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Thursday, May 30, 2013

"ROSS" a delightful hyper and fun little guy


My girlfriend Rachael was adopted today. I love her and I hope this home is forever for Rachael!  Well, it looks like, it's just me now. I gotta tell ya, I'm hoping for the a home who loves me obviously, for all my cuteness and my hyper self. I'm smart, seem to be quite tolerant of stuff - but please give me structure, love, and lots of praise and please appreciate me? 
That's what I want the most. I'm a hyper happy little guy, and I bet I could adapt to a number of smart homes.

ps - I might like a new girlfriend, but she's gotta love me!


We were a little overwhelmed by the shelter environment at first but after some time interacting with the volunteers we have blossomed into a friendly little couple!

Here's my MCAS weblink. I'm a great dog!

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