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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Letter from an MCAS Volunteer

With permission, I'm posting a letter that a fellow MCAS volunteer wrote to the Oregonian in response to all the recent publicity the shelter was receiving:

"As a volunteer at Multnomah County Animal Services I thank The Oregonian/OregonLive's Jamie Goldberg for extraordinary reporting, (Staff, volunteers, auditors raised alarm about Multnomah County animal shelter for years. County failed to act," Feb 26). The volunteers all know that your words needed to be heard. But understand, we love that shelter fiercely! May I tell you what the shelter really needs, and send out an appeal to Chair Jessica Vega Pederson?

-  Another veterinarian. Misery has been placed on the back of one selfless, hard-working vet who has stayed the course in spite of having to do it all. 

-  People who actually work hands-on with the animals. No more bureaucrats, no more managers." We're already top-heavy. We need medical assistants to get spays and neuters done. We need people to help socialize the dogs so they can find new homes.  We need people with loving hearts to teach these animals that humans can be trusted.  Enrichment can be a life raft for a scared dog: a walk outside the kennel, or toys to help pass the time. Solitary confinement is cruel and inhumane punishment. Dogs in a shelter live this way every day.

-   The public. Come see us at the shelter. We have wonderful pets who could add so much to your life. All they need is your love and patience. Give them a comfy bed and a place in your heart. You will be paid back tenfold with so much love and loyalty - and a wagging tail to greet you at the end of the workday."



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