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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"SHELLY " fuzzy little sweetheart


Looking for a new sweetheart for the new year? Then look no further! I am just waiting for a new home to give me a new life. I need a little bit of TLC to get me on a new path to looking and feeling my best.


 Good quality food, regular flea control, and grooming will make a world of difference. I can be hesitant about meeting new people at first and I may not be suited for a family with young kids. 

 I am about 9 months of age and I weigh 11lbs. Here's my MCAS weblink

Sunday, December 29, 2013

"HERSHEL" squishy face boy-update

I am a robust boy looking for an owner who can keep up! I am friendly with people and I have some good basic manners. After a month with my foster mom she wanted you to know some great things about me. I learned crate training and with that tool I am housebroken. I love to play fetch and Tug O War is one of my favorite games. I am learning wait, leave it and shake. I could go on and on but you get the drift.

Oh yeah I got along well with my foster sibling but still have some learning to do with my dog interaction. There are some wounds on my legs that would indicate I have been in a scrap or two with another dog, but my greetings here at the shelter show that I am bouncy and like meeting new dogs but I may need some refinement and my style may not suit dogs who like their space. Either way, I would do well as the only pet or in a home committed to slow integration with a social and steady canine buddy. The shelter will require that we take reward based classes together as part of my adoption.


  I am about 1 year of age and I weigh a healthy 70lbs. Ask about ME today! Here's my MCAS weblink

"JULIA" hey I'm back! (now as "Julia Jasmine")


Julia is a very cool little dog. She needs someone who appreciates that she is nervous around some things, and will work with her and be a gentle and patient influence in her life :)

A spunky little companion is what you seek? Then ask about ME!! I will be full of energy and mischief to keep your days full of happiness and no dull moments. I may be small but I am not ready to settle in as granny's lap dog just yet!

My new home should be prepared for cold morning potty times and walks in the rain. Reward based training classes are required as part of my adoption. I am best suited for a home with no cats or dogs,  any kids should be a respectful 6 years or older. I am just about 1 1/2 years of age and I weigh 12lbs. Here's my MCAS weblink

"JULIA" spunky little terrier Diva!

A spunky little companion is what you seek? Then ask about ME!! I will be full of energy and mischief to keep your days full of happiness and no dull moments. I may be small but I am not ready to settle in as granny's lap dog just yet! 

  My new home should be prepared for cold morning potty times and walks in the rain. Reward based training classes are required as part of my adoption.


I am best suited for a home with no cats or other dogs, and any kids should be a respectful 6 years or older. I am just about 1 1/2 years of age and I weigh 12lbs. Hope to see you soon! Here's my MCAS weblink

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"BRAZEE" - big happy Yellow Lab


Do you love labs? Then you will LOVE me! I am everything the breed is known for, including boundless energy and a love of using my singing voice if a treat is not delivered fast enough!




I will settle down a bit when I am in a home but you can expect plenty of energy, even at my age. 
 I am about 8 years young and I weigh 92lbs. Ask about met today! Here's my MCAS weblink

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"NIKKI" lovable, strong awesome Lab/(weim/gsp/visla type!) mix


If you love Lab (weimaraner/gsp/visla?) type mixes, you'll adore Nikki!  She listens well, is a smart and strong dog, and will bond quickly with her new owner.  Nikki would love a good indoor home, where she gets good daily exercise and good quality food and care.
Please don't adopt Nikki (or any dog)  if you aren't ready to love and care for her all her life?
Nikki wants that commitment (as do ALL dogs!!)

children 8 and up, 3 yrs old, approx., and a tall and stocky 80 lbs.

Here's Nikki's MCAS weblink

MCAS - sweet kitties!

The kitties are hoping to see you soon! MCAS always has great cats for adoption, like these guys :)

did you notice my cute big paws?



I'm an gentle older lovable lady.... easy going and easy to handle....


 this isn't my best moment, I'm a shy lover boy

I'm a big and beautiful Torti

Hope to see you soon!

ps - please spay/neuter and license/microchip your cats, so that more of the lovely "Stray cats" that come into the MCAS open intake shelter, can find their way back to their original homes again :)

- all the MCAS cats and dogs on "Adoption" are spay/neutered, microchipped, licensed, and vaccinated before they go to their new homes


Sunday, December 22, 2013

"GINGER" charming mature Terrier mix

to a great home, where she gets all the tlc she needs!

Well hello, my shelter name is Ginger so pleased to meet you. I have been here behind the scenes for 21 days and am really ready for my furrever home. If you are wondering why it took so long I needed a little work. First my teeth cleaned and spay then just getting used to all the hustle and bustle here.

That said I am best suited in an adult household only. I really worry when people reach for me especially with a leash. Just one of my quirks.   I have plenty more that are cute and adorable. You should see me dance!  

Won't you help me find my home for 2014? Some stats on me: I am a cream spayed female Terrier mix, approximately 8 years old and weigh about 19 lbs. Here's my MCAS weblink, hope to see you soon!

"TRISTAN" I'm a spunky senior!


Hi, my name is Tristan and even though the shelter has me listed as elderly, don’t let that stop you from taking a look at me. My foster Mom says I still have a bit of youth left in me, I love to go for walks and walk nicely on leash. I am house-trained and let you know when I need to go outside to do my business. I am a no shedding type dog and even though I don’t love them, I am okay getting a bath occasionally and dry really fast. I love people of all ages and sizes – especially older women. I will hang out on most anybody’s lap if they are kind and gentle to me and I love other canine friends and even get along well with cats. I play well with other dogs my size. I am one of those low-maintenance kind of dogs and everyone I meet says I am “sooooo cute”. I do enjoy my walks, but hey, if the weather isn’t great outside, I am content to do my business outside and then come in and nap in the warmth of the house on my warm and fuzzy dog bed. Won’t you consider me as your new friend? I am on low cost meds for the rest of my life (some silly thing called hyperthyroid), but put that little, yellow pill in a piece of string cheese and I don’t make a fuss at all. Oh yeah, I am a little hard of hearing, but my eyesight is great and I’ll follow you around like your shadow. Please feel free to contact the foster coordinator Donna at 503-545-3021 or to meet me!



Saturday, December 21, 2013

"VINCENT" hyper, cute little guy!


The shelter named me Vincent but you can call me Vinnie. I am a young man needing a friendly adult only family to help me grow into the magnificent boy I am destined to be. Sometimes we little dogs are not sure if the world is against us so silly behavior results. Won't you give me a chance to shine?





The shelter will require we attend a class together to make sure I transition into your home successfully! I am a tan and black male American Shelter Dog, a fancy way of saying who knows what I am mixed with!

I am approximately 1 year old and weigh about 12.6 lbs. Here's my MCAS weblink

"HAVANA" big wonderful mature SHAGGY MIX!

I wish we had met.... I've been waiting WEEKS for you to come see me at MCAS!  but I'll have fun romping with the other dogs at Family Dogs New Life Shelter, and hope to see you there!

Hello my name is Havana so pleased to meet you. To tell my story would take too long but suffice to say I have had ups and downs and am ready for some stability in my life. I learned to not always trust new people so the family that adopts me should have older children, 16 years and up so I can learn more trusting ways in a safe environment.

I really do have a lot of love to share and hope you will see that in my eyes.


 Please ask about me, I would love to have a forever home for the holidays. I am a tan and white spayed female American Shelter Dog a clever way to say nobody knows what I am mixed with, around 8 years old and weigh about 74.8 lbs.

"DEKUM" happy & goofy young Pitbull


I am a HAPPY boy! Just ask me if I am a happy boy and I will dance for joy for you! I am also a handsome boy and will surely draw your eye. But I need my new adopters to know that I am still a young guy….a teenager really. Like all teens, I am impulsive and need to continue my education. 

 Reward based classes will be required as part of my adoption to start us off on the right paw. I am also a little socially awkward with other dogs and will need to continue practicing good social skills with sturdy dogs.

Make no mistake, I am a cuddler and will want to snuggle with you whenever possible and loved to be scratched on my chest. I am about 2 year of age and I weigh a healthy 60lbs. If you are ready to commit to training and daily exercise, please ask about me today!
Here's my MCAS weblink

Friday, December 20, 2013

"LEXI" the most lovely little pittie

"TRANSFERRED" to Born Again Pit Bull Rescue!

Hello, my name is Lexi. I am a sensitive girl who hasn't had the best start in life. I was adopted before by someone who loved me very much but is unable to care for me anymore. I am housetrained, walk well on leash, and love to sleep under the blankets. I am looking for a home with a single person, couple, or family with gentle kids over the age of 12 years.
I am sensitive to fireworks and other loud noises so please be patient with me.
I am particularly good with children of all ages, that is how great I am.
I hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful life with someone who can provide the best care possible. If you are interested in becoming my new forever home, please ask the information desk about me. I am around 6 years old and weigh 43 lbs. I do not care for cats so no cats in my new home. i am currently taking a break from the shelter in a foster home. If you would like to meet me please call the foster coordinator Lisa at 503-816-1800.


Lexi loved her hike at Tryon Park!




"CHILI" cute Pug

I am a cheerful pug named Chili. I gave my best for my family and they no longer wanted to care for me. I won't be taking agility jumps, but with love my heart does pump.


I will snort and I will snorfle and brighten your day by the pug-ful. I am looking for someone to care for me and your best friend I will be! I am about 4years of age and I weigh 16lbs. Here's my MCAS weblink