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Sunday, June 29, 2014

"MUGGLES" his Fan club sent him Coloring Book drawings!


here's my MCAS weblink  

Muggles now has a darling young fan club member sweet :)  just like Muggles

Danni (MCAS volunteer ) created this Muggles composite pic and wrote:
 "I thought you would get a kick out of the attached.  I saw the child's drawings hanging up in the break room at MCAS, so I snapped photos and then pieced them together with your pic of Muggles.  As I understand it, a nice family came in to look at him, but they were not able to adopt him because of his medical issues.  The child was so sad, until her mom told her she could send him some colorings."

With a cute little mug like mine how could my name not be Muggles? I'm a little black terrier mix, weigh about 8 pounds, and am about 5 years old. I am what you call a fixer upper.



The person who did my behavior assessment thinks I am a gem in the rough waiting to be discovered by some lucky adopter.

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