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Thursday, May 30, 2013


"Angel" was happily returned to her owner!

  Hello, my name is Piglet. I am an adorable & lovable and Pit bull!


I'm looking for a new family that has no small animals. I arrived at the shelter as a stray and although my shelter friends have been fun to meet, I really just want to get into a home with a family to play with.

My new family should be active, patient and loving. We will be required to attend a training class together, so get ready for fun. Please ask a volunteer or shelter staff about me. I am around 6 years old and weigh 58 pounds


Here's my MCAS weblink.  Hope to see you soon!


"MOOSE " a sensitive Lover boy


Hello, my name is Moose! I have arrived at the shelter looking for a new family because after 9 years they are unable to take care of me. They loved me very much and I am hoping that you will too!




They report that I have lived well with dogs, cats and children, enjoy going for walks, and am an overall calm guy. It may take me a couple of days to adjust to a new home but with some patience you will be rewarded with a loyal and loving companion!

 Come down to the shelter and meet me! I am 9 years old and weigh 72 pounds

Here's my MCAS weblink. My name is Moose and I'm awesome!

"ROSS" a delightful hyper and fun little guy


My girlfriend Rachael was adopted today. I love her and I hope this home is forever for Rachael!  Well, it looks like, it's just me now. I gotta tell ya, I'm hoping for the a home who loves me obviously, for all my cuteness and my hyper self. I'm smart, seem to be quite tolerant of stuff - but please give me structure, love, and lots of praise and please appreciate me? 
That's what I want the most. I'm a hyper happy little guy, and I bet I could adapt to a number of smart homes.

ps - I might like a new girlfriend, but she's gotta love me!


We were a little overwhelmed by the shelter environment at first but after some time interacting with the volunteers we have blossomed into a friendly little couple!

Here's my MCAS weblink. I'm a great dog!

"RHODA" UPDATE great news!

"TRANSFERRED" to Family Dogs New Life Shelter!
and now adopted!!!


Rhoda is a round matronly sort of gal, with a gentle easy spirit that comes with age. Rhoda has recently been spending some away from kennel time in the office. What a sweetie!


 I'm happy for attention, and hoping for a great home!

Rhoda won't need a lot of exercise, but she would like a gentle daily stroll or two to get out of the house, see the sights and stay fit.

Rhoda would love a great home who appreciates a good hearted older lady,  where she gets good quality food (just not as much as she was used to getting)

Here's Rhoda's MCAS weblink to learn more!

Monday, May 27, 2013

XENA" talented Pomeranian


I am a fancy lady and I know how to do some fancy tricks! I am also sweet and friendly and looking for a home.


I do a cute "Sit up Pretty"


I will need regular grooming and daily outings to keep life interesting. I am about 8 years of age and I weigh a healthy 10lbs. 

Ask about me today! Here's my MCAS weblink

Saturday, May 18, 2013

"OTIS" an adorable Chi mix


Hello, my name is Otis! My shelter friends think I am one cute little guy!  I am looking for a new family that is interested in going for walks so I can put my smeller to good use!

 It might even be fun to play some hide and seek games too, at least here at the shelter I am enjoying smelling everything I can!


I kind of like to pee on those things too…..not to worry with some guidance from my human friends and proper outlets, I can keep my urine to the appropriate area's!


 I forgot to mention that I am wiggly social little guy that can't wait to meet you! Come down to the shelter and meet me! I am around 5 years old and weigh 11 pounds. 

Here's MY MCAS Weblink

Thursday, May 16, 2013

" MELISSA" lovable tiny Poodle!


I am as cute as they come for sure! I am also one of the many poodles you may have heard about on the news.

I am looking for an adult only home who wants a spry and sweet little lap dog to cuddle with. I will bond closely to my person and be your little friend. My actual age is unknown but is guessed to be about 12 years. I am hoping to be someone's little friend, please ask about me today!  Here's my MCAS weblink

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"MAJOR" Mature Huskie/Lab sweetie!


I am one of those wonderful mature dogs who will make someone a great companion!



I still have lots of pep in my step and good manners to bring home. I have been friendly and social with everyone I have met here. I am a great dog and I hope you will do lots of summer activities with me. I am about 12 years of age and I weigh a healthy 52lbs. 

Ask about me today! Here's my MCAS weblink:


Older Adult Dogs are the BEST!!!

MCAS has lots of darling older adult dogs (7 yrs and up) looking for wonderful homes like yours! Here are Lucy the sweetest senior Aussie mix, Damoo a gentle lovableRottie, Shilo a fab Hound mix (now transferred back to OHS please ask to meet him there!) Paris a German Shepherd (adopted!)  Danny a Terrier/Lhasa (adopted!) Sierra a smart incredible Pitbull, Rhoda a chubby endearing Pitbull, Shadow a lonely Lab mix who needs a Lab loving home, and Scotty a Lhasa (adopted!)

Wouldn't you love to give one of these guys a good home?  There is so much joy in an adult and more mature dog!! 

Here's a link to the MCAS adoptable dog website to read more about these great dogs!

Friday, May 10, 2013

"MADELINE" sweet little redhead girl


Little Madeline was transferred many months ago from MCAS to West Columbia Gorge Humane Society and we want to help network her to help her get a great home!

Are you looking for the most fabulous little Pittie mix?  
Here is Madeline's Petfinder link to learn more:


"HOLLY " a little Pittie Beauty!


Look out world, here I come! I am a fast moving and fun loving girl! I am beautiful, smart, and full of energy waiting to be channeled!


I will excel in a home that is dedicated to training and exercise. I have some good basic training but I have a hard time holding still long enough to remember it! I am looking for a home with a single person, couple, or family with kids over the age of 6 years and without cats. Another social adult dog could be fun but slow integration is required so I don't torpedo my way into a conflict. I am about 2 years of age and I weigh a healthy 46lbs.

I'm a sweet dog!  Here's my MCAS weblink

"MAYBELLE" lovable Pitbull


I may not be a southern belle, but I am a pretty little princess!

I am quiet and mature girl looking for a quiet home. I am healthy and a good solid size. I have been calm and well mannered here in the shelter and I am quickly winning over hearts of staff and volunteers with my gentle ways.

I am looking for a home with a single person, couple, or family with kids over the age of 10 years. Because I am a little subdued here, the staff does not know everything about my skills with other animals. A home as the only pet or with a social adult male dog may be the best fit. My response to cats is unknown. I am about the perfect age of 4 years and I weigh 62lbs.

Please ask about me today! Here's my MCAS weblink:

ROAN" delightful and fun Chi mix!


I'm a little shy at first, but I love to open up and have fun once I get comfortable with you :)
and I'm hoping for a home that allows me time and space to adjust!


Hoping to see you soon!  Here's my MCAS weblink:

"SHELBY" adorable Pomeranian mix

I’m an adorable youngster seeking a family suited to my needs. I tend to be a one person kind of dog and will stick to that person like glue. I’m gaining confidence in my foster home but new and especially fast moving things still scare me, thus an adult home is my best match. I’m house trained, love my crate and do well on car rides. I’ll need more experience in the world to understand that bicycles, big dogs and loud noises doesn't actually mean the sky is falling. I’m seeking a quite home that will continue my socializing with lots of positive experiences and outings. In return I’ll be a loyal, affectionate pet that will reward you with my ear to ear grin when happy. I’m sharing my temporary home with another small dog and kitties and we’re all pals but what I really love is my person! Will you be that person? To learn more about Shelby contact Angela, the foster coordinator @ 503-807-9134.




Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"BENSON" a happy POM boy!


I'm a happy boy and cute too! I can be feisty at times, but I'm also a sweetie.






Here's my MCAS weblink to learn more about me:

Thursday, May 2, 2013

"TINY DANCER" lively & fun Pomeranian


Hello world my shelter name is Tiny Dancer, "Tiny" for short :)

I am a very active older gent best suited in a family with older (10 & up) and respectful children. I was named Tiny dancer because I like to bounce and dance around. We Pom's tend to be talkers so apartment life may be tricky. My coat will be beautiful once it all grows back in so please be prepared for daily brushing and spa dates. I am a red and cream neutered male Pomeranian, around 10 years old and weigh 10 lbs. 

I'm a cool little dog!  Here's my MCAS weblink: