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Saturday, September 26, 2015

"DOTTY" who's that dog on "The Little Rascals?" it could be ME!

Dotty is a great example of why we love responsible animal rescue groups - like Indigo Rescue - who can take a nice dog who is very stressed out in a shelter kennel environment (probably wondered where the heck her people were....) and bring them into a loving foster home - to be adopted into a new home.  (Thank you Foster Homes!!)

Dotty is available for Adoption with Indigo Rescue!
Dotty is in a foster home with Indigo Rescue
here is her Indigo Rescue petfinder description:

Meet Dotty!

Dotty is an all around sweet, sweet, girl. She is approximately four years old and was named for her adorable black spots. She gets along great with other dogs and is very affectionate with people. Although she is a breed that is known for being super athletic - and Dotty definitely has the build for it, she is actually pretty calm. She rides great in the car, and sits nicely in the bathtub for a bath. She also loves to play with toys. Dotty would love nothing more than to be with her person/people.

If interested in Dotty please go to the petfinder link and fill out the on line prescreening adoption questionnaire.
Indigo Rescue is a local Rescue Group who takes dogs from local shelters as needed, and puts them into foster homes to provide a safe and structured environment, and provides as needed, additional medical care and or/training . They are "not first come first serve". Indigo Rescue focuses on finding good matches between dogs and families to ensure life long adoptions. They deliver all dogs to their new homes. 


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