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Monday, June 30, 2014

"NOODLE" handsome guy!

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Hello, my name is Noodle! I am a handsome young dog that is looking for a new family! Active, social, affectionate and ready to have fun are some things my shelter friends have learned about me.


There is a reason why my name is Noodle! Please stop by to say hello! I am around 3 years old and weigh 85 lbs

"SAMMY" a nice Labmix gal (and Sox's sister)

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Hello my name is Sammy so pleased to meet you! Did you see Sox my sister? I'm a Labrador mix and she is a Chow mix. We both found ourselves starting over and me at the dignified age of 10 years! Our family could no longer care for us so we are hoping you will fall in love with both of us.

 Let me tell you a little about myself. I have good house manners, am outgoing, calm and prefer the company of adult humans rather than children.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

"RUFUS" a sensitive wonderful young Lab (Border Collie type?)


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Rufus is a energetic and goofy young guy looking for an active and dog savy family! It took him a long time to settle into the routine of shelter life and learn to trust the staff. He may be undersocialized, or he responded to stress in a manner that took him time. Now, he is very wiggly with the people he knows!!! We highly recommend that you start obedience training right away to help Rufus gain the confidence and skills to be the best dog he can be!



He is about 1 year old and weighs 50lbs and is neutered. Please ask to meet Rufus today!

"TAYLOR" lovely Yellow Lab


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Hello, my name is Taylor! I am a handsome young man that is looking for a new family! I arrived at the shelter a little sensitive towards my new environment but with some time to adjust and lots of food my true lab nature started to shine! An active family who uses positive training methods that can boost my confidence is ideal! I already know the basic tricks and love my treats!

 Please come down and meet me! I am around 3 years old and weigh 72 pounds

"SPENCER" adorable short legged Mystery Mix


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Hi my shelter name is Spencer, can you guess what I am. The staff here is not really sure so you can call me an American Shelter Dog. You will have all sorts of fun guessing for my whole life.
When I arrived I was a little worried about this place but they gave me a little extra time to get used to things.


They are asking only families with children 10 years and older ask about me as well as a family ready and willing to take me to classes so I can gain confidence and skills. Oh boy am I ready for my forever home!
I am around 4 years old and weigh about 36 lbs.

"PETEY" hey there, I'm a cool MinPin!


Here's Petey's MCAS weblink

Hello people! I am a cheerful guy looking for my next adventure. I am pretty laid back and can be quite the social butterfly.



I don't see out of one eye, so greetings with other dogs need to be taken slow until I know I am safe. I am active and healthy and ready to go! 
 I am around 8-10 years of age and I weigh 18lbs. Ask about ME today!

"MUGGLES" his Fan club sent him Coloring Book drawings!


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Muggles now has a darling young fan club member sweet :)  just like Muggles

Danni (MCAS volunteer ) created this Muggles composite pic and wrote:
 "I thought you would get a kick out of the attached.  I saw the child's drawings hanging up in the break room at MCAS, so I snapped photos and then pieced them together with your pic of Muggles.  As I understand it, a nice family came in to look at him, but they were not able to adopt him because of his medical issues.  The child was so sad, until her mom told her she could send him some colorings."

With a cute little mug like mine how could my name not be Muggles? I'm a little black terrier mix, weigh about 8 pounds, and am about 5 years old. I am what you call a fixer upper.



The person who did my behavior assessment thinks I am a gem in the rough waiting to be discovered by some lucky adopter.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

"STACY" serious/playful cattle dog/hound/shepherd/catahoula/lab?

ADOPTION pending - p/u 7/8
here's my MCAS weblink

I am a young girl who needs some confidence building and to find a forever home. If you invest in me, you will be rewarded with a loyal and loving dog. I am smart, sensitive, and will blossom with reward based training.



  I am just about 2 years of age and I weigh 60lbs. Do you have the time to give a deserving dog like me?

Friday, June 27, 2014

"MAPLE" big brown eyes and shaggy hair


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I am a dog that just wants a home that will take care of me. I have a sweet personality but several years of ear issues has left me head shy in anticipation of painful handling. I am being cared for by shelter staff and my issues will partially be resolved with good quality food and regular flea control. Families with older gentle kids are encouraged to apply. I hear other dogs have warm beds and have their health looked after, that's all that I want too. I am about 3 or 4 years of age and I weigh 22lbs. I am currently in foster care getting the TLC I deserve! If you would like to meet me, please contact the coordinator Donna at 503-545-3021 or



"LUCY" BIG Black Lab

here's Lucy's MCAS weblink

Ball? Ball? Ball? Hey is that a ball? What have you got there? You're going to throw it, right? Stop hogging the ball and throw it. Now, please. Okay now. Or now. I'll bring it back. Promise. My name is Lucy and there is nothing I like more than a game of fetch. Nothing at all. In the history of all things that are awesome, nothing compares to a game of fetch. Now you should know that I'm a big girl. But it's not my fault, really. I have a condition that requires daily medication twice per day. As much as I love playing ball, I'm going to need you to go easy on me for the next several months because my current weight makes it difficult on my joints if I go too hard for too long. I'll need you to be the smart one to determine when I've had enough, though, because i will never stop fetching the ball for you. My house manners are impeccable. I'm both crate trained and potty trained. You have never had a dog as neat as me in the house. I am a super laid back lab (mix?) who wants a big comfy bed, gentle walks, a quality dog food diet that ensures I hit my goal weight. You will not regret adopting me. I'm a one of a kind sweetheart who loves all people and other dogs big and small. Please contact the foster coordinator Donna at 503-545-3021 or to meet me!

Watch Lucy'sfoster home video!



Thursday, June 26, 2014

" JOSHUA" Cattle dog mix puppy

Transferred to OHS

Joshua puppy will need a devoted new home who can provide for the training, daily time commitment, exercise, socializing, and monetary purchases for things like toys, crate, good food, training classes, vet visits etc.  He deserves the best!







"HANSEL" cute grey pitbull

here's my MCAS weblink (Adoption pending for 7/3) (check website)

Hansel is a very handsome boy looking for a home. He is about 2 years old and weighs 60lbs. He came to the shelter as an owner surrender, he has a history of food guarding against other dogs. It would be best that he be the only dog in the home, or a similar size female dog. 



Hansel should always be fed separately from other animals in the home. He knows sit, and lie down, and additional obedience training will be good too. Please ask to meet him today!

"LOBO" - young, strong, tall, and active Yellow Lab


Here's my MCAS weblink 

Hi there! I am a big tall drink of water looking for a responsible and physically active home! As you might expect, I would really benefit from daily exercise and continued training. The shelter will require that we seek reward based training as part of my adoption. This may be in the form of a group class or private sessions. 


 I may have some Houdini in me or my former home was not careful about keeping me confined. I will need a well fenced yard, some leash training using humane equipment such as a front clip harness or head halter, and a home willing to include me as an indoor part of the family. I am in my prime at around 3 years of age and I weigh a healthy 96lbs. Ask about me today!