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Saturday, July 11, 2015

"ROJO" UPDATE French Mastiff mix- I love to go hiking!

adopted after 69 days in the shelter
Aug 9, 2015
Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services

here's my Mcas weblink  
Hi Everyone! My name is Rojo and I'm a big lug with a big heart! I'm a 3 year old french mastiff mix and as you can see, I'm very athletic. Not much is known about me before I came to the shelter, but someone tried to crop my ears and now I look like a well known cartoon character! Even though I've not had a family who's cared for me properly, I'm quite social with people. I've been a perfect gentleman here in at the shelter and I'm ready to find a family of my very own! I'm big and young so my ideal family wouldn't have small children that I might accidentally knock over but children over 10 should be fine. My new family should not have small animals or cats I might like to chase them. I am quite smart and motivated and I would love for someone to take me to get a higher education with some positive obedience classes. I have met several dogs here at the shelter and have a forward greeting style but am appropriate once I get to smell them. A well matched female dog companion who falls in love with my good looks shouldn't be hard to find! Could that someone be you?! I have been at the shelter since June 1st so please don't pass me by!

I LOVE my waterfall hiking shot, and thank you Rebecca Richardson for these hiking pics!

I know....I look too skinny! Shelter life is not for me! I really need a good home, one who overlooks my amateur ear cropping and a home who loves me!

I didn't like the pool, but I  LOVED the hose!

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