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Sunday, January 26, 2020

"CINDERELLA" and "CINDERFELLA" young long legged chihuahua mixes

Feb 2020
Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!
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Cinderfella, male chihuahua mix, 8 mths 11 lbs
here's my Mcas weblink adopted!
Cinderfella, 8 months
Shy and Bashful Coach at Multnomah County Animal Services
I like to think of myself as the "too cool for school type". You can find me in my room, blasting George Michael and painting an abstract painting. I am more of the chill at home type, and would love to have another friendly canine in the home to share my interests with.

Cinderella, female chihuahua mix, 8 mths 11 lbs
here's my Mcas weblink adopted
Cinderella, 8 months
Puppy Party Connoisseur Captain at Multnomah County Animal Services
Active, pint sized party queen looking for my forever person. When you are this young, sometimes it is hard to find the right fit. Just looking for the Jay-Z to my Beyonce. It would be nice if there was another social dog already in the home to teach me the ropes, to snuggle with, maybe some Netflix and chill. Swipe right, you won't regret it

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