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Friday, February 5, 2016

"ASTOR Sweeny" - Beagle boy would love a canine buddy too!

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink 
animal # 574149

My name is Sweeny and I'm a 10 year old male Beagle. I came here with my pal Razzle who has since been adopted. We followed our noses and it got us here. Now I'm looking for a home to call my own. I'm a true Beagle, in other words when the nose is in operation, the ears don't so well. That means I might be so intent on chasing down an interesting smell that I won't hear you calling me. I would love a home with a fenced yard and someone to take me on walks. I would probably do best in a home with another canine friend or an owner who can be with me a lot. I bond very closely to one person and tend to get anxious when we are apart. I have been overly interested in the small animals in the shelter and would probably do a best in a home without them. I have been reported to already be housetrained and crate trained. Ask about me today!



"STOUT" a personable blue/greyPitmix

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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animal # 570945

Hey everybody! My name is Stout and I'm aptly named for my short physique. I am a very personable little dude, but I do ask that you take me on a couple dates before we get too personal. When I'm comfortable I enjoy giving kisses and getting a nice belly rub. I also like to stay active, so I hope you like going for walks. Oh, and my very favorite thing in the world is my tennis ball. If you have one of those for me, we will make fast friends. I am asking that I be the only animal in your home though. I find everybody a little uncomfortable for my presence and let's face it…I want to be the only spoiled child in your life. If I sound like a great match for your lifestyle, please come and meet me today! I am about 3 years old and weigh 58 pounds.

"JANE" mature spunky and friendly Wire Fox Terrier

Jane can do jumps!   but please don't make her do it too often?

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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animal # 575067

Calling all terrier fanatics! My name is Jane and I'm a mighty terrier. Looking for that friendly companion to help with rodent control? I'm the gal for the job! I have also been goofy and quite charming! As you can see my coat is in some distress. I've handled all the brushing from my shelter friends like a champ but am still in need of a good makeover. Nothing a bath and a comb can't tackle. Please consider me! I am around 9 years old and weigh 18 pounds



"TRISTA" elderly terrier mix

Please Do NOT Pity me? even though I KNOW that I look "pathetic..." .... please don't be sad!  because I am a lovely dog and still have a zest for life, and love treats like cheese, and attention from everyone I meet :)
Just sometimes, old age isn't "pretty" but I am glad that I am still around to meet people, smell the fresh air, and get some gentle exercise, and good quality care.  Seriously, I don't have "forever", but I do have "now" ;)  I'm a cool little dog.
Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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animal # 574766

Hello there! My name is Trista! Are you one of those special humans who wants to help a mature dog? Well here I am seeking an empty lap to spend my final days in. I am at least 14 years old and have a full voice to sing my song. My joints are not as strong as they once were, I have some lumps, bumps, and some skin irritation. My shelter friends have let me spend some quality time in an office and they report that I mostly keep to myself but also get anxious when no one is in the room with me. The shelter is not quite sure how this will transfer over into a real home but it would likely be best for me to have a new family who is home often to keep me company. Any children or other animals will need to be respectful of my space and frail body. If you are interested in meeting me please stop by the shelter or email



"CHLOE" All American Sweetie mix! talented, cute! - maybe hound, pitbull, cattle dog, plus a few

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink ( 2/5 possible adopter - check back!)
animal # 575066

Hey, my name is Chloe! I'm a sweet and sensitive girl who is looking for a new family. I have lived with dogs, children, and cats for a while but sadly they were unable to continue caring for me. I enjoyed playing with the other dog, I lived peacefully with the children, and I chased the cat. My perfect match is an active family who can help me build some confidence with new environments and doesn't have any small animals. With some guidance from you and plenty of love I will become a shining star. Please ask about me. I am around a year old and weigh 50 pounds




"SHADOW" mature Black LAB - Westside - Washington Co Shelter

Feb 5, 2016
my new family saw me on my KOIN TV Second Chance and came to meet me!
Available for adoption at Bonnie L Hays  (the Washington County Animal Shelter)

Open Mon through Sat
(Closed on Sunday and Holidays)
Washington Co Animal Shelter (Bonnie L Hays)

1901 SE 24th Ave MS 53
Hillsboro, OR 97123

here's the info you need to read from the shelter: If this dog is appropriate for a home with children, you must bring children aged 12 and under to the shelter with you for the adoption process. Not all dogs and children are a perfect match, so we want to make sure that the dog you select is a family-friendly dog.
If you have one or more existing dogs in your home, we require a "meet and greet" between your dogs and the adoptive dog at our shelter. Please plan to bring your dog(s) with you before the adoption can be finalized so we can be sure that the dogs and the humans all agree this dog will be the perfect match for your family!

"SHADOW"  senior Black Lab
I'm a big old guy, and a sweetheart looking for a new home.  My ideal home will have soft beds, gentle daily walks, can continue to give me good care,  and lots of love!
12 yr old approx. 75 lbs, children 12 and up

about 12 yrs old, 75 lbs, children 12 and up ( I want " peaceful" in my new home)

here's my Wcas petfinder link 
Shadow was a guest on KOIN TV!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"GIZMO" won't you be my SUPERHERO?

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink 
animal # 570945

Hi there! My name is Gizmo and I had a rough start in life. At one point, I was used as a "bait dog," so I need help overcoming the injustice done to me. I can tolerate dogs smaller than myself, but not the same size or larger. I LOVE LOVE LOVE people. Sit, stay, down, shake are all things I know AND I'm crate-trained. I am 3 years old and weigh 53 pounds. Won't you be my SUPERHERO?

thank you to my mcas photo and graphic friends,  for my superhero dog pic :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"CHIEF" very handsome awesome boy - Lab mix (with maybe herding dog?)

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my MCAS weblink ( adoption pending 2/ 6)
animal # 516428

My name is Chief. I am a handsome, calm older guy who is looking for a patient home with low traffic. Although I like to take life easy, I love to go on walks and I am a gentleman on my leash. Frequent walks will help me to lose some of the winter weight I have put on! The shelter is requiring that I go to a home with children 13 or older due to previous inability to cope with young children in my home. I have history of being intolerant of other dogs, so any introductions would have to be done slowly and safely. I love belly rubs, and once I warm up to people I am their buddy for life. Hope to see you here! I am 10 years old and weigh 79 pounds.


"GARVEY" mature and adorable Chihuahua boy

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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animal # 574725

My name is Garvey. I am a wonderful older man who is looking for a great new place to live out my golden years! My shelter friends say that it takes me a bit of time to get comfortable, but once I do I am your best friend. I am looking for a lap to call my own and a place for regular walks so I can slim down a bit. I have been very friendly with same-sized dogs here, and could benefit from having a companion in my home. Due to handling issues, the shelter is requiring that I go to a home with kids 13 years old or older. I am 7 years old and weigh 13 pounds
I have a charming smile :)



"MOON" lovable and lovely Boxer

Available for Adoption with Oregon Humane Society!

here is my OHS  weblink 
animal #180324

I have a video! Meet Moon, an athletic, active dog looking to be your next work out buddy. While he has been loving his runs during his stay at OHS, he also loves to play with toys, so a game of fetch in his very own fenced backyard would be perfect for him too! Don’t get us wrong, he loves to cuddle up with his people too, and his goofy, slobbery Boxer antics will keep you laughing for years to come. We think he would do best with someone who has owned Boxers before, and in an adult-only home (no apartments please!) without other dogs or cats (he wants to be your one and only). Come meet Moon and learn why so many of us here have fallen in love with him. Moon will receive a training consultation prior to adoption to discuss the training that will help him be successful.

here is Moon's OHS volunteer video!

"ALBERT UPDATE - video! - easy going Lhasa

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
Albert is now in a MCAS foster home

here's my Mcas weblink 
animal # 573897

Hello, my name is Albert! I am currently in foster care taking a rest from the shelter! I am around 7 years old and weigh 19.6 pounds. I am a sweet, mostly healthy guy who will need continued vet care since I will need stuff like dental care and regular checkups :) I can't see as well as I used to - so a home that doesn't do a lot of re-decorating and no stairs is ideal! Despite my health concerns I have a heart of gold, and I'm searching for a companion with a heart of gold. Are you looking for a super laid back kind of guy as a new companion? Well please look no further! To meet me, email my foster mom at or call at 503-528-4683.

here's my MCAS VIDEO!


Monday, February 1, 2016

"TEDDY GRAMS" yorkie/poodle still looks like a pup

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my MCAS weblink 
animal # 574844
Aren't I cute? My name is Teddy Grams and I'm a 10 year old Yorkie/Poodle. The shelter says I'm a nice guy but I need to see the shelter vet for dental work. They will probably pull most of my teeth but don't worry I'll still be able to eat and I'll feel so much better. Then a spa day to clean me up and I'll go from Raggedy Andy to a living doll. The shelter is recommending kids 6 & up because I might be sore for a while from getting my mouth fixed.



"NOSY NATE" delightful little Chi

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my MCAS weblink (feb 2 adoption pending )  
animal # 574900
They call me Nosy Nate because I have an excellent sense of smell. Who needs to vacuum up crumbs when I'm around? Trust me, I can do the job. When I'm not on sniffing duty I am a delightful and friendly little fellow who would probably love to sit in your lap. I'm about 8 years old and weigh 8.6lbs. Perfect lap size for watching tv, keeping your feet warm under the covers and snuggling. Come meet me.



Sunday, January 31, 2016

"RITA MAE" sensitive sweetie little brindle pitbull

Rita seems to be  starting to really stress in the shelter - and could use a good home soon. She is a sweet dog, and a nice easy size, if that's important to you.  Would love to see her happily adopted!

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my MCAS weblink 
animal # 574427

Hey everybody! My name is Rita Mae and I am looking for a new home! I am a very social girl that loves people. Although I have this tough looking exterior, I am a real sweetie through and through. I am looking for a family that continue my obedience training with reward based classes. I am getting used to the harness and it's working really well for my leash walking skills. The shelter is asking that I go to a home without any other animals. There is a possibility that I could tolerate meeting other dogs with good training and management, but for now I prefer to be the only spoiled brat in the house. I am about 3 years old and weigh 50 pounds. Please come and meet me today!