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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"DIESEL" (and sibling "MOTOR" ) sweet young (basically calm) Weimaraners (Oregon Weim Rescue)

Available for Adoption with Oregon Weimaraner Rescue!
Diesel and his sibling Motor are currently in OWR Foster homes. They get along well, but will be better placed in individual homes
with a female dog companion. 
Please check the OWR site for more info
OWR Facebook link
No cats
No birds
No small furries
Female dogs encouraged
Here's Diesel's OWR weblink
UPDATE 2/19:
Diesel's OWR Foster home notes: "Diesel is a sweet guy who is allowing his personality to show through while becoming more a member of the pack each day (I have 3 of my own weims). Similar to his brother, Diesel came into our home being a bit aloof, but he is now warming up to us and seeking our attention. Diesel is a really calm dog, which is surprising given his young age, who is becoming just a total sweetheart. He is even becoming fond of going into his wire crate. Command responsiveness is also improving every day."


 Here's Motor's OWR weblink

Also Available for Adoption with Oregon Weimaraner Rescue! 
VAL, a fabulous more mature and chubby Weim/Lab mix
Val is good with children and other dogs (no cats or small furries)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"THOR" Update - Massage video - sweet Pitmix enjoys learning new tricks

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!
Thor loves a good massage
thanks to ResQ Animal Massage!
"Thor is a wonderful guy who has been waiting for a loving home for some time now. He needs to be the only dog in the house but he adores his people and is really smart He leans against me and then flops on the floor for massage. I look forward to seeing him every week! "
 here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id # 582930

Looking for a new super friend for your home? Thor here, I'm a sweet pitbull mix fella who enjoys leaning into pets, going for walks, and staring deep into your eyes for some extra attention. You may have noticed that my ear looks a little odd, and I am currently dealing with some medical issues that may require even more future veterinary intervention. I have had some bad history with other dogs and should be the only dog in my new home and only with children 10 and up.  I'm about 4 years old and weigh 66 lbs

"MCAS FOSTERS and Volunteers are always appreciated!!"

Interested in learning about volunteering and fostering at the shelter? Attend one of our volunteer orientations! There's no need to register - simply show up at the appointed time. You'll learn about all the different jobs available and what is required. In the meantime, you can visit our Volunteer web page for more info.

These are the positions we're trying to fill:

Dog Kennel
Morning Potty Walkers
Shelter/Info Desk Greeters

Want to make a big difference in an animal's life?
Please consider Volunteering at the MCAS Shelter. You know... you really CAN volunteer at more than one local shelter, and even though the MCAS shelter is old, a bit further out, and can be noisy - all the more reason that the animals there will benefit from your volunteer help ;)
Here's the MCAS shelter Volunteer page to find out more

And , if you don't want to volunteer in the actual shelter but still want to help the Multnomah County shelter animals, then please consider becoming a Volunteer Foster Home?
Foster Homes are amazing! and much appreciated, and it's so rewarding, knowing that you are making a real difference in the life of a homeless pet.
Please Check this link for more information if interested in becoming an Mcas Foster home!

If you're not ready to volunteer with the shelter, but want to help the animals, there are lots of other things that you can do to help the MCAS pets (donate, be an advocate).
Another very simple, effective thing to do is advise your friends to:
- Get ID tags for their pets, and if possible - micro chip them and keep contact info current and
- Contact the local animal shelters if you have lost or found a dog (and if lost one - check regularly even months after pet is lost, the animal can show up in a shelter)

Monday, February 20, 2017

"DAY DAY" Update - sweetheart older Pitmix

Love this gentle sweetie. Deserves the best!

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id # 584444

Hi I'm DayDay! I'm an older fella but I've got a lot of pep in my step. Especially when you've got a toy out! I'm a handsome pit bull mix and I'm looking for a home to retire in. I love exploring and going for walks and chasing after a toy. Though sometimes I get excited and can bit a little physical with my play - due to this my new home should have kids 6 years and up. You might have noticed that I have some issues with my skin, this is likely due to food allergies and with a healthy diet this should hopefully resolve itself! If you are looking for a goofy older dog, then I'm the pup for you! Come say hi. I'm about 11 years old and weigh 53.5 lbs.


"STEVEN" cutie pitmix

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

 here's my Mcas weblink  (possible pending meet/greet 2/23 - check back)
animal id # 584394

Hey there! My name is Steven and I'm a sensitive boy that's looking for an active, yet relaxed home. I am a very sweet, playful boy once I feel comfortable. I probably haven't been exposed to a lot of new things in my life and get easily startled by loud noise, sudden movements, and new places. I need a family that will show me that the world isn't such a scary place. I am very treat and toy motivated, so that should make training fun and easy! I already know how to sit, shake, and down! Isn't that fantastic? It is recommended that children in the home be at least 8 years old due to my fearful nature. I will make a great companion and can't wait to find my new family! Please come and meet me today! I am about 2 years old and weigh pounds.


"LINUS" Action Update - Pitbmix loves fetch

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id # 584006

Hey everybody! My name is Linus and I'm looking for a special home! The shelter is a very stressful place for a high energy guy like me. My perfect home would be one that is very active and has the time to give me the exercise and mental stimulation that I need. I love toys, especially the tennis ball! It is certainly my favorite. I love chasing it and bringing it back for you to throw again. I have some great skills already down which include a super sit, shake and down. I am very motivated by treats as well and am eager to learn more! I will need an adult only home that is also dog free! I need and demand to be your center of attention. If you think we could make a great match, come down and meet me today! I am about 3 years old and weigh 74 pounds.


"OAKLEY" young Border Collie

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

 here's my Mcas weblink  (Oakley does have an adoption pending 2/23)
animal id # 584630

Hi there! I'm Oakley, a male Border Collie mix looking for a new place to call my own! If you've ever owned a Border Collie before and are familiar with our energy level and high need for mental and physical stimulation, then we'd likely get along well. I am a sweet and energetic fella who will need some training to help build my confidence and independence - I can be a bit clingy and my new person would do best to doggy-proof their home! I'm smart and curious and I'd love to go for long walks and spend my days close by your side. If you think we're a match, come and say hi! I'm about 1 year old and weigh 40 lbs


"BLUEBEARD" nice senior Shih tzu

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

 here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id # 584623

Avast! Bluebeard here! I'm a sweet little male Shih Tzu mix looking for a new home where I can lower my anchor. I was named after a pirate because it looks like I only have one eye, but its just a little smaller than the other one. I'm a nice and curious dog and I love to follow my favorite people around and watch what they are doing. If you are looking for a great partner-in-crime to spend your day with, look no further! Despite my fearsome pirate name, I can be a little timid in new situations and don't seem to enjoy being picked up, (but has gotten better with trust) so for the time being I'd do best with all my paws on the floor! I'm about 12 years old and weigh 12 lbs.

"CHARLIE" good hearted big Lab/Pitmix - lived well with cats

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id # 581795

My name is Charlie. Ever heard of a big dog who thinks they are a lap dog? Well, that's me! I just can't get enough of my people. I love to hang out with them and get lots of attention. I would love a home who will keep me active.  I would do best in a home with dog experience who can help me with training. I need to go to a home with no other dogs as I have not always gotten along with them.
(I believe that I did well with cats in my previous home? - please inquire) Come on down to the shelter to get some love! I am 8 years old and weigh 80 pounds.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

" DIDYMUS " Shih Tzu mix

Feb 2017

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

 here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id # 584474

Didymus here! I'm a goofy shih tzu mix fella on the search for a new home. I really enjoy rolling around in soft blankets, showing off my "sit" for a tasty treat, and exploring every scent in the neighborhood as I go for a walk. I can sometimes be fearful in new situations but with your help I'd love to move forward and explore all the wonderful things in the world. I have shown some food guarding here and don't always enjoy being handled by people so I would do best in a home with children 12 years and older. Come say hi! I'm about 3 years old and weigh 13 lbs.


"RUBY RED" cute little Chow Chow

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

 here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id # 584140

Hi there! My name is Ruby Red and I'm an independent lady that's looking for a new home. I am very playful and enjoy hanging out with my people. I love going for walks and exploring the many adventures that life has to offer. I am looking for an adult only home as I am very sensitive about having my feet touched, especially my back ones. I will need a good desensitization plan to help me get more comfortable with this. If you think we could make a great match and that you'll be respectful of my sensitivities, please come and meet me today! I am about 8 years old and weigh 48 pounds.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

"ROBBY" UPDATE handsome smart Lab/aussie mix -

Robby is a Volunteer FAV and a real catch for any adult home. It's amazing that Robby is still looking for a home! So smart, fun and good looking. He's loves to play fetch, but please don't grab the ball, make sure he knows to leave it first?
He's such a cool boy!

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink   
animal id # 518590

Hi there! My name is Robby and I'm looking for a new home. I am a sweet boy that loves to play! Give me a ball and I will be your best friend forever. I have a history of breaking out of my yard and my new family will need to have a secure fence and not leave me unsupervised in the yard. When out and about I like to chase kids, so an ADULT only home is necessary. If you think you can give me a stable, loving environment, please come and meet me today! I am about 7 years old and weigh 69 pounds.

Robby is very gentle with his stuffed toys