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Saturday, April 30, 2016

"ROCKY" sweet petite mature Pitmix

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink
animal id # 575321

Hi there! My name is Rocky and I'm looking for a new home. I am a pretty laid back guy that loves to go for walks and enjoys being around people. I have shown friendly gestures to other dogs here at the shelter, so a canine buddy might be cool. I am getting older and will need a family that is willing to take things easy with me and keep me healthy. The shelter is recommending that children in the home be over 6 years old because my knees and tail are getting sensitive in my middle ages. I hope you come and meet me today! I am about 9 years old and weigh 51 pounds

" WILSON" the BEST - sweetie, goofy, athletic, loves to smell things- affectionate and funny little mix

Love this little guy!
Wilson is not very photogenic....he just looks like a skinny little mix of many different dog breed body parts.
But when you meet him, you will think that  Wilson is beautiful. 

 Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my MCAS weblink  (4/30 - Please note...Wilson's MCAS weblink is not working, but he IS available)
if he is showing on the Adoptable Page
animal # 576984

Hello, my name is Wilson!! I am an adorable young guy who is looking for a new family! I am nervous of strangers but LOVE other dogs! It doesn't take me long to turn into an affectionate marshmellow with people who allow me some time to build a relationship with them. For this reason, my shelter friends are recommending a quiet home without children under 10. Are you considering me? Ask the information desk if we can meet! I am around a year old and weigh 15 pounds
I am in a quieter area. If you are interested in meeting me, please inquire at the shelter!




"QUEENIE" a zest for life!

"Available for Adoption at Oregon Humane Society!

Queenie's OHS weblink
Ohs animal # 187181

Did you stop in your tracks as you saw Queenie? Makes sense, as she is so beautiful. She is more than just good looks however; she is full of life and ready to take on the world. Queenie is looking for a home without other dogs. Queenie can be overexcited when it comes to meeting new people or when she is in new places so she will need someone who is willing to work on basic manners and continuing socialization. Sometimes excitement just gets the better of her and her zest for life cannot be contained. We recommend mature or dog savvy children for Queenie so they can handle her enthusiasm and will be able to also work with her on training. If you lead an active life and can keep this girl busy then maybe she could be the companion for you. Queenie came to OHS through its Second Chance program from Multnomah County Animal Services. A training consult is included with my adoption to learn more about Queenie

Thanks to volunteer ResQ Animal Massage for helping this girl relax at the shelter!
Stay tuned  - to see Queenie in relaxation - video

"TRANSFERRED" to Oregon Humane Society!
Apr 12, 2016

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
animal # 576478


"RANGER" handsome big Bluetick Coon Hound

Ranger would love to be hanging out on a soft couch in the evening with you.  Ranger is also crate trained - and with guidance from a new home, will do well there when left for a few hours. He'll benefit from lots of regular daily exercise. Ranger has food guarding issues but he is a nice boy and will do will do well if he finds the right home who can work with him on this

Available at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink 
animal id # 547262

Ranger is in a different area of the shelter. If you are interested, please ask about him!
My name is Ranger and I'm 3-1/2 years old. Coonhounds are known to range far and wide tracking interesting smells and I would really like to have to have a scent related job like tracking or nosework to show off my abilities. I should be an only pet and if there are kids in my new home they are 16 years old & up so I can be the star of the show and because I don't share my food or treats. Sung to the theme song of "Green Acres" Land spreadin' out so far and wide keep your apartments just give me a place to run outside.



"JACK BLACK" chubby mature easy going big Pitbull

ok,  I agree....I should lose a few pounds!!!  but I do love my treats, so I just need a bit more exercise, and a bit less daily calories I guess... I am a super sweet easy guy, hoping to meet you soon. I make funny little mouth movements when there is a tempting treat.
I you are looking for a big, easy going guy, come visit me! I was in a foster home, just to get a shelter break and recover from Kennel cough, and I got along well with the family dogs.

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!
here's my MCAS weblink 
animal # 575416
Hello, my name is Jack Black! I'm a handsome, mature guy who is ready to find a new family! I like to follow my people around and really enjoy some good rump scratches! My new family should be patient while we get to know each other and help me boost my confidence by using positive training methods. A family without children under 10 who has a good relationship with their vet is also important! I have a skin allergy that will require ongoing treatment. Are you thinking about me? I am around 11 years old and weigh a hefty 87 pounds.


Friday, April 29, 2016

"BOUNCER"calm and polite senior American Shelter Dog mix

Bouncer has a cute curly tail, a fine boned somewhat narrow face, the upright folded ears of some Border Collies, and the brindle/white of possibly a pitbull or boxer mix. (Brindle/white could be from a number of breeds really)   This sweetie just wants a nice retirement home where he gets love and good care always.
Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink
animal id # 573392

Hello, my name is Bouncer! Are you looking for a retirement companion? Someone who can go for short walks, play fetch in the back yard and also cuddle up on the couch for a nap? I'm a senior guy who still has a lot of love left to give!! My new family should be prepared to handle the medical expenses of a senior dog. Please ask about me! I am 11 1/2 years old and weigh 64 pounds.

"JELLYBEAN" Video Cam! cute med size shaggy terrier, loves people

You can see me in my kennel - LIVE ACTION on webcam!  I KNOW! if I was a person? this would a bit of a privacy invasion but hey, I'm a dog and I can handle it...just please be aware that you are just seeing me in my kennel afterall a very limited scope... most of the time, I will probably look bored or agitated :)
I just want you to know, I have many Fans who think that  I am quite remarkable! I will make someone a great companion, so if you love scruffy terrier types, and like a medium size dog - come Have a look?  We can visit hopefully in a more quiet place.

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink
animal id # 573479

My name was Cora now it is Jellybean. I am a bottled up ball of fun looking for an active home who can meet my energy level! I love to play fetch, or go on runs, or fetch again if you'd like! I'm looking to be the shining star as an only pet in an adult home. I am a lot of fun, but I could use some reward based lessons to help with my manners when I am around other dogs. I am 1-1/2 years old and weigh 34 pounds.

"ANNA" lovable and special girl - Yellow Lab mix

I'm a total sweetheart, but No "Punishment "please!  I am very afraid of that. You'll need to always let me know - that things are ok -

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink
animal id # 576062

My name is Anna which rhymes with banana and just like the fruit I’m a sweet girl. I’ve had a rough start in life so I need a very special home because I’m not the typical Lab. People in my new home should be adults only. I’m a sensitive girl with a lot of love to give but I’ve not been well treated so I get scared easily and I have bitten in my previous home. Adoption counselor Lora thinks with someone who will respect my need for space and use reward based training only I can be a great dog and put my past in the past. If you think you are that special person, please ask to see me. I'm 1-1/2 years old and weigh about 60lbs.


"BISCUIT" little chi

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my MCAS weblink 
animal # 577006

Hello, my name is Biscuit! I'm a big personality in a tiny package! I enjoy treats and am looking for a family without children under 16 that can understand not all dogs appreciate certain things happening, such as being picked up by strangers. I have lived with another dog and can't wait to land myself a forever home. Please ask about me! I am around 3 years old.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"TOBY" and "RILEY" awesome Bonded Pair of Schnauzer/Poodle mixes

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!
Two bonded friends.

 Toby animal id #557030
I'm calmer, but like to be bossy with Riley when excited
Hi there! My name is Toby and I came to the shelter with my housemate, Riley, after our owner could no longer care for us. We would love to be adopted as a pair, as I depend on Riley to help me get around. You see, I am getting older and my vision is going. I still get around great though. I am looking for a family that watch over me during my golden years and help me be comfortable. I can be sensitive to some handling, due to my vision loss and will need someone dedicated to taking care of my skin allergies. I have developed an ear infection and the shelter is taking care of that right now. I am a very sweet guy once I'm comfortable and can't wait to meet my new family. I am about 8 years old and weigh 13 pounds. Please come and meet us today!
I've more nervous energy, but I help Toby get around
Hi there! My name is Riley and I came to the shelter with my housemate, Toby, after our owner could no longer care for us. We are very bonded and would like to be adopter as a pair. We get along great and Toby depends on me to show him where things are, due to his limited to no vision. Sometimes we can get into little spats, but we really adore each other. What are bro's supposed to do, right? I can be a little anxious around new people, but once I'm comfortable you won't be able to get rid of me! We are asking for a home with kids over the age of 10 years and no cats please. I am about 8 years old and weigh 12 pounds. Please come and meet us today!


"DUKE" and JETT" 2 Big handsome buddies

please note - don't know these dogs, but just wanted to help them to find a great new home(s) 
Available for adoption at Courtesy Post - taken from website Family Dogs New Life Shelter!
Here is my FDNLS - courtesy post!


Duke & Jett

I want to introduce Duke and Jett to you. Duke, by breed, is a combination Gordon Setter and something else. My wife wanted a large dog for protection when I was away from home. Well, Duke is large, all 105 pounds of him. We adopted him at a rescue facility south of Fresno, California, when he was about 1 year old. He was a handsome guy, full of energy, playful, — and a lousy guard dog. He loves people, including children. He still is handsome, and has developed a sage look about him as he approaches his 10th birthday.
Duke knows a few tricks and commands; he is quite intelligent. At feeding time, he goes to his end of the room and sits. If he does not sit, I simply point a finger at him and – he sits until his food dish is placed on the floor. In non-feeding situations, a softly whispered (nearly inaudible) command to sit is all he needs to sit. When it is time to go outside on the leash, he immediately sits to have the leash attached to  (and taken off from) his collar. He is an easy walk on the leash. We farmed him out to a professional dog trainer for three months after we brought him home to corral some of his energy.
Duke gets along quite well with other dogs. He thinks cats are playthings. We have two housecats. In the beginning, they were intimidated by Duke, and stayed away from him. When Duke was allowed in the living part of the home, we connected him by his 6’ leash to a doorknob. Over time, he and the cats became quite friendly. Both cats would approach him, touch noses with him, rub against him. Ever cautious, I do not let him off the leash when the cats are present. When I put the cats in a bedroom, I remove Duke’s leash and he wanders about the house, checking it out, and then winds up lying on the floor next to where I am sitting or lying, quite peaceful.
So, why am I seeking a home for him? I am 77 years old, and my agility is compromised: bad knees and lower back. Duke needs periodic free exercise, running on the mountain where we live, and I cannot keep up with him. It is all I can do to just walk him two to three times a day “to do his business.”
Duke has a companion, Jett, a beautiful black female dog of unknown (to me) origin. We drove from Portland, OR to Vancouver, BC to adopt her about nine years ago. We took Duke with us to check for compatibility (Yes!). She is about a year younger than Duke, and still has lots of energy. Jett likes people, including kids. She also is very intelligent, and responds to commands much as Duke does. One major difference with Duke: she is not cat-friendly! She is fine off-leash in the home when the cats are in a bedroom. If I am at my desk, she often comes to me, and I know she is there when she gives me a gentle lick on my forearm. She has a very sweet disposition.
She, too, needs to run the mountain. She is a bit more free-ranging than is Duke, but she always comes back, especially when she knows I have a bit of dog bone for her. If she is off foraging somewhere when I am ready to take the dogs back home, she usually will come when called. If not, I drive Duke home, then back to the quarry, and she will be sitting there, waiting for me.
Neither Duke nor Jett have much in the way of street sense. They just like to run. On those occasions when the manage to get loose from the house or yard (my carelessness), they at least know where they live, and will appear on the porch or in the carport.
Both dogs are in good health. Duke had one major problem in 2015. As old as he was becoming and as large as he is, we thought he had arthritis. When we took him to the vet, she found no evidence of arthritis. Instead, she found that Duke had a tumor in his spleen, and it needed to be removed immediately, lest it burst. She removed the tumor – it weighed 14 pounds (same as my last Thanksgiving turkey!). He has fully recovered, and has regained much of his old energy.
Jet has had two major problems over the years. When she was about 3 years old, she began losing much of her fur and a lot of weight. The vet was not sure of the cause, but put her on prednisone and an antibiotic, and she fully recovered her beautiful self.
The second problem Jett had (in 2015) was what I always feared when she managed to get free and run off. Her lack of street sense and her dislike of cars did her in. I could not find her with the car, so I returned home. Soon thereafter, she appeared – and attacked a passing car. She lost. She was lying on the pavement, then dragged herself to the side of the road. I was not sure whether she was alive. She was, and appeared to have an injury to her left hip. She lay still. Even when we picked her up (she weighs 65 pounds) to place her on a blanket in order to put her in the car, she did not whimper, yelp, or attempt to bite anyone. The vet determined that she had no broken bones, gave her some meds, and sent her home, where she eventually recovered.
Otherwise, both dogs always have been in excellent health. They never have had to have their teeth brushed.
I want to find a caring, loving home for Duke and Jett. My first preference is a home in a rural setting where they have the opportunity to run free and without the fear of a nearby street or highway. This need not be continuous freedom; a well-fenced large yard would do fine between runs.
I understand that such a placement for both of them together is a stretch, especially if there are cats in the picture. (It can be do-able, as I found, but still….) A second choice would be to find a home for each of them, alone (and with the same need for space to run and be safe from cars). Jett is in more need, still, of being able to run off some energy, more so than is Duke. Duke has become a laid back, easy going, dude, who would appreciate a run or a leashed walk.
Duke and Jett, in the 9 – 10 years we have had them, have known only one vet. She is Kristen Shaw DMV, owner of Southgate Animal Clinic, 7851 SE King Road, Milwaukie, OR 97222-2734 (503-771-0857); located near the intersection of King and SE 82nd near Office Max. She and her staff of vets and technicians are outstanding. And they have love affairs with Duke and Jett. If it is not convenient to continue with Southgate for Duke and/or Jett, medical records are available.
Both Duke and Jett have the capacity to touch your heart, as they have mine and my late wife. I hope you might see yourself open to take them in and give them and yourself that opportunity.
If interested in Duke and Jett please contact Thomas Layne, Brightwood, OR at

"PRINCESS LUNA" happy active Pitbull

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my MCAS weblink
animal # 574963

My name is Princess Luna, and goodness am I bright! I have a wonderful, outgoing, and bouncy personality. My new owners should be ready to get up off the couch and get moving if they want to keep up with me. I have some good focus, and know some basic commands, but still have some trouble with my impulse control. The shelter is HIGHLY recommending that we attend reward based classes together to help us get started on the right paw. I have a rough and rowdy play style, so my new owners should not have children that are under 12 years old. It is required that I go to a home with no cats, and probably best for me that I be the only pet in the home and the center of all your attention. Hope to meet you soon! I am 3 years old and weigh 57 pounds.



"BANJO" quite the character with soulful eyes - German Shepherd mix

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink
animal id # 576839

My name is Banjo and I'm in search of a new family! I am quite the character and you will be mesmerized by my soulful eyes. Don't let them trick you though. I am a very smart, energetic boy that enjoys being active and having a good time. I love to play, but am a little uncertain for handling. It would be awesome if we could attend reward based classes together to help build my confidence with that. I already have some great skills and I can't wait to learn more. The shelter is recommending that kids in the home be over the age of 8 years due to my lack of confidence and general mouthy behavior. Come on down and meet me today! I am about 3 years old and weigh 71 pounds.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"JORDE" happy, lively Schnauzer/poodle mix

If you are interested in meeting Jorde, please fill out the adoption questions on his Indigo Rescue link.  It may take time to hear back?.... but don't give up if you are interested in this cute cutie.You can email again, or call the number listed on the website.

JORDE may  be available to see at Adoption Outreach - Thurday afternoons at Tanasborne Petco
Petco Tansasbourne18200 NW Evergreen ParkwayBeaverton, OR 97006
or ever other Sunday afternoon at Hillsboro 185th Petsmart.
Available for Adoption with Indigo Rescue

please see Jorde's Indigo Rescue Link - for more information - and also for more info on how to apply if interested

Meet Jorde! (pronounced Jord-ee)

Jorde is a five year old Miniature Schnauzer mix, probably with Poodle, which would make him a "Schnoodle" according to designer names. Jorde was so matted when he came in to the county shelter as a stray that he had to be shaved to the skin. His coat is growing in nicely now. He was also not neutered, and a bit wound up. Now that he's been neutered and his hormones have settled, he's turned into a really nice, happy-go-lucky, active dog. He's still learning basic manners because he also hadn't had any training in whatever home he came from, but he is picking up on all of that really well. Jorde likes most other dogs (big dogs make him nervous at first), and he loves his foster mom, but especially, he loves men! He is also fine with kids, but we would probably only place him in a home with kids over eight years old.

If you are interested in meeting Merlin, please fill out the adoption questions on his Indigo Rescue link.  It will take time to hear back.... but don't give up if you are interested in him. You can email again, or call the number listed on the website.

Adoption Process: We are not first come first served. Indigo Rescue focuses on finding good matches between dogs and families to ensure life long adoptions. We deliver all dogs to their new homes. All of our dogs are in foster homes. We have a few of our dogs available for meets at the Tanasbourne Petco on Thursdays from 4-7pm and at PetSmart on 185th every other Sunday from noon until 3pm. Or, if you're interested in a particular dog, you can send an e-mail with answers to the questions below via the purple Contact this Organization button at the upper right of the pet's description. Just copy and paste the questions into your email to respond. If the dog seems compatible with your situation we'll set up a time for you to meet the dog.
Indigo Rescue only adopts to homes within 30 miles of Portland because our volunteers deliver all of our dogs to their adoptive homes. We work very hard to create a family of our Indigo Rescue adopters because we want to be close enough to help in case there are any problems. We want everyone to be happy and successful!

Monday, April 25, 2016

"MIKE" - I've been patient

....the right home is worth waiting for

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink
animal id # 575452

Hello, my name is Mike. I am a young, active & very handsome guy who is perfect for long walks or hikes, loves all kinds of toys and enjoys being with people too! I'm looking for a family without cats or other small pets (my shelter friends think they are too fun to chase), be adult only or have children over 16 household, be very active and willing to take training classes with me so I can learn not to be afraid of losing my resources. Are you that special someone? I am around 3 years old and weigh 74 pounds. I've been here over 45 days...please come visit me today and see what a great addition to your life I would be

Sunday, April 24, 2016

"MERLIN" gentle boy- Mature MinPin mix

MERLIN is a very good natured little Min Pin mix! He has been available for a few years with Indigo Rescue, but for (no obvious reason) he hasn't been adopted. As he ages, Merlin now has somewhat limited vision and hearing, but he still has the best temperament, and would love to see him finally get adopted into a great home! 
If you are interested in meeting Merlin, please fill out the adoption questions on his Indigo Rescue link.  It will take time to hear back.... but don't give up if you are interested in him. You can email again, or call the number listed on the website.

Available for Adoption with Indigo Rescue

please see MERLIN'S  Indigo Rescue Link - for more information - and also for more info on how to apply if interested

Meet Merlin!

Merlin is an adult Min Pin with a docked tail. He is estimated to be about eight years old. Merlin is the nicest, easiest dog. He's what we call a good "starter dog" because he has no issues so a family with limited experience could do really well with someone like Merlin. Merlin was not well taken care of by his prior owner. He was sorely in need of a dental cleaning which we did for him. His coat was not great either, and he was very, very thin. Now, with good food and lots of love and exercise, Merlin is looking and feeling like a million bucks! He's such a great little guy!

"BILLY" and her pup "HENRIETTA"- mom and pup - terrier mixes

UPDATE - now Billy and her puppy Henrietta are looking for a good home TOGETHER!

Available for adoption with Indigo Rescue 

Meet Billie (and Henrietta)

Billie is a sweet, sweet girl. She is estimated to be about five years old. Billie's owner died and she was passed along to someone who ended up in jail, and then passed along to someone else who lost their home, and poor Billie ended up living in that persons car. We aren't sure at what point she got knocked up, but we got her four puppies with her. We have spayed Billie, taken care of her fleas, and had a dental done on her. She is a very happy girl. We are going to place Billie with her puppy, Henrietta. They are actually a very sweet pair who love to play and snuggle together, which is unusual for a mama, who is usually DONE with their puppies once they are a bit older. These two might be fine with older kids, but they are probably too much of a flight risk for small kids who can't be aware of open doors and gates like an adult can. Also, Henrietta is super tiny and an easy size to get caught in a door or stepped on. This is definitely something to consider.

please see the Indigo Rescue Link - for more information - and also for more info on how to apply if interested

 Billie the mom
 little Henrietta