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Friday, January 20, 2017


General was "TRANSFERRED" to a Placement partner
in early Jan 2017

Update:  Jan 20, 2017
MCAS Shelter dog, General, finds Foster Care at Columbia River Correctional Institution                     
Update per MCAS Weekly Newsletter: "General receives care, companionship, and professional training around the clock while fostered by inmates at Columbia River Correctional Institution (CRCI).

Animals at Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) in need of behavioral training, stress-relief, and human companionship while waiting for a new home are regularly sent to volunteer foster homes. However, General received a particularly special foster opportunity.  This lucky dog from the kennels of MCAS is being fostered by four inmate handlers at Columbia River Correctional Institution (CRCI) minimum security prison, where he has constant companionship and behavior training in a communal-living setting.  It's another way that MCAS is enriching the lives of animals in its care by partnering with partners in the community.
General is one of six MCAS dogs who have benefited from the foster/training partnership with CRCI thus far.  Dogs in the program are recommended by MCAS animal care staff, and selected by Jana Patterson, CPDT-KA, Owner and Trainer for Happy Dogz Dog Training. Jana partners with CRCI to teach positive-reinforcement based training techniques to the inmate handlers to create the best possible opportunity for each dog to be successfully adopted.  Jana and the handlers provide training based on the needs of each dog, in coordination with Multnomah County Animal Services.  In General’s case, the team is focusing on stress reduction and basic default behaviors that will provide the foundation for success in his future home.
Dogs are generally kept in the training program for six to eight weeks before being adopted from CRCI’s facility when their training is finished.  General is estimated to be available for adoption by mid- to late-February.
Thank you to Columbia River Correctional Institution, and Jana Patterson, CPDT-KA, for your partnership with Multnomah County Animal Services to build a positive foundation for dogs like General to find new forever homes!"

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

"BUBS" statuesqe energetic white Pitmix

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id #583643

Hey everybody! Are you looking for high energy running partner? My name is Bubs and I'm looking for an active home. As you can see I like to stay fit and exercise is one of my favorite things to do! I also enjoy playing with toys, working for my treats, and exploring nature. If you are ready for a grand adventure, please come and meet me today! I am about 5 years old and weigh 75 pounds.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"CHARLIE" (Video) good hearted big Lab/Pitmix

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id # 581795

check out CHARLIE'S massage Video -volunteer ResQ Animal Massage!

My name is Charlie. Ever heard of a big dog who thinks they are a lap dog? Well, that's me! I just can't get enough of my people. I love to hang out with them and get lots of attention. I would love a home who will keep me active and help me loose some of these extra pounds. I would do best in a home with dog experience who can help me with training. I need to go to a home with no other dogs. Come on down to the shelter to get some love! I am 8 years old and weigh 98 pounds.

"TEDDY" and "ELEANOR" a Bonded MELLOW Shih Tzu Pair - Indigo Rescue

Available for Adoption with  Indigo Rescue!
Teddy and Eleanor are living together in a foster home 

Eleanor and Teddy are sometimes at Indigo adoption outreaches "We have a few of our dogs available for meets at the Tanasbourne Petco on Thursdays from 4-7pm and at PetSmart on 185th every other Sunday from noon until 3pm"
ps - The January Sunday Petsmart dates would be the 1st, 15th (cancelled due to ice/snow ) and 29th

please note that Indigo Rescue is not "first come first serve" they seek to find a best forever match with the dog(s) and the new home.

Eleanor's Indigo Rescue link  (adoption application is also on this weblink)
Eleanor is an adult Shih Tzu who was estimated to be 8 years old. She came in to the county shelter as a stray with her companion, a male Shih Tzu named Teddy. They are a bonded pair and we will only adopt them out together. Eleanor had a severe dental abscess that had ruptured through her cheek but we had our vet do a dental surgery to repair it, and her personality blossomed within 12 hours of her surgery. She felt GOOD! She has immature cataracts and may be slightly hard of hearing, but Eleanor is a sweet, sweet girl. These two would make a great companion pair for an adult household or one with teens


Teddy's Indigo Rescue link (adoption application is also on the weblink)
Teddy is an sweet and adorable Shih Tzu, estimated to be around 7 years old. He came in to the county shelter as a stray, with his female companion, another Shih Tzu named Eleanor. They are a bonded pair so we will only adopt them out together. Teddy is so sweet and such a happy boy. When he came to the shelter he had a pretty bad cherry eye and a few growths on his back but those have been removed and he is feeling pretty good now! He was also intact, and neutering him made a big difference, too!


Monday, January 16, 2017

"CINDY LOU" easy going senior Pitbull

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
animal # 582710
Mcas weblink    
Hey everybody! My name is Cindy Lou and I'm looking for a nice retirement home! I am just the sweetest lady who enjoys giving kisses, going for walks, and spending time with my humans. As you can see, I am in need of some good TLC. Though I'm quite lumpy and bumpy, I still have a lot of pep in my step and can't wait to settle in somewhere for my golden years. My new home will need to be an adult only home without any other dogs. Please come and meet me today! I am around 12 years old and weigh 68 pounds.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

"DIXIE" Delightful young "mini" yellow Lab - Golden Bond Rescue

Dixie is for Adoption with Golden Bond Rescue
Dixie is in a GBR Foster Home!

here is Dixie's GBR website link  (note : you can read about Golden Bond Rescue's "China Connection Program" on their main website page)

DixieGBR #2723
Hello world, my name is Dixie (#2723). I arrived here from China in October and I’m 18 months old. I’m not sure what breed I am exactly, but I look like a gorgeous, petite yellow lab (47 lbs.). As you can see, I have a birth defect and am missing a few inches of my front leg and have a partially formed paw. I have an appointment with a specialist to see if I’m a good candidate for a prosthesis. (update - the specialist has seen Dixie and feels that she does great without a prosthesis, so none is needed) The good news is that it doesn’t slow me down one bit. I look a bit clumsy when I walk but seeing me run is quite the sight to see: I’m very stealth! I can also jump like a little pogo stick.
When I got here I wasn’t house trained and had no manners. Foster mom has been working with me, and it’s been over a week since I’ve had a potty accident. I’m crate trained now which really helps. Getting me out regularly is also key: a doggy door would be great.
I’ve been told that I act more like a puppy than my actual age. I like to put everything in my mouth and carry things around. Foster mom has all sorts of toys, bones, and balls available at all times so she can trade me when I’m into something inappropriate. I’m also learning a concept called “impulse control”. I love balls, bones, and squeakies. Playing fetch is a blast and I’ll even drop the ball for you. I also know sit and shake: smart cookie here!
My foster sister is a 9-year old spaniel mix that is half my size. We’ve become fast besties and we play for hours and hours. Sometimes we get so riled up that foster mother has to put us in a time out. I’m also learning how to be more respectful of her as in: not stealing her toy’s, eating her food, and having to be the center of attention all the time. Ughh, think this is more “impulse control ” stuff. What can I say – I’m a work in progress! I also walk great on a leash and love car rides. I’m also very sensitive and truly aim to please. A little bit of re ­direction or scolding goes a long way.

I would love to find a patient and loving family with the time and energy to continue to guide me in the right direction. Having a doggy playmate would be a huge plus!
Notes from foster family: Dixie is a truly special dog. She’s cute as a bug’s ear and has a huge heart and spirit. She definitely keeps me on my toes. She will benefit from lots of patience and further training to make her the best dog she can be. I’m so happy to be part of the process!

Adoption fee:  $650 plus $35 microchip fee  (please note:  "The dogs rescued from China’s dog meat trade carry a higher cost because of the funds needed not only to pay for their medical needs but also for transporting them to the U.S.A." )
Sex: Female
Age: 18 months
Weight: 47 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: 10+

Dixie and Dakota love to play together



"BEN" goofy senior boy

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
animal # 580979
Mcas weblink

My name is Ben. I am 10 years old and I weigh 75 pounds. I have had quite the life, and now I am just looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy my retirement years. I can still be quite goofy and love to be around with my human friends, playing with toys or just a good old fashioned romp around the yard. I have been an outside dog most of my life, and so transitioning to a home will take some time, but I promise to be very appreciative! I have been tolerant of other dogs when meeting them, but do not seem to be much into playing. I am looking for an Adult-only home, as I have had issues with food-guarding and will need proper management with this. Due to this it is best that I be the only pet in the home as well. As you can see with my appearance, I have had some previous trauma but it has not affected me physically, and I can still move around without much issue at all. I hope you take the chance on me-I can be a really sweet and wonderful guy with the right home!!



Friday, January 13, 2017

"FINN" handsome Sheepdog/aussie mix

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id  # 582926

Hi my name is Finn, I am approx 2 years old and weigh about 76lbs. I am a big hyper guy that will need lots of exercise. I also want all your attention and time so I would not do well in a home with other animals. I should be the only pet in the household. I love my tennis ball and bone they make me so happy when I get to play with them. I promise I will be a big furry goof ball. I am also looking for a yard to exert my energy and apartment life has already been way too much for me. Please come and meet me today!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"SOPHIE" happy little terrier - Indigo Rescue

Darling little terrier type!!  Sophie needs a special diet, and does well on it.  It's more expensive, but it works great, and since Sophie is small, the added monthly cost isn't that much.

Available for Adoption with  Indigo Rescue!
Sophie is living in a foster home 

Sophie is a little wire haired terrier of some sort. She's super cute, about 8.5 - 9 years old, and weighs about 10lbs. Sophie came to us with a bladder stone, and we had surgery done to remove it. Sophie needs to eat a special diet to prevent build up of more stones, but she does great on the diet! Sophie wants to be the apple of her person's eye. She does not need to live with another dog, but she can, as long as they aren't young and wanting to get up in her face excitably. She will make a great companion for a lonely person who just wants a walking buddy and someone to sit with them when at home.

please see Sophie's  Indigo Rescue Link
- for more information and how to apply for Sophie if interested. There's an application on Sophie's Petfinder site to fill out if you would like to apply for her. Also she is sometimes at their adoption outreaches "We have a few of our dogs available for meets at the Tanasbourne Petco on Thursdays from 4-7pm and at PetSmart on 185th every other Sunday from noon until 3pm"

ps - Indigo's Petsmart dates aren't listed... but I think the January Sunday dates would be the 1st, 15th (cancelled due to ice/snow ) and 29th

here is the email contact: Indigo Rescue
please note that Indigo Rescue is not "first come first serve" they seek to find a best forever match with the dog and the new home.

"MOUSE" short wide with a BIG SMILE!

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id  #583393

My name is Mouse! Funny, I know but big guys can be cute too! I love to meet new people and will lean into them for more attention. I know sit, shake, and down. My favorite thing in the world is to chase a ball, but don't expect me to bring it back often. I prefer to lay down and chew! Due to the way that I am built, sometimes I can have a hard time breathing, especially if I am eating. So my new family should always walk me on a harness, and provide me with an elevated food bowl for my meals. Hope to see you soon! I will need to be the only animal in my new home, as you can see there is a lot of love here to give, so don't let that deter you! I am 4 years old and weigh 85 pounds.

"TREYA" young VERY ACTIVE Cocker mix

Available for Adoption with  Indigo Rescue!
Treya is living in a foster home 

please see Treya's  Indigo Rescue Link - for more information - and also for more info on how to apply if interested ( the application is on the Petfinder link)

"Treya is an adorable 6-7 month Cocker Spaniel mix. She is VERY high energy. VERY busy, and she loves playing with other dogs. Treya needs to be in a home with another active, young adult dog in order to continue working on her social skills. Training is much easier when a high energy dog is worn out and they get that way by playing with another dog. Treya will make a great companion for someone who is committed to training and exercise. She is not a great choice for a home with kids, but possibly teenagers. Inquire within about this cutie!"

Indigo Rescue tries hard to find the right match for their rescue dogs, and does stick to their the dogs' needs  for placement.
If you're interested in Treya, it's worth finding out more if you:
- are patient, and open to positive methods of training and developing trust and a bond with an attention deficit type youngster
- like very active young dogs - seriously, Treya can go for hours :)
- have another young dog who likes to play with dogs
- live in a home with a fenced yard
- are committed to training and lots of exercise
- have no children under 14

Sunday, January 8, 2017

"FOSTERS are always needed!! " MCAS Volunteer Foster Homes

Foster Homes are amazing! and much appreciated. Fostering for MCAS is so rewarding... knowing that you are making a real difference in the life of a homeless pet. There are always dogs and cats - all ages, all sizes and types, often needing a break from the stress of a shelter, and sometimes puppies or mom/pups, or more frequently bottle baby kittens who need a good foster home!  In general, Fostering provides many needs - from medical recovery, hospice care, and giving animals a much needed break from living in a shelter. Staff and volunteers at MCAS are always doing their best to make the kennels a more calm place for the dogs, but for many, a foster home is what they NEED.
Please Check this link for more information if interested in becoming an Mcas Foster home!

If you're not ready to foster a shelter pet - there are lots of other things that you can do to help the MCAS pets (donate, volunteer, be an advocate) and a very simple, effective
thing to do is advise your friends to:
- Get ID tags for their pets, and if possible - micro chip them and keep contact info current and
- Contact the local animal shelters if you have lost or found a dog (and if lost one - check regularly even months after pet is lost, the animal can show up in a shelter)

young Puppies sometimes need foster homes too

and bottle babies -
Image may contain: drink and one or more people 

Here's MUGGLES #573361  (ADOPTED!!!)
Muggles is in a foster home, hoping for a forever retirement home
HI! My name is Monica Muggles and despite arriving at the shelter in rough shape, I am a happy and loving gal! I am about 13 years old and weigh about 11 pounds. When I'm not snoozing at my foster home, my tail is always wagging! Like a lot of dogs my age, I have a few medical issues but if you can see past them, I am incredibly adorable and so worth it! If you can provide regular veterinary care and are ready for MAJOR CUDDLE TIME, please contact my foster mom at or call the Foster Coordinator at 503-988-6670 so you can meet me
here's GALAXY- # 578105 (1/4 adopted!)
Galaxy has been in a fabulous MCAS foster home since coming into the shelter as a young stray kitten with a very bad eye infection
Hello out there! My name is Galaxy, and I am about 8 months old. I am a very social boy who loves to play with other cats, chase jingly balls and play with just about anything I find on the floor, including milk rings, twist ties or the pull off tab from a resealable bag of cheese. I have a great imagination, and like to sit on the top of the scratching post and get some sun. I came to the shelter as a little kid just 5 weeks old, and had a very bad eye infection. I eventually got over that, but my eyes were so badly scarred that I ended up blind. That doesn't stop me from being a very cool and laid back guy, since I haven't known anything but blindness for so long. I would really like to be in a home where there is another cat to visit with, or a person at home most of the day. A slow introduction to other housemates, and some time learning my way around my new home, and I'll be good to hang out for another 18 years. I am currently in foster, so if you would like to meet, check in with my foster mom at and we can make a plan.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"THEO" cool pitbull

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
animal # 536785
Mcas weblink

Hi there! My name is Theo and I'm looking for a new, loving family! I've had a pretty tough life so far, and am looking for someone to give me another chance. I am a very friendly guy that adores people and enjoys going for daily walks and runs. I also enjoy playing with toys and cuddling on the couch. I can get overexcited easily and will need work on impulse control with my mouth. I was never taught good bite inhibition and sometimes I can get carried away in all the excitement of getting attention. The shelter is highly recommending that we take reward based classes together to get us started on the right paw. Kids in the home need to be over the age of 12 years due to this. I can calm myself pretty nicely and really enjoy getting in a good cuddle session. I have developed a skin condition from fleas and it will be important that I stay on quality, monthly flea control for the rest of my life. If you are looking for a great second chance dog, please come and meet me today! I must also ask that my new home is feline and canine free, as I need all of the attention to myself. I am about 5 years old and weigh a thin 55 pounds.