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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

"WINSTON" german wirehaired pointer..."KOFI" German Shepherd.."SABRINA" border collie mix..."HOSS" big Lab mix..."WILLOW" pitmix

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

WINSTON (a sweetie) Mcas weblink ADOPTED!
My name is Winston and I have never met an activity I did not like! If you love exercise and keeping active, then we will be fast friends. I will go for a run in the morning, a hike in the afternoon, play fetch in the evening, and unwind with some play at home before bed - and I would love nothing more than to have someone who can keep up with me. It is important that I have an outlet for my boundless energy, so let us get together and explore the outdoors!  1 yr 57 lbs

KOFI (very handsome big dog)  Mcas weblink ADOPTED!
 My name is Kofi and I make the best of every situation and I love to play! If you are looking for a fun, playful dog to add some joy to your life and help make you laugh, then look no further. I will bring endless fun and keep you entertained with my goofy antics. If you can keep up with me then I promise that we will have a life full of enjoyment with lots of great stories!  1 yr 6 mths 84 lbs
SABRINA (endearing, mature, a bit timid)  Mcas weblink  Reclaimed by owner)
Sabrina here! I'm a magical Border Collie mix lady searching for a new home to call my own. I am really happiest being where my people are. I would love nothing more than to trot along with you on walks and play with a tennis ball. If you are seeking a relaxed and easy-going friend to keep you company through your life, then I am the dog for you! I can be a bit fearful in new situations so I would need any children in my new home to be 12 years or older to give me the patience I need to build up my confidence! Through thick and thin, I will be by your side 10 yrs 54 lbs

HOSS   Mcas weblink  (IN FOSTER HOME) (5/5 possible adopter)
Hi my name is Hoss and I'm a gentle giant, just like the character on Bonanza! As you've probably noticed, I need to lose a few pounds and with some daily exercise it should come right off. I'm 6 years old and weigh a hefty 96 pounds. Here are some of the things my foster mom has discovered about me: I'm house trained, love to go on walks, play with any type of toy, respectful of young children and I'll even sleep in your bed at night if you let me! I also love to cuddle and to be the center of attention. Oh, and I get along great with the small dog I'm currently living with. I really think I would like to have a dog friend to play with. I haven't been around any cats so I'm not sure how I would be. If you're looking for your best friend, please email my foster mom at to set up a time to meet me. You'll be happy you did!

WILLOW   Mcas weblink  (IN FOSTER HOME)
 Willow here! I am a 6 year old pittie mix who is as sweet as pie. I love, love, love toys, zoomies in the backyard, doggie massages and little rump scratches. I love to snuggle and am an easy house guest. I am house trained and good on the leash. I am a nervous girl though and need a family who can help me feel more safe. I am nervous around loud sounds and need a little more time to warm up to most men. I would love to have a canine friend in my new home if you have one but would be ok either way. I would love a home with kids over the age of 8 years. I have a bit of stiffness in my hind end and would prefer a home with no stairs or maybe just a couple. I am taking a break from the busy shelter in a foster home. If you would like to meet me, please email the foster coordinator at or call 503-988-6670 to set up a time.   6 yrs 72 lbs

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