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Monday, November 14, 2011

"SWEET MAMA" baby mama no more!

FDNL has stoked us again.  They've taken our Sweet Mama under their angel wings and given her a second chance at life!  Really, MCAS volunteers cannot express enough how grateful we are to this amazing 501c3.  Support FDNL and you will be supporting a truly compassionate non-profit!

"Sweet Mama" has raised many puppies, and now it's time for her to rest.  This sweet sweet lady is so grateful for all the volunteers that spend time with her everyday. Sweet Mama's ultimate dream is for her to be placed in a quiet loving home, and to be accepted as an indoor companion, as one of the family. 

She enjoys the company of other dogs as long as they are polite.  She's got some spunk, and has many years of love and devotion ahead!



A healthy diet, and a couple potty walks a day is all she needs.  Give this loving girl a second chance at life, show her that life as a dog can be great, and she will return the love and loyalty in spades!

Sweet Mama is at Multnomah County Animal Shelter. See her online profile here:

Watch her music video here:

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  1. Sweet Mama, been there so long, and so deserving of a loving, warm home. Easy as pie. Love this girl!


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