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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"PIERRE" tres bon chien, n'est pas?


My name may be fancy but my needs are simple. I have had a rough start in life but it has not dampened my enthusiasm or trust in people! I may come across as a little shy at first but I am a sweet little guy that will blossom with love, a predictable lifestyle, and good care. 

I was adopted from the shelter 3 years ago and recently returned because they could not care for me. They said I was housetrained, good with all adult visitors, and good with other dogs.

The only sticky point, is that I can zip through, around, and under just about any small space in your fence. I also need careful watching when the door is open. These are things easily fixed with some training and a few modifications that you can ask your counselor about.

  I am looking for a patient and gentle single person, couple, or family with kids 10 years or older. Ask about me today! I am about 6 years of age and weigh a solid 6lbs! Here's my MCAS weblink

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