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Friday, February 22, 2019

"COCO" poodlemix - Happy Adoption Update!

Feb 22, 2019  Happy Adoption Update Coco

"When I visited your shelter in January, I was in mourning. I’d lost my two sweet 17-year-old pups the month before, and couldn’t imagine getting another dog just then. And then – I saw Coco. He was a wild-haired little man, all chocolate-brown crazy curls! We stared at each other. And it dawned on me that maybe I needed someone as much as they might need me. Coco came home with me that day.
He has been a joy! Your site said he was a “loving” little guy, and he surely is. We took our first excursion to the beach last week. Now, when you get “a pup with a past,” as I call my shelter dog, you don’t know their history. So I’ll never know if this was Coco’s first beach trip, but he ran with such glee and enthusiasm! How can you not love this?? THIS is why we love dogs – they make every little adventure SO much better. The picture I’ve included is “my little man” (as I call him) at a site overlooking the ocean.
I want to thank all the people who helped me become Coco’s new mom. I wish I’d paid more attention to names back then – so many people were kind to me that day! Val, behind the service desk was caring and understanding. (I’d approached him, in tears, asking if I could just walk a dog). Lia was my “counselor” who helped with the adoption, and was wonderful and great fun! Zoe told me she had also “fallen in love with Coco,” and gave me tidbits regarding how he was found. (SO appreciated!)
MCAS has an extraordinary group of people working there! I thank you for all you do. And for this wonderful, zany, happy guy you’ve brought into my life! (I wish we could download MORE pictures!)"

-Arlene W.

Jan 2019

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Coco, male poodle mix, 6 yr 18 lbs

here's my Mcas weblink 
Hi, my name is Coco! A 6 year old Mini Poodley Doodley! I am a bit shy, so please go slow with me. I am also very cuddly, and will lay in your lap for hours. I also love going on walks, or playing with toys. Any kids in the home need to be 8 and older.

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