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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

"AVA" Happy UPDATE! very easy going Pitbull mix

 Update ADOPTED!
May 15, 2020
"It’s OFFICIAL 🎉 it’s #FeelGoodFriday and #FureverFriday and we have some joyous news to bring to you today! Ava’s 30-day foster-to-adopt trial ended, and she has been officially adopted. 🥳🥰😍 Ava came to us from
in Portland, after being passed over for months at the shelter! A big thank you to Ava’s advocate
and to Ava’s new mom Rhiannon for giving our sweet girl a chance at a beautiful new beginning? BAPBR Facebook post May 15, 2020
Born Again Pit Bull Rescue
Meet Ava! She’s a 4 1/2 year old pit bull mix (60 lbs) with a lot of love to give! She has been in and out of the shelter for a few years, no fault of her own. She is extremely well mannered in the home. She doesn’t jump up, beg, bark, whine, or complain about anything! Her favorite spot is next to her human, where ever that is. She is so easy going and mellow but also very much enjoy walks. She is not a marathon runner but loves her daily casual strolls around the neighborhood and she is great on a leash! She also loves car rides and sits perfect in the seat. She is friendly with everyone and anyone but is also a protector if need be. She is very good in a home left alone. She does not chew on things, she does not have separation anxiety, she just waits patiently for her human to come home. Her perfect home would be someone who wants a companion to do life with whether it’s watch movies or travel the country in an RV... she’s a ride-or-die kind of girl. She needs to be the only pet in the home so she can have all the love to herself.. something she has never had before and deserves more than anything. Apply online at - if you’re interested in giving this sweet girl a forever home 💕
TRANSFERRED to Born Again Pitbull Rescue!

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!
Adoption information  
MCAS hours/ Location

Ava,  female Pitbull mix, 4yr 60 lbs

An old photo of Ava - prior to her getting the good food/care 
she needed to help her allergy

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


May 2020
Just a sweet update to share on Snowglobe in his new home, who now goes by the name “Snowman” BAPBR Facebook post May 11, 2020
"Guess what? Our sweet elder-bull “Snowglobe” officially started his “Foster-to-adopt” trial with his new dad Dean! We are so happy for Snowglobe! 🖤He found the perfect home and he even has his own little red wagon now. A big thank you to Multnomah County Animal Services for sustaining Snowglobe for months at the shelter before coming to BAPBR. 
And a huge thank you to his foster mom Angie"

Transferred and Available with 
Born Again Pit Bull Rescue
Snowglobe is looking for a family that wants a companion and friend. He’s truly a velcro dog. He’s always by your feet (when he's not sleeping, of course). He also LOVES to go on walks and tends to be stubborn on walks— so someone who has time to saunter and enjoy a nice walk with no destination in mind, because he definitely knows where HE wants to go. 😂 otherwise he’s sunbathing and rides great in the car! He is housebroken and is on a potty schedule — however he needs a bit of physical and mental stimulation to keep him from being anxious/restless and having accidents in the house. PS.... He has a blue blanket that is his security blanket...he sleeps on it wherever it is...found him sorta squished in between the couch and ottoman when I got home last night because that's where the blanket fell. 😂 ADOPT SNOWGLOBE 🥰 ➡️ Apply online

Transferred - to Born Again Pitbull REescue!
 Mar 2020
Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!
Adoption information  
MCAS hours/ Location

Snow Globe, male  10 yrs 63 lbs

Hear him Snore:)
Snow Globe's video and massage, courtesy RESQ Animal massage