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Sunday, July 5, 2015

WEASLEY - the cat - LOVE this cat! Westside of Town

Aug 1, 2015
we'll miss him.... would love to hear updates!

Weasley the cat - Weasley is like a smart, fun and affectionate dog, combined with the bit of silly feistiness and self entertainer of a cat!  This awesome guy is available for Adoption at the Bonnie L Hays, Washington County Animal Shelter!
 Open Mon through Sat
(Closed on Sunday and Holidays)

Washington Co Animal Shelter (Bonnie L Hays)
1901 SE 24th Ave MS 53
Hillsboro, OR 97123

ps - please note - the shelter does not take holds but you can call in advance (except on Sunday- closed) to see if the animal is still available at time of call...

If this cat is appropriate for a home with children, you must bring children aged 12 and under to the shelter with you for the adoption process. Not all cats and children are a perfect match, so we want to make sure that the kitty you select is a family-friendly feline.
Adoptions are on a first-come first-served basis among approved applicants. We cannot hold pets, so when you are ready to select a pet, please come prepared.
update - I like to cuddle too, and I'm a sweetie!.....Hey, I 'm smart and fun and would love to learn more than just hanging out and being bored....So, are You a cat lover who wants to engage with your adopted cat, and help me to learn new things? Do you like to have fun, are easily entertained? and believe that cats can learn stuff?  Well... I then I hope to meet you soon!    I like treats, so I'm food motivated (and amazingly, I take them gently from your hand;- but have been known to try to climb up your leg for one too - ooops - we're working on that!  I have a big brain, I love new people and am a very restless kind of guy - the perfect formula for a smart cat who can learn tricks!!   but I'll be adopted soon and don't want to miss my chance at learning new stuff..
3 yrs old, 11 lbs, children 6 and up.  I would also like to be the only kitty in the home please
put the ball into the circle

and  watch it run around
I like lots of interactive cat toys (ps this one has a treat inside)
what's going on out there?
after a good play session, I love to cuddle!

I'm a lovable boy

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