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Saturday, February 16, 2013

"KIRBY" from neglect to a loving home!

Kirby came into the MCAS shelter on December 8, 2012. She was malnourished and suffering from an extreme skin condition, ear infections and ocular discharge. Shelter staff quickly found a placement for Kirby with one of MCAS's very dedicated foster moms, Mary Pat. With a quality diet, flea control, weekly medicated baths and frequent checkups with the MCAS medical staff, Kirby slowly started feeling better. Her skin began to clear up and she started to grow a little "peach fuzz" on her bald areas


Here's me when I first arrived at my Foster Home!


Now, after a few months with Mary Pat, Kirby's coat has become thick and luxurious. Her skin has healed, her eyes are clear, and her ears are healthy. Most importantly, she is an exuberant and happy dog! Mary Pat reports that Kirby is the best dog she's ever had (but don't tell her other dogs)......and she really does love the other dogs just as much!

Here's me and my proud MCAS Foster Mom!

We're happy to report that soon after being made available for adoption, Kirby was adopted by a loving new home. Congratulations to Kirby's new family and thank you to Mary Pat, the MCAS animal care team and all of the volunteers and foster families who help our community's homeless pets everyday. The happy endings are what we all work for.

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