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Monday, September 30, 2013

"MAX MILLION" Pom/Chi type guy


Hello, my name is Max! I am a handsome gentleman that is looking for a nice lap to curl up on! My family is moving out of state and is unable to take me with them.

 I have been social with my shelter friends but am asking that my new one have no children under 8.
 I am really hoping you find me just as charming as my shelter family does! I am around 10 years old and weigh 14 pounds. Here's my MCAS weblink

Friday, September 27, 2013

"MAGGIE" a wiggle butt


They call me Maggie May Dancy Pants Wiggle Bottom Pibble Belly. I don't know why because all I know is that when I see my favorite people I can't stop dancing my feet and will flip over for you to rub my chubby pink belly! 




I am a sensitive girl at times and would prefer a quieter household. I am looking for a that just right person, is it you? 
I am about 7 years young and I weigh 57 lbs. Here's my MCAS weblink


"FRANKIE" Sir Franks A Lot

TRANSFERRED to Born Again Pitbull Rescue!!!
Well, hello! My name is "FRANKIE" such a pleasure to meet you and all the people in the world!! I'm everyone's best friend and a true social butterfly!

Frankie absolutely loves to say hello to anyone and everyone! He's a pocket sized pit bull puppy, 10 months old and just 30 pounds. Frankie love dogs too! But he's am an enthusiastic fella, so dogs who are willing to put up with his puppy antics enjoy meeting him too! 

Frankie loves to play, his play style is on the exuberant side but Frankie knows how to rest too!  He loves to snuggle right beside y

Frankie is crate trained and housebroken. Positive-reinforcement puppy training classes are required and I cannot wait to start learning more stuff!!!

Frankie's ideal home is an active one without young children or small animals.

"FRANKIE" Pint sized Pitmix!

I am a super cute, tiny Pit mix (maybe Boston Terrier and Pitbull)  I'm a pretty typical Terrier in lots of ways - like I'm smart and learn quickly, but I need someone wise who loves dogs and can teach me how to be the best dog I can be! I'm in a foster home, and I have lots of really incredible people who are guiding me.   Like many Terriers, I can become very alert when I hear/see another dog barking...but move me away a little  bit, and I chill out again.  I've lived in a few different places - with other dogs- and I did great with them.

I need someone wonderful to  adopt me who understands my 
Terrier personality!

Here's more about me on my MCAS weblink

Thursday, September 26, 2013

"KATIE" a fluffy girl


I am a fluffy girl who is looking for a gentle and loving home. I may be small but I am still young and my new home should be active and able to keep up. 

Don't let my quiet charm fool you, once I am comfortable in my new home you can expect a young and healthy dog who wants to play! The shelter recommends seeking a trainer who uses reward based methods. The shelter also recommends the same methods be used by a groomer. 
I am looking for a home with a single person, couple, or family with kids over the age of 8 years. I am about 2 years of age and I weigh 14lbs. Ask about me today! Here's my MCAS weblink

"MEGAN" demure little lady


I am a demure little lady looking for a home who appreciates my dainty ways. 

I will enjoy daily walks to keep things interesting and reward based training is always recommended.  I am prefer gentle handling and a slower introduction, so I am best suited for a home with a single person, couple, or family with kids over the age of 8 years. I am about 4 years of age and I weigh a slim 14lbs. Ask about me today! Here's my MCAS weblink

"SASSAFRAS" fabulous Dutch rabbit - at outreach!


I'm currently at Pets On Broadway at 2762 NE Broadway St, Portland. (503) 282-5824. Mon - Sat: 9-9, Sun: 10-8. Come meet me today! 
Hello, my name is Sassafras! I'm not quite sure why my shelter friends selected such a name because I am young, social and cute!

Now I'm looking for a new family who keeps me inside! I have been learning to use my litterbox and will be spayed and microchipped before going home!

My adoption price is $30 but does not include my cage. I am around 1 year old and weigh 2 pounds. I had my spay surgery on 7/30/13
 I am a sweet and friendly bunny. Please come down to the shelter and meet me! Here's my MCAS weblink

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"CHARITY" 7 months old silly girl!


Hello, my name is Charity! I am a silly lady that is waiting for a new family with no children under 12! I have been social with my shelter friends and a home with another dog friend might be fun too! Like most young dogs, I could use a little help with controlling my impulse to run up and say hello! The shelter will require we attend a class together to get started! I'm hoping you fall in love with my cute ears and charming personality! I am around 7 months old and weigh 43 pounds. I am currently in a new foster situation so please contact foster coordinator Angela at 503 807-9134 if you are interested in seeing me.



DONNY" cute puppy!

adorable 3 month old Chihuahua puppy



Saturday, September 21, 2013

"QUIGBY" chubby darling Cattle dog


I am looking for a Cattle Dog savvy home who can't resist my chubby smile and ball fetching ways. I am a slow goer, like many of my breed. I like to take my time getting to know people and the way to my heart is definitely with a tasty treat and a game of fetch.

But I am not as young as I used to be so my new home will need to be mindful of the aches and such that being a mature dog can bring. I am looking for a home with no kids under the age of 10 years and no cats. I am about 8 years of age and I weigh 62lbs.
I'm a great dog!  Hope to see you soon! Here's my MCAS weblink

Friday, September 20, 2013

"STARLIGHT" Lots of training already - young mix


Hi all!! I am a young and active dog looking for a home that will be forever. I have had some great basic training but my energy level proved to be too much for the cats in my previous home.



I already have a trainer who knows me and the shelter will require that we continue with reward based training classes or sessions. I am looking for an active home who is dedicated to training and exercise and can keep me mentally and physically entertained. 

A home without cats will be necessary. I am about 1 year of age and I weigh a healthy 50lbs. Ask about me today! Here's my MCAS weblink

SAL - fast moving little cutie!


Well hello, my shelter name is Sal, well really Salvador but they shortened it to fit my size. I am looking for a family ready to spend some time to get me in better shape. I need a good diet and tender loving care to recover from my bout of homelessness.

 Ready to help me transform into a handsome healthy boy? Please ask about me today. I am a black and white male Papillon and Chihuahua mix, approximately 1 1/2 years old and weigh about 7 lbs. Here's my MCAS weblink

"SIRIUS" fun loving, handsome mix


I am a good looking and fun loving kind of guy! I am also in a challenging stage of life and will need your help to continue growing into an even more awesome adult dog. I am smart, active, and doing well with my training here at the shelter. 

But I am still working on greeting other dogs and learning how to play politely. This is something that a lot of young dogs like me struggle with so a the dog park may not be the best idea. But if you have a social adult dog who could show me the ropes, I am willing to learn! The shelter will require we take training classes together as part of my adoption.

I am probably not well suited for a home with young kids or cats. I am about 1 1/2 years of age and I weigh a chunky 66lbs. Ask about me today!  Here's my MCAS weblink

"PEANUT" delightful Brussels mix


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I will be a much better looking fellow in just a short period of time. Its amazing what standard regular flea control and a good quality food can do for a dog!



I am good with other dogs but and would prefer that kids in my new home be over the age of 10 years. I don't mean to sound grumpy, but the fast moving little ones just seem to rush into my space too quick for my tastes.

  I am about 4 years of age and I weigh a healthy 13lbs. Ask about me today! Here's  my MCAS weblink