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Sunday, February 17, 2013

"JOHN JACOB" adorable terrier mix puppy

IT'S so nice to be a cute young puppy!  People love us and want to bring us home with them.   I just wish that my good shelter buddies - who aren't as young or as cute or as small....also find good homes soon! They are even more special.


Puppies! We come with adorable cuteness to help you forget about all the not so good things we bring as well. My adopters will need to be prepared for potty accidents, chewing on inappropriate things, early morning wake up calls and committing the time/resources to classes (a requirement of my adoption) as well as lots of socializing field trips. The good news is I’ve gotten a good head start on these things in my foster home. I go potty each time I’m taken outside, sleep quietly in my crate/den and just love meeting new people once they've said hello. I’m learning lots from my canine foster siblings and the cats are trying to teach me they’re not fluffy toys. I’m learning but boy when they run it’s hard not to take that as in invite for chase. Sometimes new things scare me so it’s really important that my new family gets me out and about for lots of positive experiences in my young age. Puppies are a big commitment and not everyone has the time they take. The shelter has lots of lovely adults for those seeking a more turnkey dog. If you feel you’re ready to take on a puppy and would like to learn more about JJ contact Angela, the foster coordinator @ 503-807-9134


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