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Sunday, November 22, 2015

"MALLORY" sweetie Golden Retriever mix

a happy "Foster Failure."
Dec 8, 2015
Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
Mallory is in a MCAS Foster home

here is my weblink
animal # 573074

Mallory came into the MCAS kennel with extremely painful ears which MCAS preformed surgery on to repair.  Mallory went into a MCAS foster home to recover.  Well... sometimes an experienced Foster Home becomes a "foster failure" and adopts their foster dog :)
Mallory had a first adopter, but they cancelled and the 2nd party didn't follow through, and guess what?  Mallory got the best home of all - with her original Foster home who loves her  ( btw - a first time Foster Home isn't allowed to adopt their foster dog - unless otherwise agreed upon- that's not the point of the program)
Mallory is a lucky dog - saved by MCAS from neglect, medically treated, placed into a foster home, and now adopted into her  loving new home.



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  1. LOVE YOU MAO! Thanks for being such a sweet soul. Her ears are so much better and she loves her baths with oatmeal. Thanks Laura.


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