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Monday, November 14, 2011

"BRENDA LEE" look at me!


Brenda Lee is a luvbug of a pure-bred mutt (hence the "American Shelter Dog" title) that just melts your heart!  Really all she wants to do is have fun, and strengthen the bonds between herself and the humans she loves.

I sat with this girl today in the warm sun, and she looked at me with her big brown eyes as if to say thank you.  She really relaxes once she is out of her kennel and I could tell she was soaking up this short opportunity to relax with a human companion.

Brenda Lee is a medium energy girl who would do best in a forever loving and active home that will encourage her eagerness to please with positive reinforcement training.  She is 6 years old and ready for her new happy life!

Brenda is at Multnomah County Shelter, visit her today! 

View her music video here:

View her online profile here:


  1. Beautiful photography! I haven't met Brenda Lee, but you really captured the devotion of her personality. She seems like she has such a pleasant character.

  2. Brenda Lee is my personal favorite at the shelter! She is so sweet, lovely and cuddly. A hoot to watch play. love this girl!


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