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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"HUCKLEBERRY" the simple life


The Simple Life!  That’s what this dear sweet dog will remind you of!  

Love, snuggles galore, laughs, a couple walks a day to take care of nature’s business, and 2 healthy, square meals a day is what Huckleberry is all about.  

He’s an easy-going guy that gets along with just about everyone: kids, cats, dogs.  He just  loves people.  He will see them across the street and he will stop and wag his tail!

Huckleberry walks like a charm on a well that you may be tempted to walk him off-leash, but even at 7 years old he’s super spry!  Once he catches an interesting scent he will follow his nose!   Huckleberry came into the shelter as a stray, and it’s possible this is how he got away from his family.

Adorable Basset Hound X, (with cattle  dog markings and tail), Huckleberry is approximately 12 inches high by 3 ft  long!  This adoption is a no-brainer folks. What a  love!

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