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Thursday, November 26, 2015

"SOPHIE" big goofy Rottweiler

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here is my weblink

Sophie is my name! I am big, goofy girl who's looking for her next adventure in life! I know sit and down, and with the proper motivation (Ahem! Food!), I will do them on command. I really love to be around people, and especially love all of the belly rubs that comes with that! Regular walks and a good diet should help me get my weight down to a reasonable level. There should be no cats in my new home-they are not my favorite thing! Although I have lived with a dog in the past, I am very picky about canine friends, and should have a proper meet-and-greet done before going home. Or better yet, maybe I could be the only pet in the home so you can shower me with love! I am 4.5 years old and weigh 95 pounds.


"FLOCKO" awesome, a bit little fearful at times, little terrier mix

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here is my weblink

Hi there! My name is Flocko and I'm looking for a quiet home that will shower me with love and affection. I can be very shy in new situations and around new people, so it's best we start our relationship off slow. Once I feel comfortable, I can be a ton of fun! I am high energy and love to play tug. Be careful though, sometimes I get a little too into it. Children in the home must be over the age of 10 years due to my little Terrier mouth getting in the way. I would love to be your exercise companion and it would even be great to have another canine friend in the home. What do you think? The shelter is recommending that we take reward based classes together to help me get over my fears and build my confidence. If you think I sound like a great match, come on down and meet me today! I am about 2.5 years old and weigh 19 pounds.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"PADDINGTON BEAR" - it's ok to chuckle...yes, I am quite cute

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
here is my weblink
Hi! My name is Paddington Bear. Both sweet and fluffy, I am sure to make your heart burst with love! At this point in my life, I am looking for a nice, quiet home that I can relax and live out my golden years. I can be scared by loud noises, but with you by my side, I will be safe and secure. The shelter recently did a dental, and extracted all of my teeth that I had left. Don't worry, I can still eat wet food! I'd very much like to be your new best friend, so come on down to the shelter and say hello! I am 10 years old and weigh 9 pounds.


"ALEXANDRA" quite Fetching, and loves to fetch!

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
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Hello, my name is Alexandra! Are you looking for a cool young dog to go for walks with or cuddle up after a long day? I might be the right match for you! My family should be active and ready for entertainment! I'm ball crazy so be prepared to play fetch. The shelter requires no children under the age of 12. You see although I've made great progress after some time to adjust, I can also get very scared by unfamiliar things. Also, no cats or other small pets in my new home. Please come down and meet me. I am around 3 years old and weigh 55 pounds.


"GERTIE" " Lucky 7" Rescue Horse Challenge -Dec 5th

 - Lucky 7 challenge on Dec 5, 2015. See the SEO Facebook site for more info on all the horses in the challenge. 


here are the "adoptable" horses that will be there

Sound Equine Rescue does amazing work with the local rescue horses-  rehabilitating/ training / medical care who need it

Gertie is one of the untrained, sadly neglected horses that Oregon Humane Society rescued from neglect in 2013. Many of the horses went into "foster" with Sound Equine Options horse rescue, cared for and eventually tamed and well trained.
It is amazing what a community can do for the animals in need!

 Available for Adoption with Oregon Humane Society
in foster /training with  Sound Equine Options (SEO) Rescue
(see SEO Face book site)

here's my OHS weblink

Meet Gertie! This sweet lady came to OHS through an investigation. Gertie stands at 14.1 hands and is very intelligent. She has had some groundwork training with and without tack. For more information, please contact Kim by emailing

SEO volunteer Brie Ella (shown)  with Gertie. 
SEO volunteer Sarahlynn is Gertie's trainer for the SEO Lucky 7 Challenge.




"REMI" lovely English Setter

Remi is available for adoption with Oregon Humane Society! 

here is her weblink

I’m quite stunning, if I do say so myself, but looks aren’t everything! I’m a special girl who needs a special home. Don’t be fooled by my age- I have energy to keep me going through a nice hike, frequent runs and lots of daily walks! I’ll need to burn my energy off in a safe space though; I don’t get along with other dogs and need a canine-free environment in which to exercise. That means a large, fenced yard, please! While I am not fond of other dogs, I absolutely adore people; I really am a sucker for attention! Spend a little time with me and you’ll see that I’m a very affectionate girl who loves to cuddle up with you and get lots of belly rubs. If you decide to take me home, one of my friends from the shelter will provide you with a medical and training consult so you can learn more about how to give me the best possible care.


"ZULA" sensitive - white and freckled Pitbull(?) mix

Oh Zula, when will you find the committed adult friend/family that you deserve?  It's good that you are in the safety of the shelter again, but it's hard to think about all the moves you've made over the years.  You're an awesome dog.

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my MCAS weblink

Hi!! Are you ready for a girl like me? I am sweet, sassy, and super smart. But what I really need is a home that will stick this time. I have been bounced around a bit and yet no one has come for me. The shelter sees my potential and I have a loving nature and some basic obedience. What I need some help with is learning to accept people doing simple things like putting on a harness or wiping off my feet. But hey, with some patience and a reward based approach to helping me understand what you want, I will be your loyal friend. I am looking for a home with kids over the age of 10 years and no cats. A respectful dog may be ok, but I prefer to have all the attention myself. I am just over 4 years of age. Ask about ME today! 



"GRETA" a spry mature Pitmix

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
Greta is currently in a MCAS Foster Home

Greta was adopted recently and had rave reviews but sadly a family member had allergy issues so she's back in her foster home awaiting her perfect fit.

here's my Mcas weblink 

Hello, my name is Greta! I have been waiting patiently since July 3rd for a forever home, could it be with you? Don’t let my senior age fool you, I am quite the active gal. I enjoy daily walks and meeting new friends like the kids walking to school every morning, my tail just wags and wags when I see them! I’m also very content cuddling and watching Netflix and I’m the perfect size for cuddling on the couch with you. I am crate trained but also do great when left alone in the house by myself. I get along very well with my foster dog brothers. I have some health concerns that aren't uncommon in older gals like me: I have a limp and some lumps and bumps, the most concerning of which have been removed. I'd love the opportunity to spend the rest of my days in a happy, loving home. I am around 10 years old and weigh 50 pounds. I am currently in foster care. If you are interested in me, contact my foster mom at to find out more about me :)


sofa pic - thanks Foster mom!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"OX" hey, I can be a really good boy too!

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
here is my weblink
My name is Ox and I'm looking for a new family. I am cute as a button and strong as a bull. I love people and will need an active lifestyle that can keep up with my high energy. I've already been to Vegas, how about you? In my free time I love to travel and hang out with my buds. I have lived with another same size female dog and we adored each other. Cats on the other hand..not my thing. I will need a feline free home. The shelter is HIGHLY recommending reward based classes for me as I haven't really learned the concept that jumping all over is not a cool thing. I am very eager to learn though, so this should be fun. Children in the home should be over the age of 12 years old due to this. I can knock the little guys over easily because I haven't learned my strength or manners yet. I hope my cuteness will win you over though. I will be a great dog with some patient guidance. I am about 1 year old and weigh 62 pounds.



"MOCHA" petite senior Weimaraner - and a few more!

Available for Adoption with Oregon Weimaraner Rescue!

here is Mocha's weblink

Sweet Mocha is hoping there is a family out there that will open their hearts and homes to her.  Mocha is 12 years old, 50 pounds, current on vaccinations and housebroken.  At this point in her life we are sure Mocha never thought she would be looking for a new home, but life throws us all curveballs and now she is hoping someone will see her for the sweet and beautiful senior Weim girl she is.  Ask anyone and I guarantee you will be told that seniors are hands down the best, and Mocha is no exception.

Mocha's ideal home would be with someone who is at home to spend time with her.  She loves to be involved and a part of all the activities. Mocha loves kids of all ages, loves other dogs, and does not seem to have much interest in cats.
If you are interested in learning more about Mocha, fill out an adoption application on our How To Adopt page.  If you have an application on file, just send us an email at
Mocha is located in the Salem, Oregon area.

If interested in learning more about Mocha or the other Weim (mixes) for adoption please go to:

and here is the (pre) adoption application:!how-to-adopt/cghg


ALSO Available for Adoption with Oregon Weimaraner Rescue!
Tilly - a gentle mature chocolate Lab/Weim mix 
Tilly is a very sweet Weim x Lab mix who just wants nothing more than to love and be loved.  Her owner was tragically killed in a car accident, and friends contacted us to help find Tilly a new family to call her own. She is a little sad right now trying to figure out how her life changed so quickly.  Forunately she is with a fabulous foster family who is making her feel secure and loved. 
Tilly is 9 years old, spayed, and will be visiting the vet in the next few days to get the full meal deal vet care package to ensure she is happy and healthy.  Tilly does have a few pounds to lose and will need a family willing to keep her on a diet through the holidays, no matter how hard it is to say no to her sweet little face on Thanksgiving!
Tilly has been around kids and does fine with them.  She lived as an only dog, but we hear she did visit the dog park and did not have problems with other dogs.  Her foster family reports she is very calm and absolutely loves to cuddle.
Tilly is currently located in the area of Bend, Oregon.
ALSO available for adoption with OWR - Willie and Lobo - a gorgeous bonded pair of very well loved Weim/ GSP brothers  looking for a great active and committed  home together!
Willie and Lobo are very well loved and cared for 2 year old littermates. Unfortunately, personal circumstances necessitate that these sweet boys find a new family.  Both boys are up to date on vaccinations and neutered.  
WIllie and Lobo love to be a member of the pack.  They enjoy runs, swimming, playing fetch, going to the park, and most importantly being with their humans.  They are always friendly with other dogs, kids, and people that they meet.  They do have strong prey drives, and cannot be in a home with cats or other furry little critters.
Their striking good looks come from their mom, a blue Weimaraner, and their dad, a German Shorthair Pointer.
Let us know if you are interested in meeting Willie & Lobo!
The boys are located near Salem, Oregon.

Monday, November 23, 2015

"NICODEMOS and BRISBY" 2 baby rats

Now, it's just the 2 of us - the most outgoing and social of the 6 baby rats who are still looking for homes!  Some very cool rodent loving friend adopted our more shy brothers and sisters :)

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink

Hello, my name is Brisby and I am here at the shelter with my family. We girls are around 6-7 months old and the boys are around 7-8 months old. I would say we are fairly social, having been handled by our previous human family but with these large numbers six in all its hard to get the super good attention we need and deserve. I'd like to strike out with a sister or two in a new furrever home. Rat experience is a plus but we can learn together if you are new to rat culture/care. Our adoption cost is $1.00 which does not include our cages. Won't you ask about me today?



"GIZMO" I do an amazing "sit up pretty"

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
here is my weblink
The name is Gizmo! Are you ready for a funny little guy who's ready for anything?! Well, I think you have found your match! Full of fun and energy when you need to get out and go, and ready for cuddles and naps when you want to veg out on the couch. Either way, I am happy as long as I am with you! Though I always seem to be a barrel of fun, I can be unsure of handling sometimes, and my new home should not have any kids 6 and under because of this. If you and I seem like a good fit, why don't you come on down to the shelter and say hello! I am 14 pounds and 3 years old.





"PELUCHE" adorable (friendly but insecure) little mix


Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink

I'm Peluche (Pay-loo-chay). I'm a small, adorable girl who is looking for a quiet home with someone who would like a couch buddy who also likes to play. I do not appreciate other dogs and cats, so I would prefer a home without other pets. Small children might be a bit much, so it is recommended that children in the home be 10 or older. I am about 5 years old. Ask to meet me--I'm in the Shelter Manager's office!

                                                  here's me when I came into the shelter
                                                          (no wonder I was cranky)
                    I will need a good home who will keeps me groomed, so I look and feel good too