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Monday, December 31, 2012

"PEPPER DOO" awesome smart pup


Pepper Doo is like a pint size shepherd/husky type, so Shiba Inu mix it is!  Smart and loves her best friends, especially those who take her on fun walks and give her good treats and praise for being so attentive and having such a nice sit!

Here's Pepper Doo's MCAS web profile:

"CORRIE" a terrier gal for sure!


Corrie is a beautiful young Pitbull dog with a soft fawn/blue brindle and white coat and gentle amber colored eyes.
She loves attention and treats and will learn quickly with positive training. This young sweetie is overwhelmed by being in the shelter and would love a good foster home or adoption soon. Maybe you can help???

Here's Corrie's MCAS shelter link

"NITA" let's help Nita smile!

This sweet loving gal found a great home with a nice nurse and her boyfriend and their 9 yr old pitbull. Nita

was quite happy to get into the car to go to her new home!

If your heart is there, Nita is there for you!  She is a gentle sweetheart with soulful eyes.

Nita is quite overweight, and needs a good friend to give her gentle daily exercise and a slow weight loss program.


If you are an awesome home and want an awesome older dog, Nita could be your New Year's sweetie!

Here is Nita's MCAS weblink:

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Evelyn and Minnie together!


Such a cool little match! Evelyn is missing vision in one eye, and Minnie is missing a front leg, but together they aren't missing a thing, except a good forever home.
Here's Evelyn

Here's Minnie

Here's Minnie and Evelyn!

Such sweethearts! And a plus, these 2 like cats, and other dogs too!They are currently staying in a foster home. Here is their MCAS shelter profile and contact info:

"EDWARD" the Pug boy


Pugs are often cute little dogs, and Edward is no exception!

Edward is a tad bit insecure....and would like to build some confidence. He is very sweet.


He will be adopted quickly, so if you can give him a great home, come see Edward soon!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


transferred to FDNLS

Maggie is only a year old...still a babe in the doggie world.  

Maggie is a medium size and her intelligent light brown eyes shine!

This sweetie is looking for a companion to spend fun time with her, and who will help her build her confidence! Positive training methods (and good treats) and lots of relaxed socializing will do wonders.   Here is Maggie's MCAS profile:

"HACHI" cute Little Man!


Hachi is a cute little guy looking for a great home!


Here is his MCAS web profile:

"ANNABELLE" It gets better!!!

It warms your heart to see these older sweeties get great homes!

Shelters see it all the old dog who is given up just because she is old. ...heartbreaking, but there is sunshine on the horizon for the dog and the adopter! 

There is so much love in these old dogs. Maybe you're the one for Annabelle?


Annabelle is not in the shelter, she is in an MCAS foster home. Here is her MCAS weblink:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

'ROSIE" gentle Cocker Spaniel mix


Rosie's an easy going gal, who really perks up for treats :)

Rosie is silky and soft, a pretty easy keeper, but will need regular flea treatment and a good quality diet.

Maybe you'll come see Rosie at the shelter tomorrow?
Here is her MCAS weblink:

"BERTIE - the sensitive type


Bertie is lovely. She is similar in many ways to the sensitive MCAS sweetie Winston (the big pit/maybe lab type mix)

 Here's Bertie's MCAS profile:

"SALLY" a smart little old lady!


Sally got got a haircut since these pics were taken!

Sally is happy and cute, and adores everyone.
Bring the good treats, the love and enthusiasm, and you could probably teach Sally anything. What a sweetie!



Sally is an AWESOME little dog! Here is Sally's MCAS weblink

"PICO" sweet loverboy!!


This cute little shortie needs a responsible, loving home. He got in trouble a few years ago when he and another dog were loose on the streets...and had an encounter with a cat. So.......... Pico has some adoption restrictions, if adopted in Multnomah County.
He's a nice boy, very responsive, submissive in many ways and deserves a great home....a really nice dog!!!  Just watch:

 Here is his MCAS web link: