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Monday, April 30, 2018

"LUCY" aka "GOOFY" happy update

Happy UPDATE: Apr 2018
"We got our Lucy from one of your adoption specials. Best deal I think I ever got. In this photo she is supervising fixing the SUV lights. What you do is amazing. Thank you for Lucy (Aka Goofy)."
Acadia M.,  Mcas Facebook

Dec 2017 
"Pretty excited about this girl. She is awesome. We are so in love with her. My cat has begun the training process. Older dogs are awesome. Thank you so much for Goofy who now Goes by Lucy.

"Just in case you are wondering how Lucy (Goofy) is doing... we love her. She told Santa she wants treats. I told Santa weight management treats"
-Acadia M.
Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink
My name is Goofy and I am the dog who is always prepared for a marathon - as long as it is a movie marathon. There is nothing I love more than a cozy, warm bed and some good company. We can discuss our favorite foods while you give me pets and attention. I promise to provide you with lots of laid-back love and friendship if you save me a spot on the couch - or at least on the floor next to you! The shelter is recommending any resident dogs in my new home to be my size or larger, or that I be the only dog in my new home. I have some medical needs that will need to be discussed at my adoption. Please come to the shelter and ask about me today! I am about 12 years old and weigh 99 pounds.

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