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Saturday, December 21, 2013

"DEKUM" happy & goofy young Pitbull


I am a HAPPY boy! Just ask me if I am a happy boy and I will dance for joy for you! I am also a handsome boy and will surely draw your eye. But I need my new adopters to know that I am still a young guy….a teenager really. Like all teens, I am impulsive and need to continue my education. 

 Reward based classes will be required as part of my adoption to start us off on the right paw. I am also a little socially awkward with other dogs and will need to continue practicing good social skills with sturdy dogs.

Make no mistake, I am a cuddler and will want to snuggle with you whenever possible and loved to be scratched on my chest. I am about 2 year of age and I weigh a healthy 60lbs. If you are ready to commit to training and daily exercise, please ask about me today!
Here's my MCAS weblink

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