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Friday, December 25, 2015

"MYA" and "PUSH POP happy and adorable puppies

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
Returned to owner!
(Jan 5, 2015)
Folks - PLEASE make sure your pets have collars/id tags (and hopefully microchip id chips) at all times- it REALLY helps your pets find their way back home again! The animal shelters TRY HARD to locate the real owners, but it's your responsibility to be looking for them in the county animal shelters  (and please let your friends know that also? It used to be common knowledge to look in the local animal shelters when your pet was lost, but with internet and everyone moving places, often people don't know that the shelters are a primary place they should look)
Thanks! We all love to see the lost pets find their way home again!

MYA - adorable American Shelter Dog mix puppy
here's my Mcas weblink
animal # 574228

Hey everybody! My name is Mya and I'm looking for a family that will take me into their hearts and show me what it's like to feel loved. I'm not sure why I ended up here at the shelter, but I was probably an unwanted Christmas present. It's ok though, I know I will find my furever home here. I am a busy girl that is going to need lots of exercise and toys. The shelter is HIGHLY recommending that we attend reward based classes together, so I can gain some good manners and be a great companion. I love to give kisses, but be careful. Sometimes I get a little too excited and will scrape my little needles on you. I still have my baby teeth, so I am going to be a big girl when I grow up. At months old, I already weigh 19 pounds. If you a prepared to take on a pup, come on down and meet me today!

Jan 6, 2016
"Push Pop" - adorable Border Collie mix puppy

here's my Mcas weblink
animal # 574201

Hi there. My name is Push Pop - which is a cute name for a cute little puppy like me. I have a crooked front leg, but that doesn't stop me from being friendly with everyone, and of course I'm just sure everyone loves me too. Puppy classes strongly suggested to keep me well socialized with other dogs and I would like to start puppy obedience because I am very very smart. They tell me I won't be here long so hurry over if you want to meet me.
watch Push Pop in action!

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