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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pleasant Penny was Adopted!


  1. I just LOVE this girl!! She is so spunky and full of life that she is irresistable! Penny is super smart and will do great with someone that loves to train for tricks or anything else you can think of! Her high octane boosts will last for a while but after playtime, move over and make room for her on the couch! She is a really GREAT dog! Ask to meet her!

  2. Penny is my foster baby and she is delightful. She is a smart cookie who has not had many breaks in life. In spite of that, she is sweet, loves people and other dogs.

  3. I found Penny at the park across the street from my house. She's a really sweet girl. She seems to get along with other dogs including my Yorkie (you should have seen them play tug a war). Unfortunately I was not able to keep her myself but crossing my fingers that she will find the perfect home to give her lots of love.


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