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Monday, September 29, 2014

"SKIPPY" the cutest tan scruffy guy!

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My name is Skippy and I am a handsome little terrier that loves people! I am a wiggly happy little man looking for a home that understands terriers are not like other small dogs.

We have a ton of energy and will need to be exercised regularly, both physically and mentally! If you are up for the fun we can bring, then please ask to meet me today! I am about 2 years old and weigh 7 lbs.

"MANNY" wild man pup seeks little Chi loving hom

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Hello my name is Manny so nice to meet you all. My temporary dad had to bring me here when he was again deployed. Being a true patriot I am doing my part by having a good attitude about this situation. I am looking for a stable furrever home willing to invest the time and patience to help me grow into an outstanding young man. Remember I am only 3 months old so give me time!


  At I have a ways to go but my charm has got me through it all. My dad wanted you to know I am crate trained and my favorite toys are stuffed ones. I weigh in at 5.6 lbs and growing every day.

"CUPCAKE" little Pitbull (boston terrier?) mix?

ps - I look like a little Pitmix pup, but I'm an adult!

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Hi my name is Cupcake because I am so darn delicious! My sweet personality is obvious to all who meet me. With my bubbly and charming energy you may consider taking some reward based classes with me. We will be the talk of your neighborhood when we go for a walk.
 I am around 5 years old and weigh in at 39 lbs. Won't you consider this sweet addition to you home?

"SIERRA" a stunning, tall, sleek, curly tailed - American Shelter Dog ( akita? shep? mix)

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Hello, my name is Sierra! I am a enthusiastic, social, entertaining and adorable young dog that is searching for a new family. I arrived at the shelter a little skinny but already knowing some basic manners. One thing I could use a brush up on is walking nicely on leash. My new adopter should provide me with plenty of physical outlets to keep me from getting bored. Are you interested in me? Come down and say hello! I am around 2 years old and weigh 61 pounds


"CALVIN" a mature little Chi man

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Hello, my name is Calvin! I arrived at the shelter as a stray dog to join forces with the many other homeless small dogs in our community searching for a home! Like most of us, I am sensitive and insecure but with patience and a trusting relationship my personality has blossomed.




Please come down and meet me! I am around 7 years old and weigh 8 pounds

Sunday, September 28, 2014

"HANK" affectionate mature Rottweiler

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Hey there folks, my name is Hank. I am a handsome lug of a guy looking for a new home. I am sweet and affectionate, already know how to sit for a treat and enjoy having my ears rubbed. I would like a patient home that will allow me to settle in and get used to the new stuff that comes with a new home. The shelter is advising that I go to a home with children over the age of 8. Please ask to meet me today! I am about 7 years old and I weigh 80 lbs.





Saturday, September 27, 2014

"JAXSON - Now available! you'll love this guy! Great Dane mix? ( Catahoula mix ?)

Jaxson is a big sweetheart! What a great dog!!! He is a gentle, smart and lovable guy who needs a positive and gentle leader to adopt him. Jaxson really looks to you for guidance!
He's a mellow temperament, but sometimes talkative boy (so no apartments/close living - true with many dogs). He wants to be a great walking (maybe running) companion.  Jaxson is a total charmer. He  has had a lot of interest - like all pretty dogs-  but he's hoping for a great match!
here's my MCAS weblink 

Jaxson is a handsome, young, and active guy looking for a home. He is smart as can be, he already knows sit, shake, and down! Now he just needs some finishing touches and a home that will provide him with activity and love. He is 1 year 9 months old and weighs 69 lbs. Please ask to meet him today!



"BG" a BIG smart, loyal lovable Dalmation mix GIRL!!

Older active dogs are the best!   It's a great time to meet this big funny/ sometimes bossy/ always charming / loyal and still optimistic Dalmation/pointer mix. BG would love to meet you!
BG is at Family Dogs New Life Shelter

BG came into MCAS in Feb 2013 and was Transferred to Family Dogs New Life Shelter a month or so later. 


Dalmatian + Pointer Mix
8 years old
95 pounds

You like girls with beautiful curves, right? A little padding for the petting? I know when I see a Greyhound I’m like “someone get that dog a milk-bone”, you know what I’m saying?!? I got all the filling in all the right places- both inside and out! Good looks and a great big personality to match! I get along well with other dogs like me, but I am not a fan of cats or little dogs… They always be in my business and I be like “listen cha-huahua, I will step on you!”.  And respectful children, I don’t mind them one bit as long as they understand how a Queen like me should be treated. I want to be treated with respect, I want everyone to know that I am the Queen of the castle. Don’t be fooled, I’ve still got energy to burn and I do like to work on my fitness, so walks around he neighborhood or some easy trail hiking would be good for me. And you best believe that I’m not only takin’ pride in myself but in my house too…so you know I keep my place clean. I also keep my place safe, real safe, my family too. Once you seen all the rest, come meet the best and get some of this Big Girl love.

history - Feb/Mar2013  - BG came into the MCAS shelter
My Dad passed away recently, and I miss him and my old home.
I'm gonna be honest here - I know that I'm overweight,  and I'm not a purebred anything. But, I am a good hearted girl, with pretty spots, and I love attention.  I shake and speak for treats too!

just imagine me with a lean Pointer belly tuck!

Friday, September 26, 2014

"RANDY" fun Yorkie mix


here's my Mcas weblink 

I am a cheerful canine looking for a fresh start! I can be a little cautious when meeting new people, so my shelter friends are recommending a home with adults only or gentle kids over the age of 10 years. I will need regular grooming and will enjoy and benefit from daily exercise. I am about 8 years of age and I weigh 7lbs. Ask about me today!



"NALA' enthusiastic yellow lab

here's my Mcas weblink (has an adopter for 10/1)

Hello my name is Nala, so pleased to meet you. I am your typical Labrador full of enthusiasm for life and ready to walk, play or lounge in the house. I came from a household with other dogs so with a careful slow introduction I should fit into most dog households. I am around years old and weigh in at 60 lbs. Won't you ask about me today?


"SQUISHY" wiggly and wonderful Pitmix

here's my MCAS weblink

My name is Squishy and I am ready to get a new home! I am a wiggly and active young man in need of a home that will provide me with lots of exercise and training! I am in need of some manners! However, what I lack in manners I make up for in enthusiasm! Please ask to meet me today!



Thursday, September 25, 2014

" CHASE" active young mix! a herding dog/husky mix?

here's my Mcas weblink ( Chase has an adopter 10/2)

Hello, my name is Chase! I am a young active and sensitive boy that is searching for a new family! My new adopter should be interested in reward based training to help boost my confidence and trust in strangers, they should be dedicated to providing me with plenty of physical and mental outlets, and of course ready to give me lots of love!

Please come down and meet me. I am around a year old and weigh 56 pounds