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Wednesday, July 10, 2019


July 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!
Adoption information  
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All the pups in this litter are far along in their house training, and consistent followup with confinement and regular trips outside will make them perfect. Continued socialization and puppy school are a must! They will do great in obedience class and hopefully be able to participate in some fun activities and dog sports.
**There will be a sign up sheet placed out in front of the shelter at 11AM on Friday the 19th. The applicants will be reviewed in a first come first served fashion.

Raven, female mix - big puppy, 8 weeks 8.6 lbs
Mcas weblink  Adopted!
Raven is a big, beautiful girl who is ready to join a loving family. She's not the loudest and roughest puppy, and she might even be called aloof at times, but she is just checking out the scene before she joins in. She loves to play, and is eager to join a family who will include her in their activities and love her as much as she will love them.

Levi, male mix - big puppy, 8 weeks 8.3 lbs
Mcas weblink Levi Adopted
Levi is everyone's friend and is a rough and tumble playmate, willing to join in play and cuddling time with all his siblings. He would do great in an active home, with older children. He is a bit mouthy and would benefit from a knowledgeable home.

Koda, female mix - big puppy, 8weeks 7 lbs
Mcas weblink Koda Adopted
Koda is a big, independent girl who has a lot of confidence already. She is often off exploring the yard by herself, then she comes back to play with her siblings when she's ready. She would enjoy an active family who can give her plenty of adventures and show her the world. She will tell you when she is not happy, but that's what you want in a family member, right?

Jetta, female mix - big puppy, 8 weeks 6.5lbs
Mcas weblink Jetta Adopted 
Jetta is a petite, sleek black beauty with a bit of a serious nature. Her ears are still trying to decide where they will lie, but there is no doubt her eventual look will be striking. She will probably be applying for modeling gigs when she needs to earn spending money for treats and outings. Jetta gets along well with all her siblings and also enjoys human snuggling time.

Roxie, female mix - big puppy, 8 weeks 8.87 lbs
Mcas weblink  Roxie Adopted
Roxie has a great temperament -- calm, but ready to play when the time is right. She has it all -- beauty and brains. She learned how to use the dog door by watching the resident dogs and is very curious about finding out how the humans live on the other side of the puppy pen, letting nothing stand in her way. She would do well in all kinds of homes, as long as she can be with her family and join in their fun.

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