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Friday, September 18, 2015

"WILLOW" Cattle Dog puppy

Oct 2015
Willow is available for Adoption with Indigo Rescue!

here is Willow's petfinder description:

Meet Willow!

Willow is all go, no slow! She likes to stay busy and moving, as a good cattle dog should. She loves to be involved in whatever is going on and is very curious and confident! She LOVES people and kids, we are still working on her manners when it comes to meeting people and kids because exuberance takes over and little kids don't appreciate unsolicited face kisses! She is incredibly smart and quick to learn. She waits at doors, she sits, lays down, and comes when called. She's learning leave it and drop it. She's also learning the really important stuff like fetch and tug-o-war! She walks great on a leash. Willow is approximately four months old as of the first week of September.

Willow has poor social skills with other dogs. She is not good at introductions and tries to intimidate new dogs right off the bat, once she gets past that, she does try to play, but even her playing skills are a little on the pushy side and it will take a good natured teacher dog to help her learn. She has been working on a farm with horses, ducks, chickens, and pigs and is getting used to them all. She would be a perfect farm dog/working companion for the right person. We do not want her to be an outside dog!

if interested in Willow, please go to the petfinder site, and fill out the on line prescreening questionnaire.
Indigo Rescue is a local Rescue Group who takes dogs from local shelters as needed, puts them into foster homes to provide a safe and structured environment, gives provides as needed, additional medical care and or/training and strives to find them the best adoption match.

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