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Thursday, November 5, 2015

"LOLA" Happy Halloween! Sassy little Chi with the Best Smile!

Transferred from MCAS in June 2015 to Animal Aid Rescue
UPDATE:  Oct 31, 2015 -  Lola is apparently still available with Animal Aid Rescue. 
Please contact Animal Aid Rescue to find out more!

Hi, I'm Lola; a tiny 7 lb. tan chihuahua. I've had a rough past with some time spent living in a car with people who didn't take great care of me or treat me well.
I'm sharing my foster home with another canine. We have established a routine and relationship so if you have a lonely dog at home we could be friends. I've shared space with a cat in the past as well and even though they are strange creatures I tolerate them by ignoring their presence.
I prefer the company of adults and like to keep my feet on the floor. If you need a watch dog I'm your girl! I will let you know if there are strangers lurking around by doing ankle patrol. It takes me a while to adapt to new folks but once I bond with you I am yours!
Lola is a small-size female whose estimated birth year is 2006. She is adoptable, and is currently living with a foster family. You can meet her by submitting an adoption application and then arranging an appointment through our office – call 503-292-6628 option 3.

cute foster home Animal Aid Lola pics - courtesy of Animal Aid Rescue

Yup still available, so guess what? ....That means that YOU still have a chance to meet me, the most adorable, kinda sassy little Chi.  Here are some pics of me in my Animal Aid Foster home!  I still have my sweet little Mona Lisa smile....what more could you ask for?
Hope to meet you soon! 

April, 2015 thanks Sarah for our selfie.  You were one of my favs at the shelter...and you know I only have Favs, I don't easily give my love away to strangers :)

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