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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"OZZY" a fun puppy!

Ozzy is lots of fun, and a spirited puppy!  He loves training and treats and will learn quickly.

Ozzy will need a devoted and active home! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

"MOBY" a happy healthy BIG sweet PUP!


Too many puppies change owners in the first year of life..... It's so important to take great care of these guys and give them our best!
Moby is only 5 months old....and aready weighs 50 pounds, so he will be a BIG adult dog!  He is fun, active, adorable!
Wouldn't it be great if this home was Moby's proverbial "Forever Home?


Thursday, October 25, 2012

"KELLY" pretty chi mix


Kelly is a bit nervous in the shelter, but warms up quickly when she is in a calmer place. She has a cute little furry body with a curly tail.


SEBASTIAN" lots of energy!


I am cute puppy with lots of playful energy!

I don't stop moving for long!


I'll need lots of time and training and patience from you. If you are ready for a longterm commitment, maybe we should meet?

Here's my MCAS shelter weblink:



Cute, easy and well behaved! Gracie Allen and her sister Ellie Mae had a streak of bad luck, but didn't let it get them down!
The MCAS shelter helped transform them with grooming and dental care, and their foster home reports that they are nice house guests with great manners!

The 2 girls love each other, but are fine when separated, and would be OK to separate homes. Here is their MCAS shelter weblink with more about them and contact info:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"BUELLER" goofy Boxer mix


Bueller is a goofy teenager! He has Boxer playfullness and is ready to go! He's a great boy, and is looking for someone who loves dogs... maybe also has a love for Boxers? and doesn't care that Bueller is a Boxer "mix" (...he may be a better dog for being a mix!!)


"HOWIE" handsome big SHEP-erdy type guy!


Howie is amazing! He is big, tall, beautiful, sensitive, intelligent.....


Howie wants a committed indoor home who loves big dogs, and will give Howie exercise, continued training, and lots love.


Here's Howie's MCAS link:

"HARVEY' yup a Rabbit!


Rabbits can be wonderful indoor pets and enjoy attention. Then can live to be 10 yrs old, and would like a long term relationship in a new home.
Harvey is very cute and also well socialized. He needs a large kennel, but mostly daily time in the home to exercise and play.

Here is Harvey's MCAS weblink:

"PEPPER" a touch of spice


Pepper is a little shy when first meeting....but he is a love, and gives sweet little kisses once he is comfortable with you.

Pepper was pleasantly "pampered" in his previous home and would love to find that again :)

Here is Pepper's MCAS shelter link:

"PIERCE" lots of cuteness


There's no denying that this little Chi has lots of charm!

Here is Pierce's MCAS weblink:

"BABYGIRL" skittles


"Babygirl" is a wonderful, 2 year old multi-talented smooch who loves to stay active.  She loves people and dogs, and is looking for a loving family that will keep her as an indoor companion. 

Meet gorgeous Babygirl at Multnomah County Shelter today!

View her online profile here:

Monday, October 15, 2012

"LADY BIRD" gentle companion!


This sweetie has been waiting for a good indoor home for over 6 months. She was at one shelter and later transferred. Lady Bird had more than one litter of pups before she was a "stray"
She is a little pittie mix with a great disposition and would love a good home soon.

Dog Shelter

Hours: 12PM-5PM Monday through Friday, 9AM-12PM Saturday and Sunday

2675 S. Index Street, Washougal, WA 9867      (360) 335-0941

Lady Bird is a sweet, gentle gal who just wants to hang around her peeps.  She likes other dogs, and loves people!  For almost 6 months this 5 year old has waited in the shelter, hoping for a new indoor home where she is a part of the family

Lady Bird is a cute and compact little Pit mix!

Lady Bird will make a fantastic companion for any loving, forever family. She walks nicely on a leash, rides well in a car and  has done well when meeting young children.

Maybe today will be Lady Bird's lucky day? For more info on Lady Bird, click this link:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life is a "LARK"


I'm an adorable little guy, and we'll have lots of fun together!  I'm quite active, and smart and trainable too! I know sit and down, but I
can't stop moving for very long :)


Here's my Multnomah County Animal Shelter (MCAS) link:

CLUTCH" a silly big boy

TRANSFERRED to Family Dogs New Life Shelter :)

Clutch is a gentle hearted guy. He is a beautful Fawn brindle and white Pitbull. He loves people and has lived with other dogs.

Here is Clutch's MCAS web link:

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I'm everyone's dream Doxie. Loving, gentle and appreciate good treats :)....I'm an older adult, and in good shape! I'm mellow, nice!
I hope you'll come visit me soon, I'm a very lovely dog!
Here is my MCAS weblink: