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Friday, June 26, 2020

"HADLEY aka " PUA MANOGI" Happy Adoption UPDATE!

Happy Adoption Update!
 "Hadley" aka "Pua Manogi"
June 2020
" We are overjoyed with miss Pua Manogi W. and can’t thank the staff enough at Mutnomah Animal shelter for helping us bring home our baby. Hadley ( former ) touched our hearts not only because of her calm and kind demeanor but her story as well. Remembering how teary me and my husband got when we found out that her owners couldn’t take care of her and her cat companion. We thank them and know that they cared for her the best because she was very healthy and we can see that she was loved, it must have been hard for her former family to give her up. 
The staff at the shelter helped us and let us hold her and even gave us a loaner carrying case to bring her home. Me and my husband are currently going to apply to be volunteers to help advocate for these bunny and other small animals. Pua (formerly know as Hadley) shares her home with her brother Puka (lion head eight months) and Tama (1 year old dwarf hamster). She is free roamed and loves to eat hay and veggies, lounges on her bed ( large dog bed won’t share lol) and loves to dress up. 
We can’t thank the shelter enough for giving us the opportunity to bring her home. We love this girl soo much and look forward to helping other bunnies in need the best we can! We love you Pua ( plumeria in Samoan ) Manogi ( smell

Or scent ). 
We want to share the happiness this girl brought us to those within the bunny community and people we have surround us everyday!"  Monique W
Mar 2020
Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!
Hadley, female Rex bunny, 2 yrs 9 lbs
here's my Mcas weblink Adopted
Hadley is a shy, adult rabbit who appears to be quite comfortable with people. Being consistently gentle with this big girl has paid off and she is very calm when held securely. Like most rabbits, Hadley is cautious around new people and situations. If you want to get on her good side bring fresh greens, she is very fond of cilantro and parsley!