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Saturday, July 18, 2015

"MCAS Dogs Need your help - with Fund Raising for some Kennel Air Conditioning!

The MCAS Multnomah County Animal Shelter dogs really do need your help!

Here are some of the ways you can help:

- Building fund - donations are really needed for modifications to the Dog Kennels
The poor Dogs in the kennels need AIR CONDITIONING -  the dog kennels are  stifling in the summer heat and the current electrical system needs a critical upgrade to in order to add needed Air Conditioning  - Please? can you help? maybe you have "expertise" with fundraising?  maybe you have other good ideas?
Seriously, it is TOO HOT for the dogs!  and it will also help the
entice adopters and volunteers to spend time here!

Dolly's Fund  - another amazing opportunity to make a big difference in the life of a shelter dog who has some medical needs. ALL DONATIONS go towards helping medical needs for the animals in the shelter's care. Dolly's Fund was created and named for the most pathetic little Doxie who ever entered the shelter system.

and because of the love of a shelter tech, she not only "made it"
but thrived!

 - Funding for a new Staff position (note -  this not an official position, just a thought) it would be great to have a permanent staff member who is very experienced with dogs and is creative with training methods too...  to help with Dog Training and Enrichment,  who's good at working with both the staff and volunteers, and is passionate about helping the dogs. the dogs in the shelter kennels can do much better during their stay, and the volunteers become more proficient at training and understanding the dogs in their care.

- Volunteer 
Become a Volunteer!
- And if you are a past volunteer who loves the dogs, please come visit them.  Dogs aren't political - and need your love and help.  We all appreciate your helping them.
Become  a Volunteer Foster Home -  so many medium and large dogs especially linger forever and it's not fair to is such a rewarding experience to foster a shelter dog
- many dogs just need a foster for a medical need or a just respite from the noisy kennels.

Multnomah County Animal Services is the open intake shelter for Multnomah County and takes in ALL the stray animals  that come their way - regardless of size, age, history, breed, or appearance, or medical condition.... and they often take in animals from the public when the owners cannot keep them and has no other place to bring them!

Many dogs are often in the MCAS shelter for a long time - either on hold or on adoption and we'd like to make their stay better!! MCAS shelter is supported by county funds - but that only supports the most basic needs, and contributions really help.

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