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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"SAWYER" I was found on a steep river bank

(July 2014)  Some dogs go round and round in the rescue world ( a home, lost, a shelter, a transfer, a home, a different shelter, a home, etc...) well cared for and loved but still hoping for a permanent home where is he cherished.

Sawyer is one of those dogs.  He is now on adoption at Oregon Humane Society.  Are you looking to adopt a wonderful mature Hound boy? His journey is not complete until he meets you!  Sawyer is a sweet older guy!

(Sept 2013) ok, I'm not looking for sympathy, but just wanted to let you know that I was "rescued" from under the Fremont Bridge", and no owner has come forward to claim me, so I'm now available for adoption.  Here's my original MCAS news story ( I've been to a few different places since this story last year)

 I'm soft, affectionate and wonderful and - want a loving responsible indoor home ...

I am a mature boy looking for a soft place to rest my head. I will enjoy and benefit from daily gentle exercise, I may be slower but not ready for the pasture yet.  

I will rest my big ol head on your knee and appreciate a gentle ear rub. I am looking for a home who can keep me comfortable and appreciates what an older dog can bring to the relationship. 

I am about 7 years of age and I weigh 72 lbs. I hope you'll take the time to come see me soon at the shelter. I'm a great dog! Here's my MCAS weblink

"DEX" We can't all be extroverts! - a gentle pup -

Dex is a darling boy! He came into the MCAS shelter over 4 months ago, a scared puppy and in poor health, due to demodex mange.
Fortunately, he was able to be placed in a volunteer MCAS Foster Home, and with good care - baths/medication/gentle attention -Dex's heath (and skin and fur) have really improved!
Dex is a total sweetheart, but a bit of a heartbreaker, as  he is still very shy.  Dex will benefit from having an easy going dog in the home, with wise, loving,  yet not too serious people :)
Dex would like to learn to lighten up a little, but it will take time and a safe environment.

Dex is a handsome little guy who came into the shelter covered in mange. He has been in foster care for nearly 3 mths being treated and learning some manners. He is housebroken, but sometimes his signal to go outside is subtle. His new home will need to be diligent and keep up a routine! He knows sit, but could really use some obedience training. He has been in a house with children, dogs, and a cat that he would rather left him alone. He is about 6 mths old and weights 11lbs. He is currently in foster care, please contact the shelter at 503-988-7387 or email


here's me when I first came into the shelter

Monday, July 28, 2014

"GOOSE" a silly Pitbull boy

here's my MCAS weblink

You might say that I can be a Silly Goose at times but I will always be sure to put a smile on your face. Yes, I may look like a tough guy but I am definitely the soft and sweet type. I am looking for an active home and prefer women to men. I am best suited to a household with children at least 10 years and a family who will dedicate to helping me brush up on the basics.

  I am looking for a home as the only pet. I have good house manners and love my Kong and chew toys. I am about 4 years of age and I weigh 70 lbs. Ask about me today!

"TRAVIS" - wiggly and wonderful - fun little terrier

here's my MCAS weblink 

Hey folks! I am an outgoing and free spirited terrier boy looking for adventure. I will benefit from daily exercise and reward based training. Bring on the toys and the trick training and the romps in the park! 



 The shelter will require that we take training classes as part of my adoption and I will make you proud! I may not be suited for a home with a cat. I am about 3 years of age and I weigh an athletic 11lbs. I am neutered.

"OSKAR" awesome German Wirehaired Pointer

here's my MCAS weblink  (7/29 adoption pending)

Oskar is a delightful guy! Praise seems to work better than treats with him. These pics are
"before his bath!"

Guten tag! My name is Oskar! I am a German Wirehaired Pointer who is young and full of energy! Please look up my breed to get more information to make sure we will be a good match!

My friends here at the shelter are saying that to get me off on the best paw in my new home we need to get me some education and my new family will need to take me to obedience classes so that I can learn what it means to be a GREAT companion! Won't you take a look at me? Danke schön! I am around 4 years old and weigh 58 pounds

"SAMMY" smart, attentive American Shelter Dog mix

here's my MCAS weblink

Hello! My name is Sammy! I am a little shy and might take a little while to warm up. I am 2 years old and in good health. The shelter has been a bit overwhelming for me and I hope to have some patience in my new home and let me warm up to things slowly.

My new friends say that it would be a good idea to get me some education and are recommending I go to reward based classes to get me started off on the right paw!

"EDISON" sociable and mature Manchester Terrier

here's my MCAS weblink

Hey! Edison here! I am an older gent looking for a home to brighten with my presence! I am about 10 years old and asking for no children under the age of 10 in my new residence.



Some nice folks found me running around and now I need to find a new place with a comfy bed for me! I am an older guy, so no more of those puppy antics though a nice daily walk would do me good. Come and take a look at me today!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

"SHELDON" exhuberant adorable Pitbull mix Pup/Teenager

here's my MCAS weblink

Hi my name is Sheldon and I'm a white and black male Pitbull mix about 10 months and I weight 55 lbs. I'm part puppy, part silly young teenager, not entirely sure about the world and my place in it just yet. I'm active and looking for a home with no small animals. The shelter wants my new owners to take me to an obedience class that uses reward based training methods so I can continue learning to be a good companion in my new home. I came to the shelter with a torn ACL, which is being repaired next week. My recovery will include restricted activity for 6-8 weeks, which means crating and leash walks only! If you are willing to do my rehab, please contact the shelter at 503-988-7387 or email



Friday, July 25, 2014

"ABE" lovable older Pitbull - 18 months or so in the shelter

Mar 2013, Abe  was transferred from MCAS to the Lincoln Cty Animal Shelter for a change of venue to get adopted (happy tails soon to come, right?) ...but Older dogs  like Abe often don't get adopted quickly, regardless of their big brown eyes, cute freckles, sweetness or talents!
So now ....July 2014, Abe  transferred back to MCAS....
but the good news is this sweetie is still available!!

I took him out for photos last week, and Abe is as sweet as I remembered. He wants/needs to have  a toy/kong in his mouth when you first take him out of his kennel, and he's happy. Not much to ask for. 

So...How about visiting Abe?  He is a very nice boy! 
ps thank you MCAS and Lincoln County Animal Shelter for giving Abe the time to find a good home

Here's a quick video!

here's my MCAS weblink

Hello, my name is Abe! My shelter friends are all wondering why I have landed at the shelter! It appears that my previous owners loved me very much since I arrived neutered and with good skills! I might not be true to my breed in regards to giving my heart away and crawling into strangers lap for kisses and pets but if you have food or toys you will have my undivided attention! I know how to sit, shake, down, drop it, and I love to play fetch or tug!

What I'm really looking for now is a patient family with children 10 and older that can give me a second chance at love! Do we sound like a match? Please come down to the shelter and meet me! I am 10 years old and I weigh 67lbs.

"REEFE" darling older Pitbull mix

here's my MCAS weblink

Reefe is a sweet older gal looking for a loving home. We know she has had multiple homes in her life, and would like just one more! She was quite shy when she came in, but warmed up after learning the routine.


All the other dogs are a bit much for her, she enjoys the quiet for sure. Please come down and meet her! She is about 9 years old and she weights 58lbs

Thursday, July 24, 2014

"ERMA" lovely (mystery dog) Pitbull mix

here's my MCAS weblink

Hello my shelter name is Erma, so good to meet you. I am around 5 years old and weigh in at 56 lbs. I am a special girl looking for that special home. Frankly I am hoping you will dazzled by my good looks and willing to consult with a private trainer to polish off my rough edges. (ps a volunteer mentioned that I can walk very well on a leash!) 


My breed is a bit of a mystery so feel free to guess to your hearts content. Please ask about me today.

"BENSEN" a senior Lab mix Love - now in foster!

here's my MCAS weblink

Hello, my name is Bensen! I arrived at the shelter as a mature gentleman and am ready for a fresh start! My shelter friends can't tell you what my experience in life has been but here I have been curious to explore and enjoy a good back scratch! My new home should be a patient and gentle family with no children under 10. Please come down to meet me and ask the staff about my medical needs. I am around 12 years old and weigh 62 pounds. He is currently enjoying life in a foster home. Please contact the shelter at 503-988-7387 or email!





"BEAR" handsome Yellow Lab

here's my MCAS weblink

Bear is a handsome gentleman who has had a rough transition of late. Both his humans passed recently, and then he ended up in the shelter. We found out he had a broken tooth, and it is likely that some of his not so friendly behavior was associated with his tooth. The tooth is now fixed, and we have found out he is a big goofy boy. He is best suited for a home with no other dogs, or a older mellow female may work as well. He is very food motivated, and likes to chase the ball. Imagine that! He is 7 years old and weights 80lbs. Bear is currently in a foster home, please contact He is currently enjoying life in a foster home, please contact the shelter at 503-988-7387 or email more information or to schedule a meeting!



'SPARK" happy, cute and lively Lab/SharPei mix


here's my MCAS weblink

Boom! Pow! Crash! Just past the 4th of July, you need a little SPARK in your life! Sadly, my family could not have me where they lived anymore and I am now in the market for a new home! I am the ultimate package!



thanks Sarah for my pics!

 I am about 4 years old and have been around young kids, ages 6-11, I am very active and I LOVE LOVE LOVE a game of fetch! My previous life was rather sheltered so I may need some help adjusting to new situations like new people and meeting dogs or even things you think are commonplace like stairs! The shelter is asking that we work with a trainer to help in this process and go to a home with children at least 10 years old. Please come take a look at me today!