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Monday, January 30, 2012

"COLIN" smaller than small


Well, Colin is not well-represented in this picture because in reality he is a tiny little thing.  His head is the size of a raquetball - very small - only 7 pounds.

Colin is the quintessential lap dog.  That's where he would like to be:  in a warm lap, in a quiet home, with gentle, patient people.

He's so tiny he could almost be a little bug.  Meet Colin today at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.

View his online profile here:

"BRISTOL" the sweetest lab ever!


Anyone who meets Bristol immediately recognizes what a special dog this is.  He is calm, gets along great with other dogs, is loving towards humans, and every once in a while, he shows us he's not as old as he looks!  Yes, this fine fella still has some silly play energy left in him!

Not only gorgeous, Bristol will bring love and joy to any loving forever family for many years to come!

View Bristol's online profile here:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"AMELIA" ready to conquer the world!


Amilia is a sweet outgoing soul with a zest for life and living.  Outdoors is where she would like to go!  Here!  There!  Everywhere!  

She loves to stay busy with things to do so if her new parents (when she finds them) can set Amilia up for success through training classes, and leaving her with things to work all day she will thrive!  

Amelia will make a wonderful indoor companion!  Housetrained, walks fantastic on leash, and loving beyond belief.  She would prefer a home without cats.

A good jog in the morning, plenty of food puzzles, meals filled in kongs and a good strong beef bone to much on, is just what she needs!

Learn more about this fabulous girl here:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"TREVOR" cute and ridiculous


Trevor is just about as cute and entertaining as they come!  He's 9 months and 30lbs of joyful puppy energy that he's learning to channel in his Open Paw training at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.

Trevor is looking for a dedicated, loving forever home without young children, that will commit to his training and enrichment.  This is a wonderful dog with tons of potential.  

Just look at his sit!  What a good boy!

View Trevor's online profile here:

"HOUSTON" southern charm


This sweet boy is Houston, a southern gentleman with lots of love to give.  Houston will make an excellent companion for a loving home who will continue with his training.  He's currently at Multnomah County Animal Shelter, but he's dreaming of summer camping trips and spring-time grass sniffing! 

What a cool pup!

He is just 4 years old and would do best in an active home without young kids.  Meet Houston today at MCAS.  

View his online profile here:

"MOCHA" sweet, not saccharin-y


"Mocha" is a very loving 2 year old female gal who likes everyone she meets.  She is quiet and past the puppy stage, even knows a thing or two!

She's got gorgeous coloring, a gentle personality, and deserves a peaceful and loving forever home.   Mocha is looking for a loving, forever family who will continue with her training and keep her as an indoor companion.

This girl is special and she will get snapped up quick! Meet Mocha today at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.

View her online profile here:

"HONKY TONK" a country biscuit


"Honky Tonk" isn't your run-of-the-mill girlie dog name, but this lil' sweetheart isn't your run-of-the-mill girl dog!  She's a little bit timid at first, but once she get's to know you, she's a good ol' gal!

We hope this girl won't sit at the shelter long, she is 9 years old, and she is looking for a home with all the attention.  She's lived with other dogs, but being the cuddle bug that she is, she would really love to spend her remaining years with just you!

View Honky Tonk's profile here:

"ELI" a gorgeous ham


This sweet boy is Eli, a 3 year old staffie with a treatable form of cherry eye that will be fixed when he is neutered.  It will look like it was never there.  Eli is an enthusiastic pup and would love to do all kinds of activities with his new adoptive family.

Classes will be required with him, but they will be a breeze as he is treat motivated!  Gorgeous eyes and coat, Eli will make an ideal family companion to any forever home with out small children or cats.

 View Eli's online profile here:

"LOLA" cinnamon girl


This gorgeous mug belongs to "Lola," a sweet and playful (sometimes even downright silly) 2 year old gal who is hoping to find her forever family.

Lola is getting the training basics at the shelter, she's eager to learn more!  She's got a fun, silly, loving and lively personality, yet is beyond her puppy stage, so she can act mature when the occasion calls.

Meet the distinguished Lola at Multnomah County Animal Shelter today!  View her online profile here:

"POLKA" a portuguese river monster?


Anyone know Polka's breed?  Yup, we neither!  So MCAS is officially calling her "American Shelter Dog."
Polka is incredibly sweet, gentle and loyal.  She's young and still getting to know the world, so enrichment and gentle guidance is all she needs.

She loves meeting new, understanding people who will let her take her time to get comfortable in your presence.  But it doesn't take long for this gal to show  her trust in you, and incredible loyalty.

View sweet Polka's online profile here:

"TABITHA" from MCAS with love


Will you be my Valentine?

Okay, so maybe Tabitha has a thing for crazy underwears and sultry threads, but that doesn't mean she doesn't understand what true love is.  You can see from the scars on her face she's had a tough beginning, but she still loves to have fun (in a purely innocent way)!

Tabitha has done great with the other dogs and people she has met at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  She is looking for a loving forever home that will continue with her training, keep her as an indoor companion, protect her from boys with ulterior motives, and make sure she is home before curfew.

Tabitha is 1 year old and approx 40lbs.  View her online profile here:

"HILDY" gorgeous hamchop


This sweetheart is 'Hildy,' a darling, shy cupcake that will need some assistance navigating this big world.  Enrichment, positive reinforcement training and a loving, forever home with older kids or adults is all she needs.  

At just 11 months old, she's full grown at 44 pounds.  Help this girl learn what a happy life the life of a dog can be!

View Hildy's online profile here:

"GRONK" freckle face forever


"Gronk" is an enthusiastic athlete, who is looking for an active and loving home.  He is a perfect candidate for disc dog, or treibball!  

Gronk is excelling in Open Paw training at Multnomah County Animal Services, and he would love to continue with positive reinforcement training classes. At just 2 years old, Gronk will make an exceptional indoor family pet in a loving, forever home without cats or kids under 10.

Watch his music video below!

View his online profile here:

"DREAM" a little dream


This little doll is "Dream," a sweet 7 year old Lhasa Apso gal who is looking for a loving and quiet home.  Dream will need regular grooming and daily cuddles.  Super affectionate and loving, little Dream will make a loving, indoor companion for any home without kids.

View her online profile here:

"RUE" baby love


This sweet pup will get snapped up quick so run to Multnomah County Animal Shelter to get your name on him!  Lovely Rue is a male puppy about 4 months old, and does great with dogs, people, kids and cats!

Rue will need to continue with his training, he's still just a pup, so classes are required.  He is looking for a loving, family home who will keep up with his socialization and enrichment.

View his online profile here:

"DANA" shelter darling


"Dana" is a shelter favorite!  Calm, patient, so sweet. She was very calm when she met Ferdinand in play groups today.  She's a great catch.   Give this sensitive gal a second chance at a new life...she so deserves it!

View Dana's online profile here:

"MAGGIE" joyful lil teacup


Maggie is a delightful soul who has found herself at the shelter after sad circumstances.  This girl is a sweetheart and still has plenty of love for her 9 years.  Maggie has lived with other dogs, but prefers serene surroundings.

She will make a fabulous indoor companion for a quiet, loving home.  A warm lap to sit on, and some tender loving care is all this girl hopes for.  Make her forever after a happy one, and consider Maggie as you next adoption.

View her online profile here:

"DUSTY" all mutt love


"Dusty" is a young, incredible pup who loves to work for food and is highly trainable.  He is still young, so he will need to continue with his training, enrichment and socialization.  

With incredible good looks and smarts to boot, this lil fella will get snapped up quick!

View his online profile here: