuggle in a warm dog bed when the day is over.  

Norm is stressed at the shelter:  he doesn't show well in his kennel, but once you have him out, he is a superstar.  He walks perfectly on a leash, is quiet, and most likely housebroken.

Norm would love a forever home without children under 8 years old, and a loving family that will keep him as an indoor companion, yet take him on family outings in nature.

He may not be up for a 3 mile run, but he will hike to any waterfall or river and take a skinny-dip!

Consider Norman as your next adoption!  What a sweet and gentle soul!  View Norm's profile here: