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Sunday, October 23, 2011

"GABBY" what?! xmas already?!!!


Gabby's owner was desperately looking for her lost dog for OHS.  Oregon Humane Society is not a public shelter.  They do not take in strays.

Many people think OHS and Multnomah County Animal Services are one and the same.  Not true.  Please spread the word about Portland's ONLY open intake shelter, Multnomah County Animal Shelter, and help those homeless animals most in need.

Gabby is a wonderful, outgoing 2 year old gal who loves all people.  A more wiggly rear end surely does not exist.  This girl would love an active forever home with lots of mental and physical exercise as well as room for the love to go around, because she's got a lot to give.

Gabby is at Multnomah County Animal Services.  View her online profile here:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"SAUCY" a sweet and gentle soul


"Saucy" is a real gentle girl that will literally crawl into your lap for a cuddle, if you let her.  She's looking for a home that will teach her what a great life the life of a dog can be.

Her ideal forever home is one without cats and children under six; A family who will love, teach with patience, and respect this sweet soul, treat her as one of the family, and keep as an indoor companion.

Please consider this girl as your next adoption.  She is at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.

View her online profile here:

Friday, October 21, 2011

"LUCKY" what a looker!


Lucky has pretty spectacular manners too!  He loves all people and used to live with dogs!  So far he's loved everyone he's met at the shelter!

Lucky is just one year old, so he will need a loving family that will continue his training and give him guidance.  

Lucky's ideal forever home would be an active family with children over 8 years old,  without cats, that will keep him as an indoor companion.  

Lucky would love to live with another canine companion (a female dog would suit him just fine!)

Lucky is at Multnomah County Animal Services.  View his online profile here:

"MIKEY" he likes it!


This adorable fella is "Mike," resident loafer at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  If you like a mellow, quiet and sweet dog, Mike is just that!

He has a gorgeous brown coat of soft hair and beautiful yellow eyes....not only is he nice to look at, he makes a wonderful companion.  

Mike would love to be in a quiet home that appreciates the mature type of dog, one that will love him as a member of the family.  He is about 8 years old and just 44 pounds.  Find out what loyalty and unconditional love is and adopt Mike today!

View his online profile here:

"VINNIE" graduate of shelter studies at MCAS


Remember "Vinnie?" 

He's the super handsome fella that took part in MCAS's "Pitties In Pink"tm parade this summer...Well, one of Portland's most amazing rescue groups, Born Again Pit Bull Rescue, took Vinnie under their wings way back then, and he is still available for adoption!

Watch his music video here:

View his online profile here:

Vinny is half Einstein, half Prince Charming... He has so much desire to learn that you'll swear he was born speaking English. He loves to figure things out and he's the resident genius... Anything you teach him, he learns within minutes. He can do anything. 

He's also an all-around-great guy. He uses his superior intellect for good, not evil. Looking for a dog to do some fun training with? Vin's your dog! Interested in Search & Rescue, Nose/Scent work, Agility, Flyball and more, then this is the guy for you! 

"POLO" a sharp dressed man


He is doing great in his new foster home with another dog AND a very dog-saavy cat!  More updates to come!

POLO is amazing!  He does great with other dogs, is a calm, young 20 month old pup, a real sweetheart!

"POLO" is a magnificent 2 year old pup with terrific manners and a happy go lucky spirit!  Super sweet face, tuxedo outfit, with a white paint-dipped tail, this fella would make a fantastic companion in a loving home with other dogs and even possibly cats!

This guy is easy as pie!  Please consider him!

Just watch his music video here:

Polo is at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  Check out his online profile here:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"COLBY" poetry in motion


Only if you have a tiny, black heart made of ice can you resist this face! Colby is a sweet and smart lil guy who has had some training and has known love.  This little 4 year old fella will make an easy transition into any loving home.

He has sweet, brown eyes under all those bangs, an irresistible underbite and he sits quietly in his kennel patiently waiting for his walks and forever home.

Please consider this lil guy today!  What an angel!

View his music video here:

View his online profile here:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"CLOVER" over and over!


SMILES! Clover is a charming and active 5 year old stunner that loves to play fetch and be around people!

Clover would be a great companion for someone who likes to go for walks or is also content hanging out at home. She is a professional fetcher! Just watch her music video!

Clover's finders wanted you to know that she had great house manners when she was with them for a week. She loved to play fetch & got along marvelously with their children. Clover walks well on a leash & rides well in a car. In fact they did not have anything bad to say about her!

Clover is at Multnomah County Animal Shelter. Click here for more info:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"HUCKLEBERRY" the simple life


The Simple Life!  That’s what this dear sweet dog will remind you of!  

Love, snuggles galore, laughs, a couple walks a day to take care of nature’s business, and 2 healthy, square meals a day is what Huckleberry is all about.  

He’s an easy-going guy that gets along with just about everyone: kids, cats, dogs.  He just  loves people.  He will see them across the street and he will stop and wag his tail!

Huckleberry walks like a charm on a well that you may be tempted to walk him off-leash, but even at 7 years old he’s super spry!  Once he catches an interesting scent he will follow his nose!   Huckleberry came into the shelter as a stray, and it’s possible this is how he got away from his family.

Adorable Basset Hound X, (with cattle  dog markings and tail), Huckleberry is approximately 12 inches high by 3 ft  long!  This adoption is a no-brainer folks. What a  love!

View his online profile here:


"GISELLE" a super model dog


Yes, she's gorgeous!  Meet "Giselle," she's an Australian Kelpe X, and she's ready to walk the cat walk all the way out of the shelter and into a loving forever home!

Giselle is incredibly athletic and is a perfect fly ball candidate!  She's just one year old and 43 lbs, but she already has a fanbase.  

Often recognized for her trademark ears, don't be surprised if she doesn't attract a crowd!  Giselle is looking for a forever home that will continue with her training, and keep her active.  She would do best in an active home with kids over 10 years old, as an indoor companion.

Giselle is at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  View her online profile here:

"RUBY" she's on a roll!


If Ruby had to dodge the law to get out of town, she could do it!   Just check out her before shot, and then scroll down to all her wicked halloween outfits in which she disguises herself! 



"Rubierto Ruby"

"Ruby Dee"

"Ruby Crustacean Cousteau"

 "Raggedy Ruby"

 "Ruby's blues"

 "PePe le Ruby Pew"

"Rastafari Ruby"

 "Ruby the good witch"

"Ruby Pooh Bear"

My personal favorite: "g'ma Ruby"

Why is such a kind and beautiful dog STILL in need of a loving home, why does she keep getting passed up? Is it because people these days want perfect? 

She’s not perfect, but she’s come a long way and keeps growing and learning, and as much as people have given up on her, we haven’t and she hasn’t either. 

This is Ruby, she’s been doing the shelter thing her whole life, as a puppy she was picked up as a stray, then adopted and returned by her family, she was adopted and again returned to the shelter, to no fault of her own.

Ruby needs a special home, one that has the experience to work with a dog who needs someone in her corner. 

She needs to live with someone who embraces the pitbull breed and is committed to improve their image by being a good advocate. She needs someone that will teach her using positive methods, and that understands the value of a true kind friend who wants nothing more than a spot on the sofa, a snuggle in the bed. 

Ruby’s ideal home is a family that is around a lot, she’s low energy, and really easy to be around when people are near. She would love to live with other calm dogs, and can live with dog savvy cats too! She needs a home that will treat her like the princess she is, I really think she would be a good match for someone who just wants to surround themselves with kindness and love, and someone who would like a perfectly soft and cuddly friend to snuggle with at night. Would you like to meet sweet Ruby? Call Nancy, her foster mom at 503-320-4047.

Ruby is part of MCAS's foster program.  If you would like to save a dog, and foster with expenses paid, just check out MCAS's foster program here.

Don't forget to check out Ruby's online profile here:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"NAVEN" as sweet as they come!


Naven is a wonderful 2 year old, black lab X who doesn't understand why she was dumped at the shelter.  In fact, we don't understand either.  Naven does great with other dogs, kids and even cats!

She's stressed out at the shelter, but once you get her out into the play yards her cute lil personality comes out!

Poor sweet Naven will need to continue her training with classes to build her confidence back up, and she would do best in a home with children over 8 years old.

Naven is at Multnomah County Animal Shelter.  Check out her online profile here: