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Friday, June 27, 2014

"LUCY" BIG Black Lab

here's Lucy's MCAS weblink

Ball? Ball? Ball? Hey is that a ball? What have you got there? You're going to throw it, right? Stop hogging the ball and throw it. Now, please. Okay now. Or now. I'll bring it back. Promise. My name is Lucy and there is nothing I like more than a game of fetch. Nothing at all. In the history of all things that are awesome, nothing compares to a game of fetch. Now you should know that I'm a big girl. But it's not my fault, really. I have a condition that requires daily medication twice per day. As much as I love playing ball, I'm going to need you to go easy on me for the next several months because my current weight makes it difficult on my joints if I go too hard for too long. I'll need you to be the smart one to determine when I've had enough, though, because i will never stop fetching the ball for you. My house manners are impeccable. I'm both crate trained and potty trained. You have never had a dog as neat as me in the house. I am a super laid back lab (mix?) who wants a big comfy bed, gentle walks, a quality dog food diet that ensures I hit my goal weight. You will not regret adopting me. I'm a one of a kind sweetheart who loves all people and other dogs big and small. Please contact the foster coordinator Donna at 503-545-3021 or to meet me!

Watch Lucy'sfoster home video!



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