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Sunday, November 27, 2011

"MARTIN" ewokX


Well... actually, Martin is a "Puggle,"  a much sought-after designer breed of Beagle mixed with Pug.  Martin is a sweet-tempered and playful little guy, he loves to meet new dogs and people.

Little Martin has been through a lot these last few weeks, and he needs help building up his confidence with positive reinforcement training.  

Martin is doing great in his foster home.  He is fully housebroken, crate trained, loves car rides and snuggles under the blankets.   He is fostered in a multi-dog household and loves to play tug with his friends.

Martin likes to stay plenty active with exercise and lot's of mental stimulation!

Consider this charming fella as your new companion!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

"TRINKET" does this bow look good on me?


Well, they say she is "special needs," but she prefers the term "high class."  You see, Trinket's hair is a little, shhh,  high maintainance, but don't tell her that.  She just loves her hair!  She does have a quiet, shy demeanor, so Trinket is looking for a calm, and loving forever home, with a family who enjoys the good life just as much as her!

View Trinket's online profile here:

"BETH" xmas dumpling


"Beth" is a delightful, young, black & tan puppy who is eager to find a loving home.  She is unhappy in the shelter, and she instantly calms down once she gets out of her kennel.


Beth would thrive in just about any loving home situation.  She will need to continue with her positive reinforcement training which which is part of her daily regimen.  Multnomah County Animal Shelter is an "Open Paw" shelter, which prepares the animals for a new life in their forever homes!

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A Successful Rescue, and a Touching Story

Patrick, this blog's founder, received a touching email recently, and we thought we would share it:

Dear Patrick,

My boyfriend and I adopted Minnie, the pitbull in September 2010. I was going through all the older posts on the Shelter Dogs of Portland blog and found her beautiful face on there!  

I wanted to give you her story, and let you know why she was scooped up so quickly by us. Oh, to start, we changed her name to Maddie :)

I think it was February of 2010 that my cousin found her running the streets in Corbett and brought her to my house because she couldn't hold her overnight.  We took "Minnie" in to the shelter the next morning. Her owners were contacted and came to get her the following day. 

About a month later, someone else found her and took her to the shelter. This time the owners waited 4-5 days to come get her. Finally, in late August, I was driving to my dad's house in Corbett when I saw her running the streets again. 

I called her name and she jumped right in the front seat of my car. We knew then that this dog was meant for us. We took her to the shelter and waited anxiously to see if her owners would come and get her. 

After 6 days they never came and we took her home on September 3, 2010.  We knew she would be the perfect addition to our family, and she certainly has lived up to it. 

Maddie is an ambassador for her breed. Everyone that meets her loves her, especially the people who were uneasy about pitbulls. 

She is quiet, clean, respectful and is the sweetest dog ever. She puts up with Billie's guarding very well and enjoys going to the dog park. She adores my 7 year old sister and loves going for rides anywhere. She gets to sleep on the couch with Billie and sleep in the bed with us at night and has lots of toys to play with all the time.

I really love this dog and am thankful to Multnomah County Animal Shelter for bringing us together.

Kristin Wells


"HOPE" blue kissbull love!


Hope is an adorable, compact, 58 pounds of love-a-bull dog and she's as loyal as they come!  This girl would do great as an indoor companion, in an active, and loving forever home without cats.  She is an enthusiastic learner, and would love to keep her figure with plenty of exercise.  Rescue this gal today and she will return the love in spades! 

View Hope's online profile here:

"BRENDA LEE" look at me!


Brenda Lee is a luvbug of a pure-bred mutt (hence the "American Shelter Dog" title) that just melts your heart!  Really all she wants to do is have fun, and strengthen the bonds between herself and the humans she loves.

I sat with this girl today in the warm sun, and she looked at me with her big brown eyes as if to say thank you.  She really relaxes once she is out of her kennel and I could tell she was soaking up this short opportunity to relax with a human companion.

Brenda Lee is a medium energy girl who would do best in a forever loving and active home that will encourage her eagerness to please with positive reinforcement training.  She is 6 years old and ready for her new happy life!

Brenda is at Multnomah County Shelter, visit her today! 

View her music video here:

View her online profile here:

"MAGGIE" our sweet girl


This girl is a dream dog.  A very nice family found her wandering the streets, and they took her in for a week in attempt to find her previous owners.  The family reported that Maggie has impeccable house-manners, is housebroken, rides well in cars, she likes to play fetch and sleep under blankets.  Snuggles!

She does like to have all of her christmas gifts to herself, so if you're just looking to spoil one dog rotten, Maggie is your girl!  

Watch her music video here:

Maggie is looking for an active, forever, loving home, with children over 6, that will treat her as an indoor companion and one of the family!

We think she's pretty special!

View her online profile here:

"NOEL" angel puppy


Noel is a 3 month old Dalmatian puppy X who is not only adorable, but ripe and ready to learn about life as a dog!  

Noel is a sweet and playful puppy that will make a great canine companion in any loving forever home.  
This sweetheart learns quickly, and she would love to continue her training with a positive reinforcement training program!

View Noel's online profile here:

"CHARLIE" A Charlie Brindle Christmas


This 80lbs of pure love and joy is "Charlie!"  He's pretty much the perfect dog, pure and simple.  He's gentle, sweet, walks great on the leash, is housebroken, loves other dogs....if you have room in your loving home, you don't want to miss the chance to meet Charlie.

Multnomah County Animal Services is calling him an "American Shelter Dog," but he's really more like a muppet!  This 2 year old would love to stay active, and be your indoor, loyal, family companion!

View Charlie's online profile here:

"LUTHER" a very cool dude!


Don't let this silly fella trick you into thinking he's a tough nut!  He's actually a softy and a very mellow dude, but has trouble showing it at the shelter.

This low energy fella is ready to go to his forever home and leave the stress of kenneled life behind.  Four year old Luther would make a fantastic indoor companion in any loving home.  Luther is perfectly crate trained and has great manners!

Meet Luther today at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  View his online profile here:

"FANTASIA" a true classic


Fantasia is a 4 year old, gorgeous green eyed girl with a fun personality and cute, cute ears!  She's spunky and a quick learner, and is ready for a home that will continue with her training.  She is waiting patiently and quietly in her kennel for her forever family to adopt her and give her a second chance at life.  She certainly deserves it!  

Meet Fantasia at Multnomah County Animal Services!

View her online profile here:

"ADALEE" an xmas miracle


Against all odds, Adalee has survived a tough couple weeks, but has finally made it to the Multnomah County Shelter adoption floor.  And she is a sweetheart.  She loves to be around people, and will bond quickly with any person or family that treats her with kindness.

She walks well on the leash, is on the mellow side, and loves strolls in the neighborhood or in nature.

Her ideal forever home would be a quiet one, where she can live life as a dog in serenity.  She is a special gal, and any dog lover will recognize instantly how special she is.

View her online profile here:

"NALA" fa la la la la


Meet Nala, a perfect pomeranian who is a sweet lover, but not afraid to stick up for herself.  This lil princess is out of her element at the shelter.  She loves to be held, take naps on laps, and she's got holiday spirit!

Meet Nala today at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  This good looking gal won't be there long!

View her online profile here:

"COOPER" is the man!


"Cooper" is an outgoing, gorgeous dog who gets along with other dogs who are eager to play.  Cooper is a pro at fetch, and he loves to show off his athletic  capabilities, and, indeed, he is a joy to watch!

Cooper's ideal forever home would keep him active physically and mentally and treat him as one of the family as an indoor companion.

Cooper is just 2 years old and would love to build on what he's already learned at the shelter with training classes.

"Cooper" is at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  Come meet him today!

View his online profile here: