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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ciara was Adopted!

Ciara is still here at the shelter after quite some time and she's become a little introverted. She doesn't know how much longer she'll be here but she might think it's forever.  It's surprising she's still here because she has so many wonderful traits and the shelter staff and volunteers really like her.  We just want to see her go to a loving and dedicated forever-home.  She's a bit of a tenderfoot.  She doesn't jump up on you and beg for attention - she isn't the type of dog to complain and bother you with barking or chew on your favorite pair of shoes.  She just wants to be next to you, go for a walk, and offer you a gentle little smile when you take her picture.  Come by the shelter and meet Ciara.  She is unique and likeable in her own Ciara way and I know a perceptive and intelligent soul will notice her and find their match made in heaven.

Rosie was Adopted!

Rosie is a delightful dog looking for her forever-home.  To find out more about here click here.

Burger was Adopted!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Delightful Betty was Adopted!

Cute as a button?  Check.  Smart?  Check.  Social?  Check.  Friendly?  Check.  Loyal?  Check.  Careful - you might get lost in Betty's lovely eyes, too.  Betty seems like she'll be just as happy going on a long walk with you as she would relaxing and watching a movie with you.  I could see her begging to come up on the sofa with you.  The key component is "with you."  Betty wants to be with you.  She's looking for a forever-home that can offer love, guidance, and dedication.   She might be built like a tank but she's a sensitive girl who needs a loving home.  Click here to read her official MCAS profile.  Then go pay her a visit!  This might be a match made in heaven!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chicka was Adopted!

We never play favorites at the shelter - all dogs are treated with dignity and compassion.   But I got to tell ya - this Chicka here has really pulled on the heart strings of shelter staff and volunteers.  She is a delightful and charming dog.  She's timid and sometimes fearful of the world at the moment and she seeks solace and comfort from the human who is with her.  You'll notice there's only one photo of Chicka - that's because she was shy and worried about the camera, so she kept coming over and sitting next to me.  She's a sweet, sweet dog.  I decided to put down the camera and just spend time with her.  Come down to the shelter to meet this wonderful dog.   

Zulu was Adopted!

Zulu is an energetic young dog still learning about the world.  He needs a loving and dedicated forever-home that can offer him the guidance and supervision he needs.  A breed-savvy home would be a plus.  Come by the shelter to be introduced to this fellow.  Zulu is an American Pit Bull Terrier, is about 1 year old, and weighs 48lbs.

Katie was Adopted!

Snow Bunny was Adopted!

Rudy was Adopted!